Running earlier plans may have to change for the Denver Broncos and fantasy players alike after Phillip Lindsay endured a foot injury throughout Monday"s game against the Tennessee Titans, per Mike Klis the 9News.

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Broncos’ RB Phillip Lindsay is taking care of turf toe that the team hopes is “mild”, every source. But Lindsay’s status now in question after exiting Monday night’s loss come Tennessee.

If there is a silver- lining for fantasy players, the is the truth that Melvin Gordon bring a high ceiling and will currently have an ext opportunity. The result could it is in fantasy gold for those that took a possibility on the two-time pro Bowler.

With that in mind, below is a fantasy reaction for Gordon and also Royce Freeman following Lindsay"s injury.

Melvin Gordon

Gordon is a family members name and surely on plenty of rosters across the fantasy football universe, but he had something to prove coming right into the 2020 season.

After all, he perfect the 2019 project with a career-worst 612 rushing yards ~ above 3.8 yards per carry, which to be a far cry indigenous the 1,105 yards he ran for in 2017 or the 5.1 yards per lug he posted in 2018. He also wasn"t as huge of a receiving hazard with 296 yards through the air, which to be his shortest total since he was a rookie in 2015.


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This is Gordon"s first year top top a team exterior of the Chargers, and he figures to be the primary back with Lindsay sidelined.

That alone makes him a must-start in fantasy circles, especially since he is who who has been an RB1 in the previous with the ceiling come reach the level again at 27 years old. When Gordon may not it is in as dependable as the was simply a grasp of year ago, that is a must-start as lengthy as Lindsay is out.

Royce Freeman

The Broncos selected Freeman v a third-round pick out that Oregon in 2018, and also he to be already an overwhelming for a starting function before his rookie season started.

Ryan O"Halloran that the Denver article said he believed "it"s a issue of weeks till Freeman takes over the main tailback role" throughout the preseason and pointed come the reality that the rookie "can do a man miss in the open up field and also can navigate his method in short-yardage situations."

Freeman ultimately cleared up into a committee approach with Lindsay and also then as much more of a back-up but figures to see an ext carries ~ this setback alongside Gordon.

He likewise established himself together a factor in the Broncos violation as a rookie v 521 rushing yards and also five touchdowns and followed up with a hard 496 rushing yards critical year. The number aren"t incredible, yet he is someone who deserve to fill in as a flex choice for teams searching for depth.

That is particularly the case since he will have an ext opportunity once Lindsay is sidelined.

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