Game made by NetEase Games this should battle royale game more, absolutely have a selection of different varieties of tools that you deserve to use the player come beat the other players. This time us tried to summary the 10 finest weapons to become a mainstay of players beginners and also pros.

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1.M110 Sniper Rifle

A single-type weapons sniper rifle through greater damages from AWM come attack selection reaches 800m.

Advantages that this weapon is having actually Scope X4, an excellent damage, long range, qualified of firing consistently with good accuracy. The disadvantage is the noise created is fairly large.


2. M1887

M1887 is a weapon intended because that an proficient player who has very great accuracy. Because of the quick reach and an excellent damage, the weapon frequently used for in-house shooting.


3. MP7

SMG weapon the had damages is not too great but the advantage is a quick reload. The limit is can not to usage the limit X4 above, the variety which is not too much so the is difficult to shooting the adversary from a distance.


4.M14EB assault Rifle

Assault Rifle kind weapons that have automatic features. The surplus is a an excellent accuracy and stability because that the near and also far.



Sniper Rifle v the biggest damage. Gift able to shoot the adversary from an excellent distance. The drawback is the low Maneuverability.


6. AWM

AWM is a weapon i m sorry by default has the limit X4 and quite often appear in the Rules of Survival . The excess is a great damage and also considerable range. The disadvantage is the noise that led to very large and sluggish firing speed.


7. AKM

AKM is a rifle with the greatest firepower and also is often uncovered in various locations in the folder Rules the Survival . The drawback is the short stability and also high recoil. However, in the hands of an proficient player, AKM is maybe to it is in a dependable weapon.


8. WRO hunting Rifle

WRO searching Rifle is a shotgun-type weapon that has the greatest damage in that class, and also is a favorite weapon of the player for a brief distance. The disadvantage is that just one bullet with a maximum of two bullets that can be stored. Therefore, football player are forced to have fantastic accuracy, in addition, the firing rate is low. This weapon deserve to be a mainstay for a short distance, specifically when the last little circle.


9. M4A1

This weapon is one upgraded variation of the M16, which has a great damage, ammo fairly a lot and also is simple to use, making that a favorite of players Rules that Survival . When paired through a commensurate accessories, M4A1 it is in a an extremely reliable weapon one of two people by beginners or agree player.

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10. Thompson SMG

SMG has good stability, simple to find on the map and also rate-of the high fire mejadikannya favourite player SMG weapon Rules of survive PC . The drawback is the variety which is not as well far, about 30m, so it is not an ideal to shoot in ~ targets that are far enough away from the player.