Jim Seals and Dash Crofts might be finest known for the work-related they've released under your last names, yet the duo an initial played together in together bands together Dean Beard and the Crew Cuts, the Champs (but not till after 'Tequila' was a hit), glenn Campbell and also the GCs (yes, that glen Campbell) and also the Dawnbreakers. In 1969, Seals and also Crofts decided to go on their own and also released their self-titled debut album that year. If generally taken into consideration less rock than adult contemporary, the duo nevertheless spent the ‘70s racking increase several far-reaching chart successes. These are the optimal 10 Seals and also Crofts songs.

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Seals and also Crofts often tend to compose or co-write their own material, but a notable exemption in your discography is the soundtrack come 'One on One,' a 1977 basketball drama starring Robby Benson and also Annette O’Toole. Setting their songwriting an abilities aside, the duo provide the vocals to a repertoire of songs written by Charles Fox and Paul Williams, earning a height 30 hit through the single 'My fair Share.' however far more memorable is this bubbly Simon & Garfunkel-sounding tune that name-checks the duke while additionally bringing up a famous Hollywood hoofer: “Do ns feel that I’ll prove a match to this world? / walk Gene Kelly sing in the rain?

Seals and Crofts once referred to as their pre-Warner Bros. Product “wandering troubadour music,” but their very first two albums for TA documents offer echoes that the popular music sound they required to the charts a few years later. ‘Hollow Reed,’ which showed up on the duo’s 2nd album, is one of several Seals and also Crofts songs that includes references to the Baha'i faith (both singers room followers), take out loan a line attributed come Abdu'l-Baha: “Make me a hollow reed from which the pith of self hath been blown, therefore that ns may end up being a clean channel with which your love may circulation to others.” also though the was never ever released as a single, the song received brand-new life as soon as Crofts revisited it because that his 1998 solo album ‘Today.’

The last album the duo would document until 2004’s ‘Traces’ contains 10 songs, ripe of castle co-written by Seals and none credited to Crofts. The one song Seal didn't have actually a hand in showed to be one of the bounciest. Penned by Michael Sembello (who would later score the No. 1 'Maniac' top top his own) and also Marietta Waters (who added to the soundtracks of ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Perfect’ and also other movies), ‘If and also Any Day’ functions a silky-smooth verse, one insidiously catchy chorus and a spirituality lyric that proclaims, “Love is for the people who think in one top top one / reality is because that the ones who think there's more to come.”

Seals and also Crofts may not be remembered for your political statements, yet in February 1974, a little much more than a year after the U.S. Supreme Court make its landmark Roe v. Wade decision, the duo controlled to raise part eyebrows v ‘Unborn Child,’ the very first single and title monitor from their recent album. Taking a pro-life blog post onto the popular music charts was a decidedly interlocutor move, but while Seals and also Crofts’ fan base was comprehensive enough to knife the monitor airplay in details parts that the country, that controversial object led to minimal success, through the tune stalling in ~ No. 66 prior to sinking fast. ‘Unborn Child’ didn’t make the reduced for the duo’s greatest-hits collection, however its lyrical content and also bombastic setup have assisted make the a fan favorite.

Like other artists the the era, Seals and Crofts incorporated a little of disco right into their sound, providing in come the groove in order to fit their material more seamlessly ~ above radio. Even though they regulated to traction a hit the end of ‘You’re the Love,’ the an initial single from their 1978 album, ‘Takin’ that Easy,’ the track sounded favor nothing else surrounding it, leaving the duo without a perfect follow-up single. (They threw caution to the wind and also decided to take it a shot through the title track, which just made it come No. 79.) Crofts later on admitted the the song was "too disco," but the chorus stays as catchy together ever.

Building top top the success that ‘Summer Breeze’ (see No.1 ~ above our perform of the peak 10 Seals and Crofts Songs), the duo's 1973 album adhered to in the footsteps of its predecessor by successfully transforming the location track into a fight single. The jazz-influenced ‘Diamond Girl’ was an additional Top 10 hit, catapulting the album come No. 4 and making it their most successful LP. For much better or worse, the record additionally signaled the end of Seals and Crofts’ acoustic sound and also the start of the an ext band-oriented strategy of the later years. The hits kept coming, however longtime fans complained around the substantial commercial success.

The title monitor of Seals & Crofts’ 1976 album ‘Get Closer’ may have been a bigger hit (it reached No. 6), however the track that opens the record has a far an ext substantial legacy. Composed by Seals, ‘Sweet green Fields’ was first recorded through the Knickerbockers on your 1967 debut album ‘Lloyd Thaxton gift …The Knickerbockers,’ yet it accomplished greater fame once it to be sampled in Busta Rhymes’ ‘Put your Hands wherein My Eyes can See' and also incorporated into Mary J. Blige’s ‘Press On.’ friend never have the right to tell who’s to be listening to Seals and Crofts.

After the success of 'Diamond Girl''s title monitor (see No. 4 on our list of the optimal 10 Seals and Crofts Songs), the duo followed up through a song that complied with a comparable lyrical thread to the title monitor of your 1971 LP ‘Year that Sunday.’ one more paeans to the Ba'hai faith, 'We might Never pass This means (Again)' was less overt in its spiritual overtones, coming across as merely philosophical with lines like, “Life, so they say, is yet a game and also we let the slip far / Love, choose the autumn sun, must be dyin' but it's only just begun.” Although that didn't crack the peak 20 of the popular music chart, 'We may Never happen This way (Again)' proved practically unstoppable ~ above adult-contemporary radio, climbing all the means to No. 2.

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After struggling for number of years, Seals and Crofts were prepared for superstardom when their 1972 album 'Summer Breeze' and also its location track took them come the following level. Extended by everyone from the beam Conniff Singers to kind O Negative, 'Summer Breeze' survived the ‘70s to come to be one that the all-time great light-rock singles and also remains Seals and also Crofts’ signature track to this day.