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Geometry basically has 3 uses: mathematical, quantitative, and also qualitative. Its mathematical usage is what you may remember from school with theorems, proofs, and also inductive reasoning. Geometry’s quantitative usage is its many popular, informing applications such together architecture, design & science to understand and build things in the world. The is through the rarely qualitative usage that we have the right to experience geometry’s sacredness—exposed only through the qualia of conscious experience. We can guide you to cultivate this state the mind.

Most the all...lies in the hearts of all beings, a state that mind...it is their own space of freedom and positive potential, castle feel associated to all other life and responsible for bettering anyone else"s condition and also their own.

Robert A.F. "Tenzin" Thurman

Experiencing the Sacredness that Geometry

The many effective way to personally experience the sacred quality of geometry is to be guided to draw its develops by hand, v pencil on record using the timeless instruments that straightedge & drafting compass.

The digital technique is much more accurate and also convenient, but it is far too straightforward to get lost in its plenty of layers that abstraction, which successively obscure the conscious experiencing the geometry itself.

We introduce embracing the analog method, beautiful in its anachronism—like black and also white movie photography is in today’s digital world. There yes, really is nothing much more effective than using the time-tested tools of compass & straightedge to experience sacred geometry yourself.

There is other special around using your entirety body come draw, coordinating eye, hand, arm, shoulder & core.

When you draw by hand, the precision that your drawing is constrained through the sharpness of your pencil, the paper’s tooth, the steadiness, angle and pressure of your hands, the light in the room, your visual acuity and many various other factors.

Each heat or arc lays down a cascade that graphite penetrating right into the paper’s surface, restructuring that cellulose; each arc leaves a small hole whereby the suggest of the compass as soon as stood. Faint building lines, indentations, erasures and also so on give us clues around the procedure in which handmade drawings were drawn.

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Mistakes are component of the procedure and room nothing to be afraid of, but they sometimes mean you have to start over and also draw again. The illustration board is prefer a stage—each power is unique. Prefer performance art, drawings made on the illustration board have a precious, never-to-be-repeated quality.

There is no an ext immediate means to experience the sacredness that geometry 보다 to draw by hand. Immersing you yourself in this beautiful old tradition is definitely not to be missed!