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Trip Summary

There room 13 everyday trains native Santa Ana to Los Angeles. Traveling by train native Santa Ana come Los Angeles commonly takes approximately one hour and 39 minutes, yet the more quickly Amtrak train have the right to make the expedition in 52 minutes.

Distance30 mi (49 km)
Fastest train0h 52m
Lowest price$17.00
Trains per day18
Most frequent serviceAmtrak Pacific Surfliner
Train lines2

In the critical month, $18.80 was the median price the a train ticket from Santa Ana, CA come Los Angeles, CA. This is around as cheap as train tickets ever get. You have the right to expect to discover tickets at that price or reduced if you book your pilgrimage at least 21 work in advance. Otherwise, mean to pay about $0.14 an ext than that for a same-day booking.

end the next four weeks, the average everyday price of train ticket to Los Angeles native Santa Ana is supposed to stay pretty much the same. Together a result, a one-way train trip will cost about $19 regardless of the work you pick to travel.

Traveling from Santa Ana to Los Angeles through train will cost you around the very same regardless of the time of year for which you plan your trip. In general, train ticket prices because that that path don’t fluctuate much throughout the year, so suppose to pay around $19 anytime you decision to board the train to Los Angeles.

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because the average price the train trips indigenous Santa Ana come Los Angeles remains pretty continual throughout the year, yes sir no need to publication your ticket too far in advance. However, we still introduce you purchase your train tickets at the very least 48 hours ahead of leave time to prevent surprise last-minute surges and the risk of the train offering out.

2 train services run from Santa Ana, California come Los Angeles, California. Amtrak Pacific Surfliner usually has more trains scheduled, v 8 trips per day. That said, it's still worth comparing the prices and trip durations: