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song It on Season 3 is yet to be announced through PopCurrent present Status
Sing that On Season 3 — no renewed yet
Next episode Sorry, no days yet for song It On. The display is one of two people on a break or the brand-new season is however to it is in scheduled. We’ll store you posted.

About the series

Inspired by the hit movie pitch Perfect, song It ~ above is one American reality television collection that focuses on five collegiate a cappella teams competing to win the worldwide Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Finals. Developed by john Legend, song It on Season 1 premiered on popular music on might 13, 2015, and also season 2 adhered to on July 27, 2016.

In this story the friendship, music and intense competition, the producers present teams from three colleges who are looking for new singers and also go through auditions, callbacks and competition of a call a cappella championship. The set up rather reminds that of American Idol, wherein singers existing what castle are qualified of. Unlike American Idol, those who compete have to no only have the ability to sing, but likewise fit in v the team that they room being preferred for, as they will certainly be spending a the majority of time together in the future.

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Current season, ratings and renewal chances

The collection portrays an arduous competition process and is filled v drama, laughter and also tears. Unlike plenty of other talent shows, song It On has actually the emotion of unity and compatriotism amongst the groups, as they choose who will change the seniors that are leaving and also prepare because that the competition. The initial documentary series features the following teams completing at the global Championship the Collegiate A Cappella: Faux Paz (University of Maryland), off The win (Upenn), Hexacords (UMass Amherst) and also S#arp mindset (UMass Amherst).The 2nd season of sing It On includes eight 60-minute episodes. Premiering to good reviews, the collection received a score the 6.9 the end of 10 ~ above IMDb. Although over there is no main news top top the fate the the series, its popularity warrants a continuation and we expect to view Sing that On Season 3 some time in the future.