The 2017 royal Rumble complement is quick approaching and already speculation is running wild on what’s going to happen. Really entrants, entrant order, that eliminates whom, and also most importantly, that will win, room all concerns that lead to considerable curiosity and discussion at this time.

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Since nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen (not also the alleged market experts), everyone’s having a grand old time trying to predict what’s going to occur at this annual WWE show.

One big question in discussion, the course, concerns the surprise entrants. Number of wrestlers have already announced the they’ll be in the Rumble enhance because, reportedly WWE thinks that everyone has actually the strength to decision that sort of thing, instead, of friend know, stop qualifying matches because that it so the fans deserve to see that not just anyone can get in.

The list of wrestlers official announced in the enhance so much is a nice blend of veterans, younger talent, and legends.

We have actually Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin and also Braun Strowman together relatively new Rumble entrants, The new Day, kris Jericho The Miz and Dolph Ziggler together veteran Rumble entrants; and also some very rare Rumble complement appearances native Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker (his first appearance in the match due to the fact that 2009) and also Goldberg (first appearance due to the fact that 2004).

So currently the Rumble’s looking really exciting and also is tied to carry in a lot of viewers, simply for those attendees alone.

But what about the remainder of the card? who will fill in the staying spots in the match? Odds room that we’ll check out several consistent faces indigenous WWE’s top mid-card be given random spots below or over there in order come fill numbers.

But because that each wrestler that announces your entry into the match, there should be a surprised entrant the either isn’t meant to show up or keeps their involvement a mystery until the match starts.

Here space eight world we absolutely need to see get in the 2017 royal Rumble match.

WWE is really trying to develop up Lesnar vs. Goldberg increase as lot as possible, come rectify its mistake indigenous WrestleMania XX. To that end, both men will it is in in the Rumble match, which will certainly further accumulation their ultimate confrontation at WrestleMania.

But this year, as soon as Goldberg and also Lesnar face each other, they do not do it just brutalize each various other until one or both is eliminated. Instead, there need to be a healthy and balanced reprieve in their fighting wherein they focus on various other wrestlers. And at that time, WWE need to send in who that’ll do the audience laugh hysterically: Gillberg.

Back once WWE and also WCW to be archrivals (seems like such a long time ago, i know), WWE’s answer to Goldberg’s rise to superstardom to be Gillberg, an obivous parody played by a skinny jobber that never won a solitary match. Gillberg’s entrance was a mockery of Goldberg’s spectacular one, but the music was almost identical because that both the them.

This year, WWE should publication the following scene: Goldberg and also Lesnar are both exhausted from make the efforts to destroy each other and also are acquisition a break. There space a couple of people in the ring v him, every one of them focusing on their own opponents.

Suddenly, Goldberg’s very own music starts playing, and also out come the security men holding sparklers, and also then the end comes Gillberg. The audience start chanting Gillberg’s name as he walks under to the ring, mocking Goldberg’s signature poses and expressions.

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Gillberg walks as much as Goldberg, yells ‘whose first?’, and also Goldberg looks down at this small mockery and thrashes him, tossing him out in less than 20 seconds. It’s a perfect minute of comedic brevity the the otherwise serious royal Rumble enhance will certainly need.