This book provides you, the reader, a thoughtful and also motivated formula for generating appreciation, happiness, and also good feelings—deftly blfinished into the uplifting story of a plucky, inquisitive girl named Sara; and her teacher, an ethereal owl named Solomon.There’s something in Sara for any son, adult, or teen pursuing joy and interpretation . . . and trying to find answers about life, fatality, and the desires of the heart. It’s filled through approaches and also processes for making one’s desires come true . . . specifically yours!Sara and also Solomon will delight and also enchant you

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An author writes: “Sara is the heartwarming novel of a girl who discovers the tricks of producing a happy life. And as Sara discovers exactly how to develop a better life for herself by founding ideal wright here she lives—the reader also learns the same lessons. Magically, both are transdeveloped.“Reading this refreshing and motivating book have the right to awaken all readers to the inner power they already have for developing the kind of life they’vealways wished for.“Sara is a book you will want to provide to your family and friends because it conveys powerful messperiods around life in a manner that is easy to understand also and also digest.“The authors’ inspired composing weaves an enchanting spell that canadjust lives simply by analysis it. And while this is not specifically a ‘chil-dren’s book,’ Sara is a life-transcreating story for the kid in each of us.“Powerful. Magical. Empowering. Read it.”A taxation accountant writes: “Sara is wonderful. I’m on my third reading! So much to learn from it. Gives me a wonderful lift upward!”A ten-year-old writes: “I simply review your book. . . . It’s the finest book I’ve ever before review in my whole life. I simply wanted to say thanks to you for writing it ’cause it’s made the biggest readjust in my totality entire life.”A grandmom says: “What an overwhelming feeling of joy and also appreciation I am feeling. My granddaughter now keeps reading components to us and to her friends . . . so clear and delightful!”“This wonderful little book is a gem, elegant in its clarity of message. Its teachings fly right to the heart, connecting to the Sara in each of us! A gentle, charming story, it is periodically funny, often touching, and also the majority of oloss, wondertotally joyful. It will certainly sudepend end up being a primer for students of wellness.”—Audrey Harbur Bershen, psychotherapistAnd Abraham says: “This book will certainly aid you to remember that you’re an eternal being . .

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. and also it will aid you to uncover the everlasting bond that connects joyous loved ones to one another.