China is among the nations that have far-reaching influence today, both in economy and also geopolitics. Visiting China has recently end up being the most amazing topic since it has actually attractive and also beautiful traveler attractions. Countless cities in China offer their uniqueness and also advantages. However, if friend talk around Shanghai vs Hong Kong, which one is better? Come on, check out the adhering to explanation!

Shanghai vs Hong Kong: Location

Talking about Chinese culture, it’s great for you come know around Shanghai in advance. Shanghai is among the largest cities in the People’s Republic the China, situated right top top the sheet of the Changjiang delta.

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Shanghai is located exactly on the east shore of China, i m sorry is virtually the same distance from Beijing and Guangzhou. The city is additionally bordered through Jiangsu to the north and also west, Zhejiang to the south, and the southern China Sea come the east. To the northernmost suggest is Chongming Island (the second island that mainland China).

Meanwhile, Hong Kong is an area located in the southeastern part of China. In addition, Hong Kong is also in the China Sea, east of Macau, which is opposite native the pearl river delta, surrounding by the southern, eastern, south, and also western Chinese seas, and likewise borders the north city that Shenzhen.

Shanghai vs Hong Kong: Population

The population of the city that Shanghai is report to be 23 million inhabitants. Meanwhile, Hong Kong has a population of 7.08 million. Usually, a nation or also a dense one choose this is able to offer great job opportunities because the economy is maybe large.

Launching, currently, around 93.6% of Hong Kong’s populace is country Chinese. Many of the population also speak Cantonese, which originates from Guangdong province.

When compared, the is clear that Shanghai has the biggest population.

Meanwhile, the development rate of the population average reflects an increase or diminish in populace per year. For Hong Kong, the population growth every year is about 0.76%, and also for Shanghai, about 22.15%.

Glancing at Shanghai vs Hong Kong: living Experience

Considering the Chinese culture is well-known for that is highly advanced economic and technical growth, it provides Shanghai and also Hong Kong have actually quite a striking comparison, specifically in terms of life in the 2 cities. What are some of them?


Shanghai is known for its really magnificent city, some also say the the life of the inhabitants there is a glamorous lifestyle. And also the tourist attractions are known to be an extremely diverse and of course interesting to visit.

With a city area of 6,340.5 square kilometers, Shanghai is a city that seems to flaunt that is luxury. If girlfriend look at the high-rises at night, all the colorful lights illuminate virtually the whole area make the area watch magnificent.

Hong Kong

Not inferior to Shanghai, Hong Kong is additionally known as the most expensive city in the world. Although there are many news reports the the city’s living conditions are awful, us cannot deny the Hong Kong is quiet a luxurious city compared to Shanghai.

As proof that Hong Kong is one of the most luxurious cities, it have the right to be seen from miscellaneous things such as lawyers, cars, housing expenses, luxury food to any type of treatment in this city into the height three when compared to other metropolitan areas. Don’t be surprised, girlfriend will discover the fact that the high prices of living over there beat the urban of new York and also Los Angeles.

Shanghai vs Hongkong: Gross domestic Product (GDP)

One area of China, including the city the Shanghai and also Hong Kong, has actually a gross residential product at every level. You deserve to see the comparison native the following explanations:


According come news reports, critical year, Shanghai tape-recorded a gross residential product the 3.82 sunshine yuan. The is not surprising the Shanghai is among China’s many populous cities and has the largest GDP value of all urban in China.

The advance of Shanghai’s GDP growth experienced an economic boom the lasted because that decades, changing the city’s shape. Economic advance in Shanghai has also reached a high level.


Meanwhile, Hong Kong listed that that is gross residential product was reported to have decreased, return it was not also sharp. This news has been around for a few months. The was claimed that the Hong Kong economy has no improved due to Covid-19.

As the second-largest sector globally, Hong Kong is stated to be an extremely dependent on the level of international trade and also finance. That brought about the city having to income in the intake of raw materials and foods.

Shanghai vs Hongkong: project Opportunities

These two areas are known for your hardworking inhabitants. We can see this indigenous the variety of companies, purchase centers, or new construction projects standing firm in there. So, how are the job methods there?


Known because that its really dense population, this city of Shanghai cannot be separated native high mobility. Most of the several suppliers or locations prioritize occupants to work. Therefore, if you intend to occupational there, prepare a few things.

First, word handling and an excellent at speak Mandarin. Second, grasp the an abilities then adjust to the empty vacancies. Few of the jobs that can be looked at are marketing and an innovative industries, writers, journalists, and also English editors. For various other fields, the compete is relatively high. As result of the reasonably high competition, having actually the ability and an excellent work endure will do it easier for friend to be able to work in Shanghai.


Not much different from Shanghai, the city the Hong Kong is the same and can also be said to be virtually the same. Hong Kong has plenty of job opportunities for young human being who have just completed their education. This additionally does not dominance out various other countries.

But the fact is what is keep going now, some civilization from occurring countries who work-related there space only minimal to family assistants. This deserve to be watched from the variety of companies that proceed to send migrant workers to Hong Kong. Comparable to Shanghai, it calls for the ability and qualified job-related experience to be able to get a job easily in Hong Kong.


If you are a traveler that is walking on vacation to the Asian an ar such as Hong Kong or Shanghai, that is far better to look in ~ the ar to live there.

With the increasingly advanced times, the two cities are well known for your splendor. Inspect out the explanation below:


Talking about a place to live in Shanghai, you have the right to see it on the internet first before selecting to stay there, whether it’s one apartment or also a hotel.

As you currently know, Shanghai’s city is one of the most luxurious cities with views of its splendid skyscrapers. The residence was categorized into several groups, also the upper course was valued approximately 298,000 yuan.


Not much different from Shanghai, Hong Kong is the same. It has a place to live the is categorized right into several groups. Some even report that life over there is an extremely affordable, at the very least in some areas.

Even so, there were still residences for the top class, so whatever was split evenly from expensive to mediocre ones. Over there is even worse news around this city, the is rumored the living in Hong Kong is a negative choice, yet of course, that can be brushed turn off by looking at the present state that the prosperity that the populace there.

Shanghai vs Hongkong: Weather

On vacation abroad or select to tourism the Chinese region, of course, you additionally have to know exactly how the weather is in 2 cities such as Shanghai and also Hong Kong. Most leading is the merganser season or evil versa?


Known together the most bustling metropolis in China, Shanghai has 4 climates, such together winter, whereby the temperature typically drops to 0 degrees Celsius, even though it hardly ever snows. There is also summer, and it is additionally humid.

With rainfall between June and also September, the summer or humid season normally occurs. Over there is additionally a typhoon season from so late August to mid-September. Over there is likewise a fall in between September to November and the last feather March come May. This is recommended for you to visit if friend don’t desire cold and also hot.


Unlike Shanghai, Hong Kong also has different climates or weather, such as subtropics with different seasons. Over there is likewise the weather that is report to have a far-reaching impact, particularly when you room traveling there, specific hurricanes. It seems that this area the China is a constant customer of these hurricanes, even in Shanghai too.

The hurricane season is reported to it is in from might to the finish of November. However, don’t issue if you visit for a vacation there, as soon as there is a hurricane long prior to it happens, they will announce it on television or even radio.

Shanghai vs Hongkong: Travelling

For those of you who are planning to go to the Chinese region, that is advisable only to visit Shanghai and also Hong Kong. That is well-known for the breathtaking city views plus the figure of its very futuristic skyscrapers. Inspect out the following reviews:


Are friend a traveler?

Try visiting the city the Shanghai, China, together it is famed that the city has quite a magnificent see of the city, that course, friend can’t miss that the tourist attractions also vary. In fact, you can say really much, over there are around 25 much more destinations over there that are a favourite of local and foreign tourists.

You can shot visiting the location of The Bund, anyone who goes over there will certainly feel very lacking if you only spend a little time there. The Huangpu River’s beauty and skyscrapers deserve to be appreciated here, specifically when you view it in ~ night. Over there are additionally tourist attractions for Yu Garden, Nanjing Road, and many more.


Not much various from Hong Kong, this city likewise does not want to it is in outdone by Shanghai. The first tourist location you can shot is Victoria Peak. As soon as visiting there, you space guaranteed no to regret it due to the fact that you have the right to see the totality city of Hong Kong from a height.

Access to transportation is not difficult to find, if you space going to walk there, use the MTR service to the destination Garden roadway station, then take the optimal Tram to acquire to Victoria Peak. The entry dues is HK$ 75 one method and additionally HK$ 88 come buy a return and return ticket.

Shanghai vs Hongkong: take trip Destinations

Many travelers tell that this location in China is famed for its countless diverse traveler attractions from assorted kinds that news ~ above the internet. Shanghai and Hong Kong have different tourist destinations.

If you look at some of the explanations above, between Hong Kong and Shanghai, the destinations with countless tours room actually the exact same or have the right to be stated to be almost the same in number. Moreover, the 2 cities both have Disneyland with various entrance tickets and also rides.

If you desire to walk on vacation to China, whether it’s Shanghai or Hong Kong, whatever is the same. The two cities share the splendor the views with skyscrapers, which are very beautiful at night since the neighboring lights will light up.

Which One is an ext Interesting: Disneyland Shanghai vs Hong Kong?

Have you ever heard words Disneyland?

Yes, a tourist destination that supplies a magnificent imperial view. Disneyland chin is a recreational and also play park the is made almost like a comparable destination in Anaheim, California. For this reason which one is better, Disney Shanghai or Disney Hong Kong?


Disneyland walk exist in several other countries, and also even in Tokyo. However, in each of this countries, it is quiet the same, this tourist location offers beautiful views favor in a kingdom. If girlfriend play there, you will certainly not it is in satisfied also for a day.

With so countless cute Disney characters, no only children who love it, however even adults additionally enliven this traveler destination. Disneyland in Shanghai is reportedly opened up on June 16, 2016, you that visit over there can additionally stay at the Toy Story Hotel with almost all of the Toy Story decorations.


Meanwhile, Disneyland in Hong Kong is the same, reportedly the second tourist location opened in Asia and built specifically on the Penny’s bay reclamation area. This place is just one of the most visited tourist objects.

If you walk there, besides being able come shop, tourists or visitors have the right to enjoy s Park, i m sorry of course has lots that rides such as a zoo and also various water activities. Not only that, yet there are likewise wax numbers with famed figures in the world, because that example, athletes, celebrities, religious leaders, state leaders.

The Distance in between Shanghai to Hong Kong

Talking about Shanghai’s street to Hong Kong or angry versa, friend can select a airplane as your main means of transportation. The moment taken is only around one hour and fifty minutes. If seen on the map, the distance in between the 2 cities is about 1,226 km.

This distance applies from Shanghai to Hong Kong or vice versa, knowing the distance between the 2 cities is really close. However, for the take trip time native Hong Kong to Shanghai by way of transport in the kind of a plane, it have the right to take about two hours and also fifteen minutes to arrive.

Not just planes however you deserve to use trains too. Because since 2018, China has actually inaugurated a fast train for the Hong Kong route, i beg your pardon of course also passes through Shanghai and also several other areas such as Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and others.

Shanghai vs Hongkong: transport Convenience

Talking about the way of transport for the city that Shanghai and Hong Kong, as you currently know, all transportation is the same. For example, if you desire to be faster, you have the right to use a airplane or also a train.

However, the is not only restricted to fast trains, the cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong have actually other transportation, specific city buses well-known as cheap vehicles to with the Hong Kong area. There are likewise Mass Transit Railway or MTR, Tram (ancient trains), ferries if you favor sea views, board the ship of his choice.

There are also mini-buses in Hong Kong, which have two types of eco-friendly (they have the right to stop at any kind of bus stop) and also red (they don’t have a resolved fare and operating hours), girlfriend just have to select which one you want to ride.

All of this transportation likewise sometimes uses in Shanghai together well, because both regions of China room trying come build brand-new innovations regarding public transportation.

Shanghai vs Hongkong, which One is Better?

After various thorough explanations about Shanghai and Hong Kong, currently is the time to decide which that the two cities is better? even if it is it’s viewed from any kind of aspect:


When perceived from the element of the population, Shanghai has the greatest ranking. Even tickets for transportation are usually much cheaper than in Hong Kong. From the traveler destinations, it also seems the they practically have the exact same thing, it’s simply that Hong Kong has an ext tourist attractions 보다 Shanghai.

Then, because that Shanghai, the college was ranked the highest. Housing prices are also fairly lower in Shanghai. Even the expense of public transport for one person is reduced than in Hong Kong.


Meanwhile, Hong Kong has a contempt lower populace than Shanghai, although not much different. The unemployment rate is somewhat greater than in Shanghai. Hong Kong is close come the mountains for life, making that seem cooler 보다 Shanghai because it is no close to the mountains, an ext natural views.

When contrasted from the facet of joblessness for survival, Hong Kong is the winner, however if girlfriend look in ~ its dense population, that course, Shanghai ranking the highest. Yet with this, job opportunities will likewise increase, provided the thickness of the population.

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That is the testimonial from Shanghai vs Hong Kong, which one is better? along with an detailed explanation that China’s 2 cities, such together the difference, the value of GDP, population, location, traveler destinations, and others. Hopefully, it have the right to be a factor to consider if you want to walk there.