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If friend watched OWN’s hit date series, “Ready come Love,” possibilities are you dropped in love with cast mate Shea. She’s the fierce, beautiful and independent entrepreneur who recorded Mike’s heart so quickly, nobody else ever before really had a chance.

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But Shea, 44, admits she went into the show, cynical that real love might come indigenous the experience.

In this exclude, interview, Shea speak thedesigningfairy.com why she’s prepared for a brand-new life chapter with her boo, and also breaks down why it’s never too so late to live your best dating life.

thedesigningfairy.com: speak to us about why you went ~ above the show and also what your suffer actually was, compared to what you assumed it would certainly be.

Shea: at first a girlfriend of mine kind of threw my photos into the hat. Really I’m together a exclusive person. I was gonna sabotage the moment…. I simply didn’t desire to perform it due to the fact that I prefer my tiny private life and I don’t like people picking at me.

I figure I’ve been right here because that 10 years and also I recognize everybody.

That’s therefore discouraging because you don’t also get come meet civilization for that they are since everybody else has a story on that person.

So ns was simply interested to check out “What y’all got?” since I feel favor I know everybody. Girlfriend couldn’t possibly have something various that what I’ve to be looking at.

And i walk through the door and there was Mike and I was like, “Well damn… probably I do have actually something here.”

At that allude I was every in.

thedesigningfairy.com: What do you think women can take in state of ethics for approaching dating? together grown women, what deserve to be learned native watching the story on the show?

Shea: i think it’s yes, really a dating guide, points you should and also shouldn’t do. Exactly how you need to take your time with obtaining to understand people and understanding simply being compatible.

A the majority of times you want to force fit part stuff since we feel like, “Oh mine gosh, I acquired to have actually a man, have a warm body come lay in my bed” and y’all not compatible.

They’re a vegan and also you choose eating steak every weekend. 

First of all you have to look within yourself and see there’s issues with yourself and what have the right to you perform to improve. It ain’t always everybody else’s fault.

I learned that about myself on the show. Periodically I am a small bit too tough on people. I don’t need to be so hard core about everything.


thedesigningfairy.com: So what to be going with your mind as you to be being questioned around having a baby. What was that interior struggle?

Shea: ns think Mike is getting a negative wrap, choose he simply want a baby-making machine. Us talked about marriage, about expectations.

For me it’s doing it appropriate the second time and also being able to reap that experience fairly than gift under so lot pressure the “I’m 20. I desire to go out, I want to party.” It’s not a pleasant experience when you carry out it by yourself.

So I just want to perform it in a good way. I desire to have the ability to look throughout the room and also see my boy with his or her father.

You know I truly have the right to see the in Mike because I see just how he cares because that me, how he cares because that his sister, exactly how he cares for the females in his family.

But I essential to sit ago and watch him in all aspects an initial before I just throw a infant in the mix.

thedesigningfairy.com: Have a bunch of males hit on you even an ext since watching girlfriend on the show? due to the fact that you are pretty fly!

Shea: (Laughs) I’ve had actually quite a couple of blasts indigenous the past. It’s funny how everybody want to it is in like, “Hey, how you doing?” Nah Nah nah I’m great now. No give thanks to you!

It virtually seems favor when civilization see someone else they want you also more. I median I’ve never had actually a trouble with dating right here in Atlanta. My concern was time.

If I’m to run my business and I have a deadline, I’m probably going to blow you off. Or tell you ns can’t carry out it or ns can’t walk or “If you want to hang out you need to come increase here.”

I understand a bunch of an excellent men that’s ready, they’re simply not the males for me.


thedesigningfairy.com: Why perform you think this present was so crucial in terms of mirroring grown world dating?

So numerous shows target a younger demo and there’s this expectation that you need to be married by a details age. But what perform you think this present did for transforming the conversation about Black love?

Shea: ns think it’s a misunderstanding that as soon as you acquire in her 40s or your 30s you not fly. Guy I simply kind that feel prefer 40s is the brand-new 20s. Us look good. These women room fit, lock beautiful, they bad.

Black love has virtually got cast in a negative light. Girlfriend know, prefer it doesn’t exist. The Black household doesn’t exist. Black men don’t desire black women. That’s bull friend know.

It’s time for human being to see, and the world to check out that an excellent looking people can get together. It might be a sisterhood among Black women, we’re not catty.

I’m not trying to dislike on any kind of of the other reality shows. You recognize it’s too much enjoying the drama and also the hatred amongst women.

We have the right to all it is in friends and also create this family atmosphere. The end of every one of that us can also have a relationship that buds into something beautiful. It’s no a bunch of scammers, these space hardworking people.

That really desire to uncover love in the ideal way. They’re making us vulnerable.

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You don’t also understand, there’s to be a the majority of tears and also a most real feelings gift exposed ~ above this show. It’s a yes, really open and also humbling experience and also it’s a journey that human being need to enjoy and also watch.