When challenger Holly Holm faced off against the ultra dominant women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in ~ UFC 193. In a hit which for countless pundits in the sport was seen as a formality. Having actually gone twelve straight without a loss and with none of she fights having actually gone past the first round, Ronda to be a phenom the women’s MMA.Holm involved the fight with a solid ripe wins and no losses together a professional in MMA. As a boxing people champion, many believed that she just would not have the well-rounded enough skillset come take under the queen at 135 lbs. As a standup fighter, she just wouldn’t have the ability to handle Ronda’s ground game or for this reason they thought.Some were currently thinking about who the champion would challenge next. Together she would merely breeze past the minimal Holm in a present of utter dominance. But, people were no banking on an ever-evolving Holly Holm bringing the fight to Rousey. And under the tutelage that Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn, merely out game-planning the incumbent champ.And what short in terms of grappling, she more than comprised for in her elite-level striking. Something which the Rousey camp would never have actually to resolve in any of her previous fights. Therefore it was a instance of Ronda’s Olympic level ground video game vs the standup an abilities of Holm. In a fight, very couple of thought would end up together it did!

Rousey vs Holm ring One

Ronda tried to take the centre of the octagon and take it to the challenger on the feet. Constantly moving and pivoting, Holly was utilizing her angles to relocate out that the way and land part nice shots on the pressuring Rousey. Yet not making lot impact, Ronda finally managed to seize a hold of Holm, forcing she to the cage and also into she clinch game.But the JacksonWink protege remained in no mood to play along. Regulating to rest away and also land some nice shots on the means out, prior to the pair conveniently ended increase on the ground. A ar where Ronda would certainly normally end most of her fights, Holly was able to escape. Landing a punch on the method out and also quickly gaining the fight ago to the feet.And together the ring progressed, we could see Ronda gaining increasingly desperate and also sloppy. As Holm continued to land some stinging directly lefts the were currently bloodying increase the face of the champion.

Round Two

As round 2 kicked off, Holly continued to consistently land. Maintaining Ronda at distance and not allowing her to gain too close and engage in her clinching game. Through a tell-tale sign coming at forty secs in as Ronda lunged forward. If Holly ducked the end of the way, sending out the champion falling come the canvas in one uncharacteristic manner never ever seen prior to during she time within the octagon.And just ten secs later, Holly would again shock Ronda with an additional beautiful straight left, sending her to the canvas. And also as she scrambled come get back up, Holm to be waiting with a destructive left high kick the landed do the washing up on the neck. Placing Ronda down and out, but not prior to some additional hammer fists to seal the deal.With Ronda Rousey laying out cold on the canvas. Her power as the undisputed women’s bantamweight champion was carried to a crashing end. In a phenomenal screen by the challenger Holly Holm, who proved to the world that she was no a one-dimensional fighter. Neutralising her opponent’s ideal assets and becoming the new UFC champion that the world.T: twitter.com/thedesigningfairy.com

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