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In the fantasy civilization of TV reruns, loss still method back to school. And for two thirds of Bayside’s graduating class that means year one of both college and your college based sitcom. Saved BY THE BELL: THE university YEARS to be the prime time expansion of a childhood mainstay the neither Bob or Tim ever discovered attachment to. Well, until binging 4 episodes that this solitary season failure. That’s once one of the hosts found something surprisingly relevant about Zach, Kelly, Slater and Screech. While the other organize … stop just form “less so” and let the episode speak for itself. It’s all right due to the fact that this college has actually bells!

00:00:00 IN MEMORIAM - a true hero

00:01:37 UNLICENSED AUDIO - The boys From The Bell

00:02:23 taking leave BYE BAYSIDE - and taking attendance: the university years

00:10:25 DUSTIN check IN - and also When Kelly Met Laskey

00:15:38 problematic ROMANTIC - no ex-ZACH-ly because that Bob’s kid

00:23:34 A familiar RING - hey, the Robert Guillaume

00:27:28 (ALMOST) ONE to (SORT OF) prosper ON - and is the what a rave is?

00:36:08 ZACK to BASICS - hey, it’s Holland Taylor … and .. Bob … Gollic… could be his name?)

00:39:14 monitor UP OR FOUL up - and just another way to talk around TV’s FRIENDS.

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00:48:12 closing - contacts, plugs and also no capture phrase

00:51:07 one-of-a-kind BONUS AUDIO - not a hit wonders


SAVED by THE BELL: THE COLLEGE years previewed its pilot episode adhering to the primetime airing the th conserved BY THE BELL’ “Graduation” finale top top Saturday may 22nd, 1993. The collection then had actually its ideal debut with ago to ago episodes top top Tuesday September 14th, 1993.

The pilot originally discovered the 3 male leads of Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) Slater (Mario Lopez) and Screech (Dustin Diamond) attending university together. Your dorm room shared a common an are with three coeds, Alex (Kiersten Warren), daniel (Essence Atkins) and Leslie (Anne Tremko), that was intended as a love interest for Zach.

Following the pilot, Tiffani Amber Thiessen expressed attention in reprising she character that Kelly. To make space in the cast, the producers fired significance Atkins under the explanation the her character had transferred to an additional school.

Resident torture Mike Rogers was at first intended to be the the contrary authority figure to Zach and his schemes. That was shown by Bob Golic, a expert athlete who had previously played football for the new England Patriots, the Cleveland Browns and the Los Angeles Raiders.

Actor Patrick Fabian (Professor Lasky) actually did show up as the plan love attention to Traylor Howard’s happiness on NBC’S BOSTON COMMON. However following the pilot, he was recast with Vincent Ventresca, previously known as funny Bobby top top NBC’s FRIENDS.

The theme tune “STANDING on THE sheet OF TOMORROW” to be written and also arranged by Jonathan Wolf, a composer whose credits incorporate the main title themes because that SEINFELD, will & GRACE and ACCORDING to JIM.

The display was cancelled before completing that debut season. Its final two illustration (“Marry Me” and “Wedding Plans”) aired earlier to ago on Tuesday February 8th, 1994. These episodes witnessed the return of conserved BY THE BELL cast-mate Lisa tortoise (Lark Voorhies) and a cliff-hanger wedding engagement in between Zach and also Kelly.

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The main actors of both saved BY THE BELL and SAVED by THE BELL: THE COLLEGE years (minus ann Tremko) reunited for conserved BY THE BELL: WEDDING IN las VEGAS, a TV movie that aired in primetime top top October 7th, 1994. The film has a a diamond heist, a Gilbert Gottfried cameo and the ceremonial union that Zach and Kelly.

Following the series cancellation, four further adventures top top campus were published in a series of young adult novels through titles such together FRESHMAN FRENZY, ZACK ZEROES IN and EXIT, stage RIGHT. Author Beth Cruise had actually previously published a collection of novels collection during the cast’s high institution years in ~ Bayside.


Get your first glimpse the a Screech-filled dorm with this initial NBC PROMO FOR conserved BY THE BELL GRADUATION and also THE university YEARS.