Somebody in ~ Microsoft should have actually tested the patch before releasing it, yet fortunately there"s simple fix


Yesterday Microsoft rolled out a patch because that Adobe flash Player running in Internet explorer 10 and also 11 and Microsoft leaf on windows 8.x and Windows 10 PCs. Well-known as KB 3087040, the job incorporates many security fixes the Adobe released in speed Player version -- the an initial publicly released version of flash Player 19.

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Since IE10 and also IE11 now incorporate Flash Player, every time Adobe hiccups, in other words sneezes. Reportedly the very same bug-infested code currently resides in Edge, so it too needs to it is in updated.

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There"s one little problem v this patch: it looks choose Microsoft didn"t test it on windows 10 systems. Judging by the hue and also cry, I would certainly guess the at the very least a third of the human being trying to install KB 3087040 on their RTM home windows 10 solution (build 10240) are acquiring this message:

There were difficulties installing part updates, yet we"ll shot again later. If you store seeing this and also want to find the web or contact support because that information, this may help:

Security upgrade for Internet explorer Flash Player for home windows 10 because that x64-based equipment (KB3087040) - Error 0x80004005

Surprisingly, those individuals in the Insider rapid ring -- running windows 10 build 10547 -- aren"t see the patch at all. At least, that"s the case on mine PCs. The patch isn"t readily available to windows 7 customers running Internet explorer 10 or 11, either. I have actually no idea why.

If you check out the error message and figure you can ignore it -- who offers IE any kind of more, right? -- be aware that Microsoft advises that "other applications, such as Microsoft Office 2007 and also Microsoft Office 2010, have the right to invoke Adobe speed Player in web Explorer." 

This is 2015, yes? You"d think Microsoft would"ve figured out a method to block the problem half a decade ago. Yet what perform you mean from a agency that still provides hex numbers because that errors.

Anyway, there"s a straightforward workaround if you don"t want to wait for Microsoft to resolve its recent patching problem. Download the windows 10 build 10240 patch (available in a 32-bit or 64-bit version) and also install that manually. If there"s an official Microsoft Download page for the windows 10 patches, i can"t discover it.

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Details around the speed Player fixes room to be found in Adobe"s protection Bulletin APSB15-23. Details top top the Microsoft side are discovered in defense Advisory 2755801.