Dana White might permanently damages women's MMA if he provides a fight in between Ronda Rousey and also Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos.Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Dana White is already making the wrong moves with women"s MMA.

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For the last couple of weeks, the UFC president has been openly hinting that he"s close come making a superfight in between Ronda Rousey and also Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, arguably among the biggest possible bouts in mixed martial arts best now.

Even better, it could possibly title a UFC card, follow to declaration made during a keynote decided at a current television market summit (relayed by publicist Amy Pfister):

While not committing come it, 
RondaRousey vs. Cris Cyborg could/should be a main occasion on UFC pay per view. #CTAM

But together attractive together a "champion vs. Previous champion" match between the world"s two finest female fighters might look top top paper, it"s the dorn one come make.

As Ronda Rousey herself declared in the after-effects of Cyborg"s optimistic test for anabolic steroids, the fairest method for this fight come take ar is if it wake up at the 135-pound bantamweight limit.

More 보다 anything else, the idea is the Cyborg may have actually been utilizing banned substances for most of her career, and the weight cut will pressure her to melted some the her helpful muscle mass. Cyborg"s also had difficulty in the past simply trimming under to 145 pounds, so a 135-pound cut may even lug her normal aggressiveness under a notch.

Either way, the fight shouldn"t be happening.


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During her regime as the Strikeforce women"s featherweight champion, Cyborg damaged her entire department in one-sided fights the made every adversary look utterly outclassed. Together a result, the 145-pound women"s roster is a wasteland, with no marketable fights to it is in made exterior of Invicta FC and also small local shows.

Considering just how long Cyborg"s been suspected the doping, it"s not something that have to be rewarded v a starring duty in a high-profile UFC or Strikeforce main event.

Moreover, this is exactly the sort of shortsighted matchmaking that"s to be plaguing the UFC for the last year. It"s little much more than a rapid "dream fight" cash-in that kills the luster of the losing fighter—and pardon me for saying so, but that fighter"s walk to be Rousey.

Even v the weight cut, Cyborg is as well strong, too fast and too aggressive to shed to "Rowdy" in a five-round fight.

Cyborg"s stand-up is irradiate years past anything that Rousey has shown in any of she fights. That"s a problem right turn off the bat, and also the previous featherweight champion"s sheer strength won"t permit her loss prey to an armbar as conveniently as sarah Kaufman or plenty of other ladies have. 

Even assuming that Cyborg hasn"t been on performance-enhancing drugs for most of her career, the insane muscle develop that"s currently etched into her frame clues at a mauling wait to happen. If i were a betting man, ns would placed money on Rousey obtaining beaten worse than Gina Carano.

But no one of that needs to happen.

Instead of a matchup in between Rousey and Cyborg, Dana White should be thinking of the bigger picture. That should be trying to promote a much more diverse stack of fights designed to collection up a suitable title mix for the woman bantamweights.

Why not have actually Rousey rematch Miesha Tate, and set up an additional main card fight that exact same night v Sara McMann?

Rousey and also Tate already have a vast rivalry that"s tailor-made for the UFC promotional wagon, and also McMann"s condition as an Olympic silver medalist nearly markets itself.

Just authorize Shayna Baszler come the very same card, fill in the story of her close split-decision loss to McMann in ~ Invicta FC 2 and you"ve gained a deep, multi-angled storyline to set up for weeks through UFC Primetime and a "Countdown" show.

That"s the right way to bring women"s MMA into the spotlight and collection up an prompt title contender for the bantamweight belt.

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Dana White and the UFC have been playing quick and loose with your main event talent and already paid the ultimate price when for weighing whole cards top top a single fight. Law the exact same thing through Ronda Rousey"s future will certainly be equally damaging because that them and women"s MMA.