album: "The Disfigurement of Existence" (2017)

1. Cesspool the Ignorance2. The failure Breed3. Cowards Deathbed4. Lifeless Visitors5. Last Phase6. Guided into Serenity7. Nightcrawler8. Descending right into Despair9. Installed in Fear10. Misery indigenous Demoralization

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1. Cesspool the Ignorance

Deities and saviors mistaken for creatorsFalse stories and also bullshit lies fabricated a world of mindless manikins linked to strings, managed by deceitA brainwashed humanity drops to its knee serving to you re welcome what have the right to not be seenMolded into mindless foolsBreeding brand-new life into a cycle of shitForce-fed false hope and also piled right into the cesspool that ignoranceWhen will they view the almighty has yet to it is in seen?Drown in the cesspool that ignoranceChoke ~ above the uncertaintyThe unease eats away at your mind similar to the remainder of societyYou"re not fooling anybodyA brainwashed humanity drops to its knees serving to you re welcome what have the right to not be seenEradication of every idolsEradication of the almighty idols who carry out not show themselvesAll the oblivion must be placed to one endJust wake up the posesthe up and realize the there is nothing past the kingdom of this dark planet that you constantly have endured inWe room left alone to concern our existenceWe"re left every alone in this bleak existence

2. The failed Breed

Extrinsic superficial overseers circumspectly cogitateExaminations for a multitudinous increase of existenceDeliberating the appropriate moment to exposeRevelation of the greater speciesAnalyzing the imbecilic divisionIncontestably asseverates the okay considered straightforward mindedKingdom stands in ~ an elongated cessation in developmentThe ineffective duration pressures the beginning of a preeminent regime to either ameliorateThe unavailing vale or liquidate because that a better directionAn incontrovertible ultimate chance to reassembleMankind in hopes to salvage the failure breedDisembarking through intendment that pacification butGreatly preponderate that the earth dwellersIn one immeasurable forceUpon the primordial visitationThe foreseeable reaction was extemporaneous andIllogical with prompt uncontrollable resentment and also violenceTheir extension of existence was unquestionably expiredIllogical prompt uncontrollable violenceTheir extension of existence was unquestionably expiredTermination and also recommencing with the perspicaciousHad instantaneously been put right into effectThe notoriously disappointing unintelligent earthHas self-extinguished itself from the incapability the rationalizationWe experience from self-inflicted ignorance

3. Cowards Deathbed

Sinner burning the book and dismantling the crossA malcontent male who perceives himself as his own godEmbracing the adversaryHailing through the clouded depravedSubconsciously aware that you"re simply as lot of a petrified slaveA coward, a lost unguided entityRebelling the commandments through aversion and also disgustThe emotion of betrayal brought you on this pathUnanswered, begging for a savior aloneIn the dust, complete of resentment and angerGive lock a signShow lock the wayThis human being is a mess due to the fact that no one feels safeWe"re every fucking crazyAnd concern what"s nextConfused and also scaredWe room all mad in ~ bestA terrible accident in ~ the blink of one eyeHis life is completely turned upside downAnd is ticking far by the hourOvercome with fear he prays come a higher powerThe same greater power the left the aloneConfused and lost, but where else is he come goWe"re all fucking crazyAnd concern the endThe are afraid of death constantly dances in our headsWe space all fucking crazy and question the endThe are afraid of death constantly dances in our headsWe"re all fucking cowards and repent for our waysWhen the cycle of life brings united state our darkest day

4. Lifeless Visitors

Constantly looking over my shoulderI feeling the visibility of other companyLifeless visitors hover over meAnd check my currently shattered lucidityColourless dead limbs expand towards meBut never ever making contact, mocking meBreathing under my neck in ~ nightFamiliar figures purging ectoplasmDecorticating decaying pieces of lacerated fleshBathing in the fear of imprisonmentI"m never ever aloneSomething"s the end to acquire meNo one understands the constant worryWhether what I check out is actual or strictly in mine headI see it all too clearAnd question the endFamiliar numbers purging ectoplasmDecorticating decaying pieces of lacerated fleshBathing in the are afraid of imprisonmentI"m never aloneSomething"s out to get meNo one understands the continuous worryWhether what I see is genuine or strictly in my headI see it all too clearAnd inquiry the endHideous morbid beings of abnormalityMy 2nd family

5. Last Phase

Wipe the planet clean that its remains.Tides of punishment concerned sterilize a fucking poisonous place.Exterminating the human being race.Condemned hopeless bastards put waste in a bitter creation.Cycling in excuse to fill embarrassment.An egotistic earth suffocates in laziness and corruption.Too plenty of years wasted top top a hopeless universe.A last phase the defacing the earth to sterilize and start new.Ashamed, full of regret.We"ve got nothing to be proud of.Watch them revolve to dust.An old wrath demolishes whatever in that way.Making room for the new species to restart and also rebuild.Burning your families.A afflict of cruel an illness completely cleansing the useless.Blackened skies sloop down the earth.Red tide of blood penetrate all of the cities drowning the foolish creatures.This is not the second coming, yet a dark cleansing.This is no the 2nd coming, but a dark cleansing.Watch them turn to dust.Foolish bastards turned within out, dismembered and separated in ~ the torso come burn in their own embers.Layers of meat ripped open up right prior to their eyes exposing their insides untangling and also running down.Their severed four disembowel, conveniently rotting from the within out, scabbed bubbling skin discharging disease sent by the plague.Spines violent removed, choke on chunks of their esophagus, vomiting intestines.A final phase.An entire species turned inside out.A wasteland the mangled body to burn for the new world.Restart, rebuild holy places made the end of bone.This is their new home.Wipe the earth clean of its remains, tides that punishment have sterilized a fucking venomous placeExtermination that the human race.A hateful plague has destroyed every one of humanity.The brand-new leaders plant brand-new species on to what was once well-known as earth to restart and also rebuild top top the ashes of our executed families.

6. Guided into Serenity

7. Nightcrawler

The sound the bones cracked let me recognize that she"s nearA hateful unwanted existence that feeds off of fearA lost soul the never discovered light currently lurks in the abyss of hatredCrawl towards me, her pale mangled limbs are installed inThe back of mine eyesAn abused heart with no remorse seeks retributionWithin an chaste figureMy nightmares have become a realityMy eye illuminate what the mind doesn"t desire to seeA sickening curse standing appropriate in prior of meShrill whispers constantly haunt my consciousnessReminding me I"m nothing but a maid in the palms of malevolenceStalker of the night deceiving the weakSplintered pond drag under my backFoul blackened eyes glare at me in disgustA rotting odor overwhelms the room whereby shadows disfigure realityA mangled cunt indigenous hell stalks meHer pale mangled four are embedded inThe ago of my eyesAn abused heart with no remorse looks for retributionWithin an chaste figureFoul hateful biology come and devour meRape what"s left of mine mindConsume mine sanityStalker the the nightDeceiving the weakStalker that the nightDeceiving the weak

8. Descending into Despair

The unseen wrap your cloaks around meAllowing me to just perceiveThe hideous remnants of past miseryMisery, I view it all, vivid scenes consuming meLingering energy taunts meFlooding my vision v unforgettable casualtiesHateful silhouettes curl your fingersDragging me right into their direction wherein I"m forcedTo be one with the damnedLeaving your markings on mine skinReminding me I"ll never ever be typical againEternally devouredDescending right into despairCold dead hand pry open my eyesAnd burn the pictures of are afraid into my mindWhy have I to be chosenWhy can"t i fucking escapeWhy can"t i escape the sinister embraceDescending into despairEyes roll ago into mine headMy body"s paralyzedTrying come screamBut only black acting rises from my throatEvil takes end me, torment and also miseryTaunted by black shadows the have manage of mine deceived inside beingEvil takes over me, torment and also miseryTaunted by black shadows that have regulate of mine deceived inner beingBegging for a tragedySomeone fucking help meBegging for a tragedySomeone fucking help me


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Embedded in Fear

A deep numbness has fully overwhelmed this beaten carcassHeaviness weighs down on broken bones, broken thoughtsSevere insomnia teasing at every negativityNeglecting past trauma v a darkened realityMasking sickness with unimaginable tortureThe horrible thoughts that ns perceiveMutilate what"s about meI cleanse in the annihilationI cleanse in the annihilationNervousness and uncertaintyWorriment and miseryScrape in ~ the inside of my headAnd carve countless images the damnationIn my mindWill I ever be at easeAll I desire is a fucking mind at peaceThe tremors keep me awake at nightI"m losing any sign that lightA feeling of surrenderMy body goes numb and also my vision expiresSlipping right into oblivion in panicWill forever be embedded in mine haunted memoryCompletely lost in the darkest state that hysteria and helplessnessThe people vividly crumbles roughly meThe walls caving in do the hallucinations extremely violentI to be learning however not accepting that this is where cross overAm i answered or simply an empty covering of nothingnessOh greater power, provide this a purpose

10. Misery indigenous Demoralization

A hefty desire because that elucidation in this life of obscurant possibilitiesIs all us craveThe factor behind all of thisThe reason for all of the pain and also miseryAre us illuminated into a brighter measurement of ecstasy and acknowledgementAre we aware of our previous beingsLet over there be light of the experienceThe eternal endlessness of absolute nothingnessIs what I fear the most, what I are afraid the mostHumankind longs because that a straightforward purposeWe as a species stand just as corrupt as the confusion we room born intoA sentience that comfortlessness, unanswered questioningMisery native demoralizationWe have no selection but come suffocate in the ambiguity till we are met with cessationGuide me come tranquilityLet me uncover acceptance in the end for wanted peaceWhile I"m here to go this earthThe person experience is an overwhelming blessingAnd a curse the weight of the worldHas shattered mine lucidityI am shed begging for guidanceThe weight of the world has shattered meHumankind longs for a straightforward purposeWe as a varieties stand simply as corrupt as the man we room born intoA sentience of comfortlessness, unanswered questioningMisery native demoralizationWe have actually no choice but come suffocate in the ambiguity until we are met through cessationGuide me come tranquilityLet me find acceptance in the end for desired peaceI am shed begging for guidanceThe weight of the human being has wrong meThe weight of the human being has wrong meI am lost begging for guidance