Our Vision:The Rose structure envisions a future where nature is protected, people’s legal rights are ensured, and also environmental justice is advanced, and also where these 3 values space deeply interconnected.Our Mission:We support grassroots initiatives that assist build a world in i m sorry individuals, organizations, and also communities room empowered to encourage stewardship the nature, inspire human being to take action, and hold government and also corporations accountable.

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Executive Director

Tim Little

President, an elderly Program Advisor

Jill Ratner

Main address

201 4th Street, Suite 102

Oakland, CA 94607 USA

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Fundraising Contact

Sheela Shankar

Development and also Communications Director

Fundraising contact phone: (510) 580-0702 Ext 302

Physical Address

201 fourth Street, Suite 102

Oakland, CA 94607

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201 fourth Street, Suite 102

Oakland, CA 94607

International Address

201 4th Street, Suite 102

Oakland CA 94607

International tel: 1 5106580702

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Legal name of organization: Rose foundation for Communities and the Environment

EIN because that payable organization: 20-3979145



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Public foundations (T30)

Youth advance Programs (O50)

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Rose foundation was founded by Jill Ratner and also Tim little in 1992. The foundation is devoted to the storage of increased Ratner, who wit, wisdom and also commitment were forged in the areas of Chicago over the food of 50 years of neighborhood activism.Inspired by Rose, we believe that eco-friendly stewardship, neighborhood regeneration, consumer protection, robust civic participation and also a healthy economic situation are all inextricably linked. As a society, us cannot suppose to accomplish lasting economic progress in ~ the cost of the environment, worker, or ar rights. Similarly, lasting environmental, consumer, and community protections must likewise be base in economic reality. Public participation, particularly by traditionally disempowered communities, frequently serves together the crucial catalyst. Alliances between traditionally diverse interests provides a an essential and lasting glue the binds long-term sustainable solutions.

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New Voices Are climbing conducts eco-friendly justice advocacy and leadership breakthrough programs v Oakland high institution students. The routine helps young civilization gain the an abilities and suffer in public engagement the they require to begin to tackle the difficulties – including environmental health troubles – that disproportionately impact their communities. Primary partners incorporate several Oakland high schools and also non-profit agencies. New Voices is funded v a combination of separation, personal, instance donations, federal government grants, and also support from various other foundations.