( ) = santa voice< > = squeaky son voiceIntro: poor a$$Is the the black color santa claus? (ho ho ho! merry christmas!)I desire a supervisor nintendo ... Yeah, sega genesis, yeah,Street fighter 2, every these games...Verse 1: dat nigga dazIt"s 12.30 am, christmas eve

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Santa claus ... Is coming right to the ghetto ...Bridge: snoop doggy doggNow top top the an initial day the christmas, my homeboy provided to meA sack of the krazy glue and told me come smoke it increase slowlyNow on the second day that christmas, mine homeboy offered to meA 5th of hendog and also told me to take it my mind off that weedNow through the 3rd day of christmas, my large homeboy offered to meA whole lot that everything, and it wasn"t nuthin" but game to meVerse 2: bad a$$Back then, girlfriend woke as much as the sound the ¡°i experienced mama kissing santa¡±Made friend remenisce ~ above the old fashion christmas daysGifts, miss a fat man jolly through joyDown ya chimney through toys for lil" girls and boysPumped up, i jumped up prior to the sunlight peeped inAnd hoped to catch a santa claus creepin" down my hallRan come the window, placed my eyes to the sky
To watch if I might see the sleigh that parlayed and also pushed a fat guyI sigh, ain"t no sign, but everything under this tree in my residence is mineMy bike, that, and this plastic nine"ll do fine till next year comeI shot to view the very same thing, they got us brain washed dumbAnd when you find, it ain"t no santa, christmas still average a lot"cause it"s the time to get together and give all you gotYou got food, great moods, and what"s far better than in addition to your peopleWhen wishers offer a toast by the tree, it"s funny christmasChorusVerse 3: snoop doggy dogg (starts throughout chorus)(don"t gain too close because you can get shot ...Welcome come the ghetto ...)Santa claus top top the ceiling, jack frost chillin"Pinch the grinch for being a vacation villainSeason"s greetings, every the proceedingsAre lugged to you by the church home where we"ll it is in eatin"
Chestnuts roastin" top top an open up fireSingin" mine jingle, where is kris kringleI didn"t pop, i ain"t also shoutedI even stayed in the house, wherein the homies tried come sneak me outAnd every I want for christmas is my 6-4 chevroletAnd a nephew for she grandmother beverlyAin"t that somethin"? nah, ain"t that nothin"How it"s christmas time and also my rhyme"s steady bumpin"Everybody happy, hair tho nappyGonna steal a gift because that my old grandpappyCatch me giving out turkeys in ~ the church-houseDon"t shot to work-related me, simply stand in the line and everything gon" it is in fineHolla in ~ ya folks, boy, it"s goin" downAin"t no assist from no elves, simply tha dogg poundAnd we passin" the end gifts, blazin" increase spliffsChristmas ~ above the row, deserve to you destruction it? can you destruction itChorus

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Verse 4: tray deeeChristmas eve, by the leaves, every 6 with the yearGirls and also boys full off joy with the season cheerSmell the sky, hella pies and cakes gettin" bakedTo be ate after every little thing gone off your plateBut wait, no tonight it"s straight beans and also riceOn the table, room we maybe to continue tonight?I wonder what the morn"s bringin" for this reason it"s tough to doze offThree "o clock in mine socks ns crack the dope songHopin" as soon as I open the door I"ll check out santaNow who the hell is this in this blue bandanaMessin" v the crate that"s up under the threeLook prefer santa claus been crossed come a woman to meNow I"m comin" to see, the whole photo gettin" clearerHow we have messed; ns says ideal get nearerMirror, mirror, please, it"s seemed I"ve it is in deceivedAnd thank the very same trick for the presents I receiveSo i creep back, and also act like I ain"t even peeped itThis"ll be me and also mom"s private secretChorus it spins fade