It"s a little bit like a shop hop, but there space no fees and also no cards to stamp. Merely visit any participating quilt shop during the summer and also ask for their complimentary row pattern. Every shop is participating in the row by Row suffer in their very own way. Friend will have the ability to buy kits for the rows friend love and also many are carrying the FabricPlates indigenous Zebra Patterns.

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The shops space happy to offer you the sample at no cost, border one every person, walk-in client only.

The exact dates of the event:

You have from June 21 with September 8, 2015 to collection the free patterns. You have until October 31, 2015 to send a quilt for a prize. (See right.)"s Kits and also patterns will certainly be easily accessible for purchase, and also can it is in mailed, start November 1st. Us recommend phone call in October come reserve the patters and kits girlfriend would like mailed ~ November 1st.

The heat Patterns:

The 2015 layout is heat by heat H20., and each shop has worked the water theme into their row. Friend can inspect a shop"s website, as numerous will short article it there. Also, every area has actually a Facebook web page where picture of the rows will certainly be posted because that the shops in that area, and you can see the quilts being turned in.

Link come Michigan row by Row facebook Page

Copying Patterns:

Finding Participating Shops:

Click right here for a printable perform of Michigan shops, with photos of their rows.

Click below for a map reflecting participating Michigan Shops (you have the right to zoom in on the map for detail)

The heat By heat Quilt Competition

With the row by Row experience you have the right to win a prize because that sewing! finish a quilt utilizing at the very least 8 various rows indigenous 8 different 2015 participating shops. It is in the first to lug it into a shop and also you success a stash of 25 fat quarters. (That"s 6-1/4 yards the fabric!) victory a bonus compensation for making use of that store"s heat in her quilt.

To be eligible, a quilt have to be quilted, bound, and labeled.

The win 2015 row By heat Quilt rotate in at

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What pattern carry out I use for my quilt?

You decide. Stack her rows, arrange around a center medallion, do them horizontal, vertical, upside down, top top the front, ~ above the back, whatever! You room the designer. Be creative and have fun, however be sure to usage 8 different 2015 rows indigenous 8 various 2015 shops.

Can I win at more than one shop?

Sorry, Charlie. One prize every quilter. You can make several quilts and show them turn off in number of shops, yet you might only case one prize. Your quilt will be photographed because that Facebook and also everyone will watch it, therefore play fair!