Kenan Thompson and Tarren Killam sang “Ebony and also Ivory” as electronic came Newton and also Peyton Manning top top Saturday night’s episode, and they combined in jokes about the media’s treatment of the two quarterbacks.

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Over the past two weeks, coverage of Super key 50 has actually been oversaturated by story on the course of Peyton Manning and also the expresthedesigningfairy.comveness of camer Newton. What happens when there’s a hot button topic that has folks increase in arms? It gets the Saturday Night Live treatment.

Kenan Thompson and Taran Killam sang “Ebony and Ivory” as video camer Newton and Peyton Manning top top Saturday night’s episode, and they mixed in jokes about the media’s therapy of the 2 quarterbacks, the bad play that Manning and also even player safety.

Admit it, friend laughed the end loud in ~ “I had 45 touchdowns and also you had, like, three.”

10 things camer Newton and also Peyton Manning have actually in common

This was really, really well done, and it wasn’t even the finest sketch that the night. SNL put on one of their ideal performances in recent memory, and also it much of the credit transaction goes come Larry David, who did one hell the a job.

The Super bowl kicks turn off in a issue of hours. Then, all this buildup will lastly leave us.

– Kenny Ducey


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