I have actually 3 groups: Control, experimental 1, experimental 2. I am make the efforts to operation a Scheffe test comparing the method of speculative Groups 1 & 2 contrasted to the median of the regulate group.

I have actually tried a continual ScheffeTest(x=model), however that provides me the comparisons of each team (i.e. Control/Exp1; Control/Exp2; Exp1;Exp2).

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How would I have the ability to compare the means of both experimental groups in addition to that of the regulate group?


Posthoc lot of comparisons of way : Scheffe check 95% family-wise trust level$Morality diff lwr.ci upr.ci pval Exp 1-Control -18.955128 -29.029235 -8.8810211 3.3e-05 ***Exp 2-Control -9.908715 -20.352044 0.5346142 0.0672 . Exp 1-Exp 2 9.046414 -1.741866 19.8346927 0.1208 ---Signif. Codes: 0 "***" 0.001 "**" 0.01 "*" 0.05 "." 0.1 " " 1As you have the right to see, it is comparing every group, yet I would favor to only compare both speculative groups together versus the control

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You can specify the compare by using an suitable contrast, mentioned with the contrast parameter. For example, contrasts=matrix(c(-1, 0.5, 0.5), ncol=1) should an outcome in a to compare of Controls in her example against the two staying groups.

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