There\"s a particular purity to the plot of searching. You have the right to rather conveniently gameInternet fame, or at the very least the illusion that it—there\"s an entire cottage industry of scammy solutions that deploy bots to fan, follow and fave social media accounts—but searching is just so...real.

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When Google gave the state-by-state rankings of the top-searched celebrities the 2015, the results were largely (and maddeningly) predictable: Kim Kardashian topped the charts in 48 out of 50 states. Only new Mexico and Wyoming strayed indigenous the pack: The celebrity those boxy flyover states sought the most was Ronda Rousey. (Granted, Kim Kardashian to be No. 2 in brand-new Mexico and also Wyoming. However still! Ronda beat Kim in 2 states!)

To put that another way, to find on \"ronda rousey\" is come inscribe in your an individual Internet history (Google keeps a document of all your searches unless you especially opt out; watch the fact that at one suggest you achieved, at least fleetingly,a state of Ronda-curiosity. If you\"re life in Wyoming or new Mexico, you\"re quite literally ina (U.S.) state of top Ronda-curiosity.

Of course, there are a lot of factors to be Ronda-curious. In May, Sports Illustrated dubbed her \"the unbreakable Ronda Rousey\" and also declared her to be \"the world\"s most dominant athlete.\" In August, she decisively confirmed that assessment, dispatching her enemy Bethe Correia in ~ Rio de Janeiro\"s HSBC Arena in a only 34 seconds to safeguard her UFC women\"s bantamweight title. (At a press conference afterward, Rousey mercilessly stated of Correia: \"You know, she was screaming in my confront at weigh-ins. She to be saying, \"Don\"t cry.\" So ns turned around to her after i knocked her out and also I said, \"Don\"t cry.\"\")

And climate in November she lost (holy shit!) she undefeated condition by acquiring K.O.\"d by Holly Holm—which, she called ESPN, made her \"really fucking sad\" (i.e., a pitch-perfect humanizing minute in her celebrity narrative). The stunning loss perversely made her even more popular.

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Wyoming\"s particular interest in Rousey is tough to decipher; it ranks dead-last among states by populace (586,107) and was the 45th state in the union to legalize MMA fighting (in 2012). But brand-new Mexicans, deliciously, have a very good reason to Google Rousey. Holly Holm, you see, is indigenous Albuquerque; her hometown offered her a \"Holm-coming\"parade on Holly Holm work after she broke the unbreakable Ronda Rousey.

Earlier this month, Rousey shown a rematch v Holm will be happening (date TBD); the occasion will surely be accumulated by the sport-media-industrial complex with WMD-grade hype.

Meanwhile, this weekend, Rousey has SNL.

An entertainer who\"s keenly concentrated on broader fame, Rousey already has big-screen credits (The Expendables 3, Furious 7). Currently she gets to check her exhilaration chops in a notoriously hard ring—live television—but no matter exactly how she fares, \"ronda rousey\" searches will certainly surely surge so late Saturday night and Sunday. In every state across the land.

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