R. Kelly"s other kids have music careers, yet Robert Jr. Has decided to remain out the the spotlight even though the does have musical talents like them.

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R. Kelly is the many successful R&B artist in music background and is known as the “king of R&B.” His music career took off in the ‘90s, yet now he’s renowned for every one of the abuse cases against him. No one knew during that time he was abusing numerous underage girls and producing illegal videos. Return he was acquitted of few of charges in 2008, that is still facing many more.

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During every one of these allegations, his three kids, Joann, Jay, and Robert Jr., to be born. Joann and Jay have music careers, yet Robert Jr. Has chose to continue to be out the the spotlight also though that does have musical talents like them. Below are 10 surprising facts you more than likely didn’t know around R. Kelly’s youngest son.

once Robert Jr. Was born in 2002, he almost didn’t survive. With all of the stress his dad was putting his mommy through, it to be too lot on the pregnancy and the doctors couldn’t uncover his heartbeat because that a while till after he to be born. Throughout the Surviving R. Kelly miniseries, Robert’s mom, Andrea Lee, said, “I was under so much stress that when I saw the OBGYN castle couldn’t find his heartbeat.” climate she went on come say, “I went v the labor and I simply remember falling so in love with small Rob due to the fact that he came below so strong. I was in that much stress.”

After all of the abuse allegations and court hearings, it’s no really a surprised that R. Kelly no the finest dad in the world. Yet he no a dad come his children at all. In an interview on The Bert Show, his mom said, “It is very difficult. He has actually no partnership with his youngsters now. That doesn’t speak to them, he changed his phone call number. We don’t have actually that phone number. Like, what dad does that? but that’s him.” Robert Jr. And also his siblings just call him Robert Sr. Since he no act favor a dad to them.

On height of not talking to his kids, R. Kelly has likewise stopped helping their mom with son support. During the same interview ~ above The Bert Show, his mother said, “Even now, financially i am gift abused. He quit paying son support as of June. As soon as I came out and also told mine story, that was the last time he paid support. Since again, you can not abuse me physically… you can’t abuse me emotionally… so you abuse me financially.”

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also though R. Kelly is no a part of his kids’ lives, his musical talents it seems ~ to have actually been passed down to them. According to Heavy, “All three of R. Kelly’s children have presented musical talent. Joann Kelly puts the end music under the alias Buku Abi, if Jay Kelly raps and produces under the surname JaahBaby. Robert Jr. Has the the very least musical experience, however he confirmed that he has actually a talent because that rapping as soon as he appeared in a music video for his college in 2017.” Robert Jr. Doesn’t prefer to be in the spotlight that much, yet maybe later he’ll create much more music.

His brother, Jay, to be born together Jaya Kelly in 2000, yet he announced his transition in 2014. He’s figured out as a boy because he to be 6-years-old though. According to News One, the said, "I hated dresses, I chosen girls, i didn"t want breasts… i didn"t want long hair, i am a boy.” R. Kelly has publicly stated that he support him no matter what, yet ironically, he’s not in Jay"s life in ~ all and stopped sustaining him financially for a lengthy time.

even though Robert Jr.’s dad isn’t there because that him, his mom constantly shows she love and also support because that him. She has actually been taking care of that by it s her his totality life and also makes sure he feeling loved. His mother posted his school music video on her Instagram and also wrote, “Please check out my baby boy Robert Kelly, Jr. Stop this second verse because that his school. Mama is so proud the you! ns love you.”

His dad refusing come pay child support finally caught up come him a pair years earlier and has been in jail due to the fact that then. “R. Kelly was arrested because that unpaid kid support on in march 6, 2019. USA Today reports that Kelly fail to pay $161,000 in back child assistance for his sons Robert Jr. And also Jay, in addition to college tuition because that his daughter Joann. Kelly handed over a examine two months after he was arrested and jailed for failing to make the required payments,” according to Heavy. That is still being hosted without bail because of all of the abuse charges against him on peak of the boy support.

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R. Kelly has several various charges against him ideal now, including at the very least 11 for sex-related assault and also abuse versus minors who were periods 13 come 16. He is also being fee for developing the very same kind of videos together his father. Follow to BBC News, “Combined, the allegations depict an organised effort indigenous the star and also his associates to recruit and also transport underage girls end state lines for illegal sex-related purposes, consisting of the manufacturing of kid pornography, and conspiracy to obstruct justice by damaging evidence and also bribing or threatening witnesses.” The other reason he is being hosted without bail is because he tried to bribe a couple of witnesses to not testify versus him.

“Robert Jr. Acquired an Instagram account in 2016, and he urged civilization to follow him by posting a photo of self on his mom profile. ‘I’m get an impressive now,’ he wrote. ‘Follow me
ra.b.it.’ despite the connect still being active on the post, Robert Jr. Shut down his file in 2018 and also has continued to be off society media ever since,” follow to Heavy. Every one of the charges and bad publicity bordering his dad can be the factor why he shut down his Instagram. We’ll never recognize for sure, but he absolutely doesn’t need any more drama in his life.

since he doesn’t have his own social media anymore, we only really watch him as soon as his mom short articles pictures that him. Follow to Heavy, “The only continuous social media visibility he has is top top his mummy profile. He regularly poses because that photos with his family, with the many recent instance being top top December 2, 2019. ‘When dad GOD, mother EARTH and QUEEN UNIVERSE space at work,’ Andrea composed in the caption. ‘Big points coming quickly this is DOPE-DOPE and the heirs come the throne.’” us don’t reference Robert Jr. Wanting to remain out that the spotlight after whatever he’s gone with with his dad.

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