Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch mainly Benedict Cumberbatch and a few odds and also ends I occur to enjoy- no happiness or factor to those- Sherlolly and Johnlock (but no TJLC)

This entire post is basically going to it is in an in-depth analysis of the scene, and also why I believe that not only is it ultimately a linguistic confirmation of just how Molly feels because that Sherlock, but additionally a check of how Sherlock feels because that Molly. I believe that he truly does love her. And also I will describe why. I will warn you in advancement that this is going to it is in a very, an extremely long post, but I desire to thoroughly define why I think this. Therefore if you deserve to hang on till the end, i promise I’ll try to make it worth your while.

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First off, I’ll begin with Eurus mentioning the 3rd test (I’m quoting directly from the episode, I save pausing that while inputting to make certain I obtain it fully accurate).

E: “Coffin. Problem: someone is around to die. It will certainly be, as I know it, a tragedy. So many days no lived, so might words unsaid, et cetera, et cetera…”

As soon as Eurus offers the word, Sherlock begins his deductions, assessing the coffin and wasting no time whatsoever. He’s plainly in his element, two secs away from going full out (what I like to call) Trippy deduction Mode- and then, Mycroft division in with this:

M: “Yes, really good, Sherlock, or we might just look in ~ the surname on the lid.”

Then Sherlock looks in ~ the lid, and also his expression, his expression when he sees the words “I LOVE YOU” on the lid states EVERYTHING. Certain everything. That knows, in much less than a second, in much less than a milosecond, as shortly as the reads the words, that it is.

Sherlock knows that coffin is supposed for Molly Hooper, and also neither Mycroft nor john have any type of clue.

Sherlock Holmes steps earlier from the lid, and virtually staggers ago to the coffin, clinging to it and staring into it v an expression of pure fear while John and Mycroft shot to guess. John’s very first guess is, of course, Irene Adler (and I’ll go into that in a tiny bit), and also Sherlock dismisses that idea completely, doesn’t also give that a 2nd thought. In fact, he dismisses it as ‘ridiculous’, and I believe he does this for two reasons. One, the coffin is plainly not the format that The Woman would certainly pick out for herself. It’s no made that marble and also gold, because that one point (haha, devastating joke, however I’m kind of serious), and for a 2nd thing, Irene Adler is not his weakness. She’s his intellectual complement (almost; she’s really sharp, however not together sharp as Sherlock, however I would certainly say her knowledge of person nature i beg your pardon Sherlock lacks does provide her enough of one edge the his advantage over her is fairly slight), and also certainly he finds she attrative and also he is attracted to her, yet she is not his weakness. He likes her, however he doesn’t love her. She’s fun for him, like unstable fireworks. My opinion, the course.

But no, the coffin is for Molly Hooper. Listen to the means he explains her; he claims “Unmarried, pratical about death, alone.” when he to be trying to deduce earlier, there is no a name or a face, he states the exact same things, but the words are hurried, they’re facts, they’re just descriptions of a arbitrarily figure. However when he states them about Molly, it’s choose each native is one more nail in the coffin best in front of them.

Then Eurus transforms the screen on, and also we watch cameras in Molly’s kitchen. We watch Molly moving around. Sherlock’s eyes room glued come the screen, they never leave it. Till Eurus claims “Make her say it”. And also once again, Sherlock’s challenge says everything.

He knows, in the moment, that in stimulate to save Molly’s life, he has to shatter her. He has to break her. He has to rip her heart open, and let that bleed. He needs to do that to conserve her, and as Eurus phone call Molly, the visibly begins to brace himself to execute it. The contact progresses, Molly doesn’t choose up. Sherlock plainly becomes rather agitated.

The scene cut to Molly. She sighs and also picks up the phone. I desire everyone to pay unique attention come what’s walking on top top Sherlock’s end before she answers. His head is bowed, pressed against the barrel of the gun. He’s shifting earlier and forth. That is clearly, visibly, upset. And also when he hears she voice, he lifts up his head and also his eyes space clear and wide, nearly unbeliving. He’s relieved, quite obviously so.

He starts talking to Molly. He’s tho anxious, but trying come hide it. He appears borderline desperate, yet holding it together. Also so, this is tough for him. He to know he’s going come hurt her.

He tells she what come say. She’s around to cave up. Sherlock aboslutely loser it in ~ this point. The doesn’t avoid trying to hide his fear, the is incapable of doing so. He cannot save himself from reaction at the assumed of her hanging up, and him losing his opportunity to save her. The BEGS her. He’s claimed in previous illustration he’s never begged because that anything, yet he begs her not to leave.

Sherlock renders himself calm under at Eurus’ warning (and note that John and also Mycroft space barely maintaining it together themselves in the back). But he’s shaken, he’s breathing hard, he’s tremble slightly. However as quickly as Molly says “I’m no an experiment,” the breaks under again, the emotions overwhelming back, and also he’s trying desperately to save her there.

She states she can’t speak it. That asks she why. She states “You know why.” Sherlock says, “No, i don’t understand why.”

At this point, appropriate here, Sherlock is lying. He’s clearly lying. He without doubt knows the she loves him, as confirmed not just in the critical season as soon as they discussed her engagement end chips, yet when he observed the “I LOVE YOU” top top the coffin. He knows Molly Hooper loves him. But he needs to make she say it, has to save her, for this reason he pushes her, make the efforts to obtain her to admit it. Moriarty’s videos aren’t yes, really helping to store him calm, either. Then she says “Because it’s true.” and also there’s something in his confront when she says that, miscellaneous that’s unexpectedly vulnerable, and soft. And suddenly once he speak to her, his voice is quiet and also gentle. And also I think this is partially because he wants her to say it, and also partially because he actually feels something when she says it. Once she claims that, and he i do not care still, it’s favor a peace has actually suddenly come over him. It’s favor something has actually suddenly clicked into place for him, and also his composure is back.

Until she demands that he to speak it first, and to say it choose he method it.

I desire to suggest out below he as soon as again loses his composure. He’s flustered, bring away aback. That did not suppose this. But he take away a moment, and also says “I… i love you.” the goes from his eyes closed, make the efforts to kind the words, to looking up in ~ the screen and saying it.

And then. After ~ a moment, he claims it again. He states “I love you,” if looking at the screen, while looking at Molly, his gaze no wavering.

He claims “I love you.”

And this time, he means it. This time, it’s real. This time, he to know it’s real and also he way it, and also that’s why he says it in a voice of nearly wonder, of surprise. Of awe. Sherlock Holmes has actually told Molly Hooper the he loves her, and he truly does, and also he didn’t know it until simply that moment.

Now, I will take you ago to just one illustration before, though it’s been stated several times prior to that- Molly Hooper deserve to see Sherlock. She have the right to really watch him. She can see v his bullshit, v his lies, v his posturing. She knows, when he says it, that he is not lying.

Molly Hooper knows that when Sherlock Holmes speak her that he loves her, he important does. And that is why, at this moment of complete and utter vulnerablitly, she have the right to tell him the she loves him back.

The secs in-between him saying he loves her and also her saying she loves him are actually quite delicious come me, since Sherlock is currently the one who is waiting for her. His distress is practically palpable in ~ this moment, it to be so beautiful done. And also when she finally says it, it looks favor he practically collapses in relief.

And climate comes the genuine punch come the gut. The was every a trick. Sherlock didn’t win. Eurus reveals that he ruined Molly Hooper’s heart for nothing. She think Sherlock Holmes has actually just play an elaborate, horrible, speculative trick top top her, and also she’s to be humiliated through the man that she loves. By the guy who, in ~ this point, ns am completely convinced, loves her.

And then we concerned the coffin scene. Mycroft and John are around to walk the end the door, they it seems to be ~ surprised the Sherlock isn’t following and also confused by what he’s doing.

But Sherlock places the lid top top the coffin, and stares in ~ it. Climate he says “No. No!” and also goes to city on it v his ceiling hands, screaming at it and also tearing it to pieces. The coffin the was supposed for Molly Hooper, the One who Mattered Most, The One who Counted, The Woman that Loves Him. Some have said that the destruction of the coffin is due to the fact that Sherlock is upset that despite years of trying to stop love, Sherlock has actually fallen because that her simply the same. Some have actually said that it’s due to the fact that he can’t stand the idea the Molly lying dead in the coffin, lying there dead right after he’s establish he loves her. I’ve review a couple of people speak it was simply pure frustration the he go it. The very first two, I can see both being an extremely possible, and also I personal think it’s a combination of the two. The last one, ns don’t buy.

Remember the this is Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes, in every his cases, has never, ever, ever, ever before lost his cool the method he did when he uncovered out he’d damaged Molly Hooper because that nothing. Not John having bombs strapped come him, not finding out that a woman he cared around was actually alive, no him jumping off a roof and lying come his friends around it, not having his finest friend’s wife shoot him in the chest, not seeing a male kill himself in former of him, and also not see a woman shot and also three guys dropped to your deaths simply minutes before. He was the one who preserved Mycroft and John calm. He to be the one who retained everyone together. But it to be Molly Hooper, Molly Hooper’s love, and also Molly Hooper’s potential death, that carried him low.

Also keep in psychic that appropriate after this, Sherlock needs to choose between shooting his ideal friend or his brother, and also he continues to be calm during that. Then he needs to save his finest friend from drowing, and he continues to be relativly calm during that. The keeps his head on. He doesn’t scare completely.

The just time IN THE ENTIRE collection OF THE display where Sherlock Holmes has lost his shit (pardon mine language) is once it comes to MOLLY HOOPER.

And yes, us don’t recognize what happened between Sherlock and Molly after ~ Eurus was re-captured come reconcile them, and also we don’t recognize if their partnership is now romantic or platonic. Possibilities are, we may never know, particularly if this is the last season and given that neither writers prefer to discuss romance. Yet I completely believe, specifically after this episode, the Sherlock is in love with Molly Hooper. And I personally choose to think that they’re happy, and also even though it’s not shown in-show, the they’re happy together.

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So, there’s why ns think that Sherlock loves Molly. Feel free to agree or disagree, however this is mine belief and my reasons why I believe it. Say thanks to you for analysis this whole long thing, and also have a exorbitant evening/day, depending upon where you are.