Besides the animals that you care for on her farm, there are a selection of animals that live exterior of your farm and within the wildlife safari. These wild animals cannot be converted right into pets.Different species of wild pets will appear as you communicate with the sellers at the trade Depot by elevating your client Points as well as by increasing your friendship v the currently wild animals.

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When you very first meet these wild critters they will run far from you. Feeding them will raise your connection with the wild animals, and also eventually castle will move towards you as you travel previous them.

The purposes for the wild animals is to obtain a solitary gift when their friendship is high enough, present them to villagers to earn bonus friendship v the villagers, and unlock 2 trophies hidden within her bookshelf (although there"s no reward for unlocking the trophies).

Unlocking Wild Animals

There room 27 different types of wild pets you have the right to unlock. In ~ the beginning of the video game you"ll find white hare in the forest Road Area, brown weasels in Zephyr Hill, and also brown sparrows in Piedmont. Once you unlock the Safari, you"ll find some turtles and also white ducks swim in the pond there.

There are two ways to unlock extr wild animals. The very first is by elevating your client Points with the trade depot vendors. When you have reached the proper CP level, the vendor will educate you that together an act of friendship you will certainly be awarded with an pet from the vendor"s residence region. The next time the seller appears at the trade Depot, walk right into the area come trigger an occasion where you are offered the animal. Together you"re a good-natured fellow, you"d rather the pet be complimentary than living on your own farm, so you will certainly release it one of two people in the wilds outside of city or in the Safari park.


The profession depot sellers who have wild animals are:

Silk Country: brown monkey (500 CP), panda (1000 CP), and also spoonbill (1500 CP)Cabin Country: mallard duck (500 CP)Rose Country: brown tanuki (500 CP)Wheat Country: brown fox (500 CP) and also brown be affected by each other (1000 CP)Sakura Country: brown boar (500 CP)Ice Country: polar be afflicted with (500 CP) and penguin (1000 CP)Tropical Country: white parrot (500 CP) and also lemur (1000 CP)

Several the the Safari-bound pets require you to build an suitable environment for them come live in. At the Carpentry Shop you"ll find Safari park upgrades that should be built before you can receive the animal to be exit there. This park upgrades unlock as you raise your CP with the vendors:

Boulders = have 500 CP through Silk Country. Needs 300 Lumber, 500 Stone, and also 100,000 GEnormous tree = have actually 1000 CP through Wheat Country. Needs 600 Lumber, 100 Stone, and 100,000 GIceberg = have actually 500 CP with Ice Country. Needs 900 Ice, 200 Stone, and also 500,000 G

If you are playing in Seedling Mode, you"ll get a 30% discount on the price of the Safari expansions. You will still be compelled to it is provided the important materials though.

The second method to unlock added wild animals is to raise her friendship through the present wild animals. As soon as you with 500 Friendship clues with details wild pet families, a new color that wild pet will start to appear in the same area. You won"t be alerted the this occurs; you"ll most likely just run by and an alert a brand-new animal has shown up. The wild pets that have a new color alternative are the white rabbits (black rabbits), brown sparrows (gray sparrows), brown weasel (white weasel), brown tanuki (gray tanuki), brown fox (white fox), brown boar (gray boar), brown monkey (orange monkey), brown bear (gray bear), and also white parrot (yellow parrot and also blue parrot).

You"ll unlock a trophy in her farm house bookshelf once you have actually unlocked every one of the accessible wild animals.

Raising Your pet Friendships

Feeding the wild pets will raise her friendship with them. Friend may notice that you check out the animals together in groups of 2 or three. You only have to feed one of the animals to raise her friendship with the whole group. The various colors of animals are separate groups. Because that example, feeding a white rabbit will certainly raise your friendship through all the white rabbits but not through the black color rabbits.


You deserve to determine her friendship level v the wild pet by exactly how it responds once you choose it up turn off the soil (for tiny wild animals) or talk to it by utilizing the A button (for bigger wild animals):

Squiggly bubble = 0 to 300 FPTolerant ellipses = 301 come 700 FPHappy hearts = 701 to 1000 FP

Interacting v the wild animal in this manner will earn you +5 FP, nevertheless of that emotional solution to your communication with it.

To feeding an it s not nice animal, hold a item of food in your hands and toss the so the lands close to the wild animal. The creature will move towards the food and eat it, then responds based upon whether it favored the food or not. The food the wild animals like come eat is typically produced native your farm or recorded while fishing, but Otmar does offer Carrots in his shop inventory.

Once the animal finds girlfriend tolerant, you have the right to hand feed the pet instead the tossing food ~ above the ground.

The lot of Friendship Points friend earn because that feeding an pet will vary based on the wild animal"s location. The pets that live in the Safari are much easier to befriend than the animals who live close to Oak Tree Town:

love the food (happy hearts) = +15 FP for a town animal and +30 FP for a Safari animalThe food was simply okay (music notes) = +10 FP for a town animal and also +20 FP for a Safari animalThe food was yucky (squiggly bubble) = +3 FP because that a town animal and +6 FP for a Safari animal

Yes, you will certainly earn Friendship Points also if the food was not to the animal"s liking. This is vital when trying come raise her friendship through the pond area animals in the Safari. Naturally, you perform not desire to toss food in ~ the ducks and also turtles that live in the pond. Littering right into their pond will reduced their friendship through -10 FP. To feed these animals, swim out to the island wherein the Feeder trough is located and also place a item of food there for the animals to eat. The food you include to the Feeder will certainly be for all of the pets who live near the pond, whether they actually choose that food or not.

For example, the turtles favor fish yet the ducks do not. Placing a fish in the Feeder will earn friend +20 FP with the turtles and +6 FP with the ducks. You"ll be raising your friendship much faster with the turtle household than v the duck families. Likewise, feeding the ducks the vegetable they like will boost your friendship quicker with the ducks and also slowly through the various other families.

The various other feeders in the Safari will act in the very same manner, affect the wild animals that are located near the feeder. The wild animals around Oak Tree Town perform not have actually Feeder troughs the you can use, so you should feed each pet family one in ~ a time.

You can decrease your FP through a wild pet by -20 FP if girlfriend accidentally (or intentionally) hit the wild pet with among your tools.

Advanced Friendship

There are additional ways to raise her friendship through the wild animals. The an initial is by put on a specific mix of jewelry to influence the wild animals when you connect with them. You will earn +30% much more friendship if you room wearing a Dark eco-friendly Ring (blueprint in ~ Silk Country), a Pale Pink Clip-Ons (blueprint at Wheat Country), and also a eye White Necklace (blueprint at Mistel"s shop, year 3 or later).


The second way is by setting out details objects come trigger an object combination. The two blueprints you"ll need are the Rabbit and also Fox Topiary and also the Penguin Topiary:

Rabbit and Fox Topiary is purchased indigenous Cabin country after friend have also bought the sphere Topiary and dual Ball Topiary blueprints and also you have actually shipped at the very least 1,000,000 G to Cabin Country. You"ll incorporate 8 Branch, 5 Emerald, and 6 Cherry Branch to build it.

You will require to ar two of every topiary the end somewhere ~ above your farm yard to create the one-of-a-kind object combo. Once it is activated, you"ll earn a bonus +5 FP once you feeding or communicate with a wild animal family.

The last means to knife bonus FP through a wild pet is by eating an pet Magnetism potion you can buy native the traveling salespersons, which will earn you +5 FP with all of the wild animals.

Wild pet Rewards


Once you have reached at least 800 FP v a wild animal family, there is a 20% possibility that start the area in i m sorry the household is situated will trigger an event. The wild pets will want to thank you for being so sort to them, and as a reward lock will give you a single gift. Every of the 27 family members have their very own reward for raising their friendship.

This event will only show up ONCE every wild animal family. The item the pets give will certainly be a herb, downy tuft, or gem; all of these items girlfriend can achieve on your own without relying top top the wild pets to provide them come you.

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One that the trophies in her farm home bookshelf will certainly be awarded when you have received all of the 800 FP presents from the wild pet families.