Paul: Hello, who space you and also what carry out you execute in the band?Secret: My surname is Brien Worsham and also I sing.

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Paul: together you’re quite brand-new to UK audiences, it would be good if you can introduce her band and tell us all around your sound and also the kind of bands the you are affected by…Secret: us are secret Lives! that the Freemasons. Ours sound is a mix the pop and rock and also roll. We have actually been understand in the past to be a heavier band but we simply wanted to take a step forward and do miscellaneous that would certainly reach a broader fan base. Bands we are affected by would certainly be throughout the board. Anything from Deftones to country. We space fans of every kinds that music.

Paul: exactly how did the band get together?Secret: The tape actually developed after after the breakup that two local bands in our city of Asheville NC. Travis(drums) and I to be in a band dubbed Throwing Myself. Justin(guitar) Jim(guitar) Tucker(guitar) and Josh(bass) were in a band dubbed A kiss before dying. Both bands actually broke up the same night to type Secret Lives!

Paul: What’s the story behind the band name? If girlfriend had mystery lives, what would certainly you do with them?Secret: At the time of specify name the band we were all into conspiracy theory. Prefer aliens freemasons and all that. We simply thought it would be a funny name and it stuck. Anyone has mystery lives however if us told you about them they wouldn’t it is in so an enig anymore! haha.

Paul: just how did friend hook up through Astro Magnetics?Secret: with a now ex-friend.

Paul: You exit ‘This Was constructed To make You Dance’ on the label, execute you think this document is a fair depiction of the tape in 2007/8?Secret: no really anymore. We still love come play some of the songs from the record but we just feel we have actually moved it increase a notch and started doing something that we really enjoy. At the time we wrote that record it did average a lot to us. We simply feel that what we are doing currently really represents who we space at this time.

Paul: I read one testimonial of the document that branded friend ‘violent and also sexist in the direction of women’ with song titles like “I fought the vast (And the wide Won)”. Exactly how does it feeling to it is in tarnished choose this?!Secret: ns think the album to be taken out of context on some reviews. We space not sexist nor execute we dislike women. We actually really much gain them. That whole record was composed after a an extremely long connection i to be in. I created those lyrics around someone not females in general.

Paul: exactly how stoked room you for a new Glassjaw record?!Secret: I must admit ns am nice stoked. Ns love the band and also what they mean to our style of music. We acquire that us sound choose them every the time. Ns don’t really view it yet i guess everyone has actually their opinion. This might be an additional reason we adjusted our format so drastically. We don’t want human being to think we space trying to it is in anyone but us.

Paul: You recently inked a resolve Victory – how did that come around and what attractive you come the label?Secret: our friends in 4 Letter lie actually placed us in contact with them.Victory is a standard in the rock/hardcore world. I have actually been listening to bands on victory records since I was around 15 year old. The is currently awesome the I have the right to say my band is top top the label.

Paul: I recognize that you are currently writing/recording a brand-new record because that Victory. I beg your pardon producer space you functioning with? how is the recording procedure going?Secret: we just complete up our album v producer Jamie King(between the buried and me, that is legend, much less) It was an amazing thing to work-related with Jamie. The just has an exceptional ear because that music.

Paul: perform you have a title for the record shown or any song titles?Secret: The document is going to be referred to as “The weekend warriors!” and will be the end in February of following year. Some of the track titles room “Chug and leave” “Dirty laundry” “Mascara.”

Paul: together a band do you have any kind of long term objectives you look come achieve? What perform you think to be a success?Secret: We simply hope that sooner or later we deserve to play to much more people and also just spread out the word about our band. As far as success goes we would just like to it is in comfy. Prefer if I might buy a home from this someday I’d it is in stoked.

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Paul: When have the right to we mean to watch you tourism the UK?Secret: we hope to be there following year at part point!

Paul: If you have a article for our readers, please leaving it here!Secret: We’d similar to to speak that we hope you gain our brand-new record together we placed a many of hard time and work right into making it because that you. And also for all of our fans us LOVE YOU!

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