Are girlfriend a pan of Nickelodeon"s genie television series, Shimmer and also Shine? It"s around twin genie sisters, Shimmer and also Shine. If you have actually seen at least one episode, then you have actually probably heard one of the ten-thousand songs.

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But carry out you recognize the ten-thousand songs? can you assumption: v what the Shimmer and Shine tune is with simply the text I provide you? great luck, genies-in-training!

Created by: Shimmer_

Cause we"ll get an additional try, we"ll do far better next time Theme track Mistake tune Oopsie songA scoop full of sweetness, a pleasure that"s therefore divine, add a little frosting, and a flowery design The Sweetest point Yummy, yummy, yummy Magic Carpet rideWere dancing all together, now, leaping high up turn off the ground, take a curtsy and a bow, on Swan Lake at the Ballet Swan Lake run MagicWorking, working, with our friends, if that goes wrong, we"ll start again Cleaning, cleaning A Genie Treehouse mistake song123 wack a coconut for me, left and right, to be gonna success the prize On our skateboard in ~ the arcade game dayJump! Kick! Flip! we all are number one, also if we autumn we"re quiet awesome On ours skateboard Zoom, zoom, zoom A genie ChristmasLook in ~ the racks that clothes, were talk stacks of clothes, makeovers indigenous head come toe A genie Halloween in ~ the Ballet dress upNow we"re flying, yes we"re so adventurous, yeah we"re flying, let the magic begin Magic Carpet ride eight Zahra-zahra TeamworkWe"re all around teamwork, that"s exactly how the dream works collaboration Mistake track DreamsIt"s captivating, this miracle transformation, our colors room shining bright, yeah extra bright Rainbow Zahramay v the drops Glittery magicAt the speed of light, in a speed on a wild ride, take it off! It"s time come roll, come on, come on, yeah go! Let"s walk Come on walk Chase song

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