Learn exactly how to properly use geographical segmentation in her eCommerce marketing strategy. Obtain inspired by real-world instances from industry-leading brands.

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There is no easier route into personalized marketing than sector segmentation. By breaking under your client base right into groups, you have the right to target your resources and also ensure her audience receive the messaging the is most relevant to them.

There room 4 main species of sector segmentation, and also each supplies a different method to specify an audience:

Psychographic segmentation – grouping customers based upon their personalities and interests, including beliefs, hobbies, and also life goals.Geographic segmentation – group customers through regards to your physical location.

The premise is an easy enough, yet the an essential to successful market segmentation is understanding precisely how the can finest work for you. This day we’re going to do a deep-dive on geographical segmentation, and discover every the various ways your marketing can benefit from it.

What is geographic segmentation?

Geographic segmentation requires segmenting her audience based on the an ar they live or work-related in. This deserve to be excellent in any number of ways: grouping customers through the nation they live in, or smaller sized geographical divisions, from an ar to city, and right down to postal code.

Geographic segmentation could be the simplest kind of sector segmentation to acquire your head around, but there room still many of ways it can be provided that companies never ever think about.

The size of the area you target should readjust depending on your needs as a business. Usually speaking, the larger the business the enlarge the locations you’ll it is in targeting. After all, through a more comprehensive potential audience, targeting every postcode individually simply won’t it is in cost-effective.

In total, there space six components that pertain to geographical segmentation and can be offered to develop customer segments:

Location (country, state, city, ZIP code)TimezoneClimate and also seasonCultural preferencesLanguagePopulation type and density (urban, suburban, exurban or rural)

Geographic segmentation benefits

Easy come implement

Geographic segment is different from the other varieties of sector segmentation (especially psychographic and also behavioral) since it requires fewer data points.

As a result, it offers a quick and effective route right into personalized marketing and also can market tangible methods to with potential client using just their place as a beginning point.

Higher product relevancy

This help not just to boost sales but additionally creates a far better relationship between customer and business. Presenting appropriate items come customers enhances user experience, to reduce the lot of effort they should put in to find what castle want.

Improved advertising effectiveness

By presenting much more targeted ads, you’ll guarantee that much more of her marketing budget is spent reaching relevant customers, and less wasted ~ above those who have actually no need or interest in her product.

This isn’t to say that geographical segmentation is always the ideal strategy come employ. The has specific uses for particular businesses and industries. Tiny businesses working in localized areas will advantage immensely from targeting their marketing to simply these areas. Large businesses with commodities that will have customer hotspots in particular regions will likewise benefit.

An worldwide manufacturer of large four-wheel journey vehicles will certainly achieve much more sales targeting customers in rural locations than those that drive congested city streets.

But businesses that sell assets that perform not rely on region-specific patterns won’t benefit as much from geographic segmentation. Consumers of Corn Flakes are likely to it is in as common in one an ar as the next.


Geographical parameters whereby to segment

There are number of geographical parameters you can use to


Getting the apparent out the the way. Segmenting by location offers you a lot of options. It could be a city, a town, various countries, or also a various continent. This can additionally be provided to determine a new geographic location your service may wish to increase into.


Do you think they are buying winter tires in Dubai? Segmenting by climate helps you identify areas where the climate is ideal for your product or service.


When addressing your target industry you should account for cultural variations and also sensitivities. For example, In western cultures, white symbolizes purity, elegance, peace, and also cleanliness. However, in China white to represent death, mourning, and bad luck.


This can either emphasis on thickness or populace type. A brand may choose to emphasis on a densely occupied city area, because that example, a fitness chain wouldn’t set up a gym in a rural area . Girlfriend can also overlay demographic information here to uncover target audiences.

Urban, suburban and rural

These three different environments all need different and certain marketing tactics as customer needs are different. Those in cities and also suburbs tend to have much more purchasing power than rural areas, soproducts have the right to be much more expensive.


Not every country in the world wants or have the right to be marketed come in English. If you’re to run a marketing project it will certainly be essential it’s excellent in the local language. You’ll have to make sure you’re ready to go into a industry if all her marketing messages room going to should be changed.

Now, let’s relocate onto part examples.

Geographic segmentation Examples

An example of geographical segmentation is an ice cream cream company segmenting a nation by just how hot different regions are and targeting those certain areas that room hottest and also therefore much more likely to buy ice cream.

But that’s a very straightforward example.

There are yet a variety of different variables that you might take into consideration when setting up your own geographical segmentation. These room the various ways girlfriend might select to target consumers when you’ve determined on the location you want to emphasis on. Let’s look at just how each might ideal be used.

Example 1: Segmenting based on location

Though all geographical segmentation requires grouping client by the area they live or work-related in, below we’re talking about selling purely based on the ease of access of a product to a particular area. This is a device that is valuable to businesses the only have actually the framework or facilities to offer customers within particular boundaries.

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The food box subscription service Oddbox has, till recently, only had actually the infrastructure to deliver within the boundaries of London. However, they have now broadened to provide to another surrounding city, Brighton.


Using geographical segmentation they were able come target potential customers life in the city and deliver pertinent marketing via social media ads. Check out their ads targeting Londoners and also Brighton residents earlier to earlier above. As a result, customers who weren’t previously mindful of Oddbox can be presented the business now available to them.

For bigger, global brands segmentation by country becomes even an ext important. One brand that constantly hones it’s advertisements to the nation it’s targeting is McDonald’s. To see precisely how they do this clock the video below.