"Tough Enough" Season 6 winner Sara Lee has been exit from she WWE contract ... This follow to many sources.

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Originally published on ProWrestlingSheet.

Tough Enough Season 6 winner Sara Lee has been exit from she WWE contract.

Pro wrestles Sheet has learned Sara obtained the news on Friday, but there"s no word in ~ this suggest on why she was cut from the company.

Lee beat out 7 various other women critical year to earn a $250,000 contract. She debuted at an NXT live occasion in March, but hasn"t been used lot since.

Runner-up Mandy Rose, who the trainers clearly wanted come win, was instantly signed to a deal and also given a role on Total Divas. She"s because made lot of appearances top top NXT programming.

all eyes are currently on The Yeti to make the most recent season the Tough Enough mean something.


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