When it involves headline-grabbing interviews, Robin Roberts is at the top of she game. Roberts knows exactly how to mix the hard and soft questions without being either also fluffy or also hardnosed. Yet the Good Morning America anchor wasn’t constantly the top-notch interviewer she is now. The anchor has opened up about a time she peed herself during an interview, and she"s "relieved" the she common the story.

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Robin Roberts spoke on the embarrassing moment while being interviewed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. As among television news’s optimal interviewers, Roberts has actually talked with everyone native Vice president Kamala Harris to basketball legend Michael Jordan. Yet her first big interview as a college student left her every wet. DeGeneres brought up the subject, leading Roberts to begrudgingly phone call the daytime host:

All the years I’ve known you I’ve never mutual this. Yet my very first big interview, i was quiet in college, and also I was fairly nervous. And also I… how deserve to I do this... I wet myself.

Ellen DeGeneres threw in a slight hoax by asking if Robin Roberts spilled water ~ above herself. Roberts hilariously agreed through the much less embarrassing version of the story, before adding more of what yes, really happened:

It was like clean up on aisle one after i did the big interview. I don’t even remember that the interview was with. Yes, i was nervous. I was quiet in college. Ns was really wanting to make an impression. And I think ns really did. I’m remembering the after all this time. Ns can’t believe that I’ve gone this lengthy with learning you and also being on your show and also haven’t common it till now… i feel relieved.

Ellen DeGeneres tried questioning a follow-up question, i beg your pardon Robin Roberts conveniently shut down. DeGeneres kept joking about the subject prior to the two moved on. See more of Roberts" interview with Ellen DeGeneres below:

It was nice to hear someone together high-profile as Robin Roberts recognize to together an awkward story. Everybody has actually that one moment they’d rather forget. The GMA anchor’s story confirmed just exactly how one minute doesn’t specify you, as obvious by her decades-long transfer career.

Ellen DeGeneres’ teasing the Robin Roberts verified just exactly how close the ladies are in spite of it being Roberts’ an initial time informing the story. However Roberts walk seem a little miffed in the start at DeGeneres because that bringing increase the incident. Ns mean, if looks could kill.

Robin Roberts’ ashamed story to be a pretty light minute for her and Ellen DeGeneres as the latter’s ratings continue to fall. Hear Roberts" story humanized she even more after facing some rough years, consisting of being isolated at an early stage on during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, her story will press future journalists to obtain over the humiliating moments as they go after their careers.

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