#25 RB / Denver Broncos / EXP: 7YRS Height: 6-1 Weight: 215 lb Age: 28 College: Wisconsin taking leave 11

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: Finds finish zone, tallies 95 yards

Melvin Gordon recorded 21 rush attempts because that 80 yards and a touchdown in Sunday"s 30-16 win over the Cowboys. He included two receptions for 15 yards.Gordon led the team v 21 carries, nearly dual his vault high top top the season. Video game script operated to his advantage -- the Denver Broncos to be up 19-0 midway with the 3rd quarter -- despite he didn"t necessarily take it full advantage by averaging only 3.8 yards every carry and logging a long of 14 yards because that the day. Even so, that tallied his 4th touchdown that the season late in the an initial quarter through plunging into the finish zone from 3 yards away. In spite of the inefficiency, this to be a hopeful performance for Gordon overall, and he could benefit from game script again in a mainly 10 matchup against the Eagles.

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: Scores twice in win

Melvin Gordon brought the sphere 10 times for 47 yards and also a touchdown and also caught all three of his targets for 15 yards and a 2nd TD in Sunday"s 17-10 success over Washington.The former Charger when again break-up the backfield workload reasonably evenly v rookie Javonte Williams, but Gordon was the one to cash in when Denver got into the red zone, capturing a 15-yard TD pass late in the 2nd quarter and also running that in from seven yards the end for what proved to be the to win score at an early stage in the fourth. Gordon hasn"t topped 81 scrimmage yards in a game due to the fact that Week 1, yet he has five complete touchdowns (three rushing, 2 receiving) top top the season heading into a main 9 clash v the Cowboys.

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: Salvages night with receiving TD

Melvin Gordon rushed eight times because that 18 yards and also brought in 2 of three targets because that 14 yards and a touchdown in the Denver Broncos" 17-14 loss come the Browns ~ above Thursday night.Gordon"s 2.3 yards per carry average underscores how hard the sledding was against Cleveland"s stingy operation defense, but the veteran earlier still offered fantasy managers some consolation v his eight-yard scoring grab midway with the 3rd quarter. Gordon doubled up Javonte Williams in carries, however the eight rushing touch still qualified as his lowest full in that category this season. The Broncos will certainly likely try to run a an ext balanced attack in a mainly 8 home matchup matches Washington a week native Sunday.

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: back to full practice

Melvin Gordon (hip) was a complete participant in ~ Tuesday"s walkthrough, Aric DiLalla of the Denver Broncos" official site reports.During week 6 prep, Gordon kicked the off together a non-participant and capped it through back-to-back limited sessions, therefore he appears to it is in in far better shape as the Broncos prepare because that Thursday"s visit to Cleveland. Top top the season, Gordon has actually received at least 50 percent that the attack snaps and also earned 11-plus touch in all 6 contests, eventually averaging 13.8 touches because that 75.2 yards native scrimmage per game while scoring two TDs on the ground.

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: minimal on practice estimate

Denver list Melvin Gordon (hip) as a minimal participant top top Monday"s estimated practice report, Aric DiLalla of the Denver Broncos" official site reports.For the second week in a row, Gordon is appearing on the Broncos" practice report v a hip concern after rib and lower leg injuries previously expense him practice time in late September and early October. Gordon finished up moving a questionable designation right into Sunday"s 34-24 loss to the Raiders, yet he witnessed a typical snap share (53 percent) and averaged a healthy 5.0 yards per bring on 10 totes while including three receptions for 23 yards. Since he"s at the very least opening mainly 7 together a restricted participant ~ above the Broncos" report, Gordon will much more than most likely be ready to pat Thursday in Cleveland, despite it"s feasible he as soon as again bring away a designation into the contest.

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: Splits backfield work again

Melvin Gordon ran because that 50 yards on 10 carries versus Las vegas on Sunday, including three receptions because that 23 yards on 3 targets.Like virtually every game this year, Gordon split the Denver backfield functions practically 50-50 v rookie second-round pick Javonte Williams, who developed 53 yards ~ above 11 carries and also three receptions for 15 yards on three targets. Each large play by either back seems promptly answered v a matching effort through the other, and that"s been good for the Denver offense. It"s frustrating for fantasy investors, the course, and as lengthy as both players host serve it will certainly be difficult for the other to acquire ahead. It"s a formula that generally leaves Gordon touchdown-dependent because that fantasy viability, and there to be no such methods Sunday through the Denver Broncos trailing ras Vegas every game. Perhaps Gordon can uncover the end zone again in main 7, yet playing on the road against Cleveland might be a complicated venue.

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: active as supposed Sunday

Melvin Gordon (hip) is active for Sunday"s game versus the Raiders.As expected, Gordon when again will tough out one injury and play ~ going into the weekend listed as questionable. The veteran also has encountered rib and lower-leg injuries end the last pair that contests, yet he"s still logged a an unified 65 snaps in those gamings while separating time with rookie Javonte Williams, an arrangement that will certainly persist versus ras Vegas.

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: have to suit increase Sunday

Melvin Gordon (hip), that is listed as questionable because that Sunday"s game versus the Raiders, is meant to play, Ian Rapoport the NFL Network reports.Gordon was restricted in methods Thursday and also Friday, however the running back"s hip issue doesn"t look together though it will prevent him from continuing to re-superstructure backfield job-related with rookie Javonte Williams. Check of Gordon"s mainly 6 condition will arrive once Denver"s inactive perform is post in breakthrough of Sunday"s 4:25 p.m. ET kickoff.

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: detailed as questionable

Melvin Gordon (hip) is listed as questionable because that Sunday"s game against the Raiders after logging minimal practices both Thursday and also Friday.Given the main questionable tag, Gordon"s status will it is in worth surveillance as Sunday"s 4:25 p.m. ET kickoff approaches, despite Zac Stevens of TheDNVR.com indicates that he completely expects the running back to be accessible this weekend. If that"s the case, Gordon will proceed to split backfield job-related with rookie Javonte Williams, an plan that"s brought about Gordon averaging 56.4 rushing yards and also 19.2 receiving yards to day to go together with a pair of TDs.

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Broncos" Melvin Gordon: placing in restricted practice

Melvin Gordon (hip) will practice Thursday in a minimal capacity, Aric DiLalla that the Denver Broncos" main site reports.The limited activity clues a action forward because that Gordon, who went under as a non-participant throughout the Broncos" first Week 6 exercise Wednesday. After regulating a reduced leg contusion heading into last week"s loss to Pittsburgh, Gordon is nursing a brand-new injury this week, however he once again is supposed to be all set to go for game day. Even so, an additional timeshare setup could be in the offing for Gordon in Sunday"s game against the Raiders; he"s logged 65 snaps and has handled 22 touches over the past two contests, while rookie Javonte Williams has been on the field for 53 dram while acquisition 21 touches.