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Aye one a little bit o' mackerel, fiddler, rack and also fearAnd i rutted under by the hade and the furrowWell, i slipped me in a flop and also hit down and also I shiedAnd i cried, cried, criedThe fear of fallin' down aft' taken, never back to riseAnd then cried 'Mary!' and I tucked upWi' a Claymore out and aboutAnd I run down, down the mechyn styAnd beckoned the fiery whoreThat to be fallin' around the feet"Never", ns cried. "Never shall ye gain me aliveYa rotten hound the the Burnie Brae"Well, ns snapped for a blade and a Claymore cut and thrustAnd I fell down prior to him 'round his feet(That to be pretty avant-garde, wasn't it?)Aye, a roar the cried! Frae the bottom of his heartThat I would nay fall yet dead, dead as a have the right to by a feat deah...And the wind cried MaryThank you
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Embed“Several types of small Furry animals Gathered together in a Cave and also Grooving with a Pict” by Pink Floyd on
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“Several varieties of little Furry pets Gathered with each other in a Cave and also Grooving with a Pict” is a monitor written and also performed by i get it Waters from the two-part 1969 Pink Floyd album, Ummagumma.

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It is the just Pink Floyd song to function no tools besides human being voice and mouth noises.

The track consists of numerous minutes of noises the same, similar thing rodents and also birds simulated by Waters" voice and other techniques, such together tapping the microphone played at different speeds, adhered to by Waters" friend and occasional collaborator Ron Geesin providing extr vocals, though his actual contribution is unknown.

The Picts were the indigenous civilization of what is currently Scotland who merged with the Scots.

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A small sample that these impacts can also be heard at about 4:48 top top Waters" other track top top Ummagumma, “Grantchester Meadows”.


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“It’s no actually anything, that a little of concrete poetry. Those to be sounds that ns made, the voice and the hand slapping were every human created – no music instruments.”

— Roger Waters, college of Regina Carillon Interview, October 1970


Ummagumma (1969)
Pink Floyd
Several varieties of tiny Furry pets Gathered with each other in a Cave and also Grooving with a Pict
Written By
Roger Waters
Sound Engineer
Anthony Mone, Jeff Jarratt, Neil Richmond, chris Blair, Phil McDonald & Peter Mew
All Vocals
Roger Waters
Recorded At
Abbey roadway Studios, London
Release Date
October 25, 1969
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