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Marshawn Lynch was recently on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and if you haven’t viewed the episode, that sentence probably makes friend wonder what type of shenanigans happened in between Beast Mode and Grylls. Unsurprisingly, see Marshawn the end of his facet — traversing through the Corsican hills in France — is a large highlight. Have you ever seen Marshawn hold a machete?

Or Marshawn acquiring on a helicopter from a roof?

since those are definitely things he’s never ever experienced till this episode. The premise the Marshawn’s adventure was that he and also Grylls had actually two days to obtain from one suggest in the hills to the other. Along the way, they had to hunt down a wild hog because that dinner, for this reason the machete and also a makeshift spear Grylls made. Fortunately for them, the hog dropped off a cliff; regrettably for Marshawn, he had actually to climb down to get it. They were successful, and it offered us a funny talking head native him:

Eventually, they had to chef the hog, and to do that they needed fire. Grylls reduced off a item of Marshawn’s dreads, which functioned ... To Lynch’s dismay:

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And once it come time to make shelter, Marshawn to be not emotion Grylls’ plans:

But the many surprising thing around the episode was the truth that Grylls had some profound, heart-to-heart talks with Marshawn, getting to recognize what encourages him daily, why he retirement in the very first place and what he is going to do from currently on.

Marshawn on his society welfare work:

Grylls: "So, if you had to say to, like, a young guy in Oakland that really desires to do it, who wants to be the new Beast, and he"s obtained the talent, what would certainly you say to him?"

Marshawn: "I"d ask him what his grades look like."

G: "Why"s that?"

M: "Because the fact is 1 percent in reality make it to the NFL, so if there"s something that"s going to happen, that"s walking to be your backup plan."

G: "Have a backup plan, is what you"re saying."

M: "Exactly. Ns done played with guys who, on the very first day in the NFL, have a career-ending injury. So, ns mean, ain"t none of the promised. Yet I phone call you, I had actually a backup plan, till that dream ended up being a reality."

G: "What was the back-up plan?"

M: "My degree. Social welfare -- usually what I"m act right currently with mine foundation."

G: "What does that do?"

M: "We"re about empowering underprivileged youth in the within city. Our biggest thing is we gained babies death babies from wherein I"m from right now. We acquire through to the one kid, that knows where he end up? We execute a lot because that them -- financial, literacy -- we offer scholarships."

G: "Well, they need to -- they will certainly all therefore feel an extremely proud as soon as they check out you walk through several of the battles you went through today, girlfriend know? they will, because it"s the exact same lessons, isn"t it, friend know? save going as soon as it hurts. Simply keep going. Dig deep."

Marshawn ~ above why the left football:

G: "What perform you find the hardest, the legs?"

M: "The mental."

G: "Was the your experience too with football, is the the mental side"s always tougher?"

M: "Uh, yeah. I mean, yeah, as soon as it acquire down to that fourth quarter stretch, it obtain real. Especially, girlfriend know, i been law this since I was, what, 12, 13 years old? the starts to include up. Wear and also tear."

G: "Where to be the wear and also tear?"

M: "Full body. And mentally. Having to wake yourself as much as go and put in all the work that it"s going to take. You know, the physical, the mental. The media start to undertake -- all of it. It just all come together."

G: "Yeah, the media is always, you know, hounding you and wanting interviews."


G: "How did you attend to that? "Cause you constantly used to said, "Nuh-uh.""

M: "I feeling I tackled it the suitable way. Proper method for me."

G: "So, if you had it your way, girlfriend wouldn"t carry out any."

M: "Nah, ns wouldn"t. I would just play ball. If I had it my way. But, hey."

G: "So, if you look earlier on every one of your career, what, for you, was favor the highlight?"

M: "Being able come retire. And then being able to execute this with you after retiring."

G: "Yeah?"

M: "Yeah, man. Most human being don"t get to walk the end or obtain to go out the means that ns did, so i mean, girlfriend know, that"s ... That"s probably the best highlight."

G: "And you retired appropriate at your peak?"

M: "Yeah, some would say."

G: "What encouraged that?"

M: "What urged it?"

G: "Yeah."

M: "When it"s time, it"s time."

G: "Well, friend knew?"

M: "You recognize it."

G: "And perform you think there"s any component of the video game that a little component of you will miss?"

M: "Yeah, I"m sure I"m gonna miss it, yet to the suggest where I"mma walk back? Nah. I"mma be alright."

Eventually, Marshawn and also Grylls survived their trip, v some aid from the French international Legion, and also Marshawn gained to ride in the earlier of their vehicle.

however like the cliché always goes, the was around the journey and not the destination, and Marshawn provided us plenty come think about with his episode. You have the right to watch the complete episode ~ above NBC’s website appropriate now.