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Six teams, including hefty hitters like the Bills, Chargers, and Cowboys, room on taking leave this week, and with the normal amount of challenging matchups and depth-depleting injuries, mainly 7 fantasy begin "em, sit "em decisions most likely feel impossible for some. As always, we"re right here to help with experienced lineup advice and also NFL DFS tips so you understand who to begin in season-long and also daily lineups.

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In enhancement to the Bills, Chargers, and Cowboys, the Jaguars, Vikings, and Steelers are off, so there are massive holes at virtually every fantasy place (with the feasible exception of TE). Recognize the best sleepers and also streamers won"t be easy, specifically with the likes of Nick Chubb, George Kittle, Kadarius Toney, and also Saquon Barkley dinged up, but we"ll execute our ideal to provide adequate replacements.

WEEK 7 FANTASY: Sleepers | Busts

Fantasy Football main 7 begin "Em: Quarterbacks

QB must-starts

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs (at TEN)Kyler Murray, Cardinals (vs. HOU)Lamar Jackson, Ravens (vs. CIN)Matthew Stafford, Rams (vs. DET)Tom Brady, Buccaneers (at CHI)Aaron Rodgers, Packers (vs. WAS)Jalen Hurts, Eagles (at LV)

Stronger starts

Joe Burrow, Bengals (at BAL). He"s ideal there as an almost-automatic play. That should deliver multiple TDs again with volume ~ above the other side that Lamar Jackson.

Ryan Tannehill, Titans (vs. KC). He"s almost earlier to his normal fantasy relationship in this run-first offense, together A.J. Brown coming lively on Monday night is a good sign. The matchup can"t it is in beat at home, either.

Matt Ryan, Falcons (at MIA). He should be on allude in Arthur Smith"s offense after the bye with all his tools back, and the Dolphins" defense appears to it is in unraveling everywhere.

Tua Tagovailoa, dolphins (vs. ATL). he dropped 329 yards and two TDs on the Jaguars in his return, and the passing offense seems perfectly tailored come him currently with good volume because the defense stinks.

Teddy Bridgewater, Broncos (at CLE). The dude isn"t getting enough love for producing in a run-first offense with 4 multiple-TD games when healthy.

Carson Wentz, Colts (at SF). The dude also isn"t getting sufficient love for developing in a run-first offfense with four multiple-TD games when healthy.

DFS bargain/streamer special

Justin Fields, bears ($4,300 ~ above DraftKings, $5,600 on FanDuel). Fields" passing attempts shot approximately 27 last week, and also he additionally rushed for 43 yards. Over there are indicators the Bears are letting the rookie loose, and that will be the end of necessity with a negative game manuscript trailing Tom Brady in Tampa. You won"t find an upside starter lot cheaper than this.

WEEK 7 traditional RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running back | broad receiver | Tight finish | D/ST | Kicker

Fantasy Football mainly 7 Sit "Em: Quarterbacks

Weaker starts

Derek Carr, Raiders (vs. PHI). he ripped the Broncos critical week, however the Eagles" defense can cause him problems at house with your coverage looks, inside pass rush, and dangerous cornerbacks.

Sam Darnold, Panthers (at NYG). The matchup by the numbers can seem like a good one, yet this feels like an ugly, low-scoring game in the wind between two turnover-rpone QBs.

Daniel Jones, Giants (vs. CAR). The matchup by the numbers is a negative one, and this feels like an ugly, low-scoring game in the wind in between two turnover-prone QBs.

Jameis Winston, Saints (at SEA). He is a pretty limited-ceiling play versus a negative run defense top top the road with the Seahawks offering small offensive resistance.

Taylor Heinicke, Washington (at GB). You could think about trusting that on the road to placed up garbage digits, however he"s underwhelmed badly of late and also is starting to look overwhelmed.

Mac Jones, Patriots (vs. NYJ). He"s to be solid in the past two house games, yet this won"t be high-volume passing again.

Baker Mayfield, Browns (vs. CLE). friend can"t walk there v all Cleveland injuries, including his own.

WEEK 7 PPR RANKINGS:Quarterback | Running earlier | large receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker

Fantasy Football main 6 start "Em: running backs

RB must-starts

Derrick Henry, Titans (vs. KC)Alvin Kamara, Saints (at SEA)Aaron Jones, Packers (vs. WAS)Darrell Henderson, Rams (vs. DET)Jonathan Taylor, Colts (at SF)Leonard Fournette, Buccaneers (vs. CHI)Joe Mixon, Bengals (at BAL)Darrel Williams, Chiefs (at TEN)D"Andre Swift, Lions (at LAR)Damien Harris, Patriots (vs. NYJ)Chuba Hubbard, Panthers (at NYG)Cordarrelle Patterson, Falcons (at MIA)Antonio Gibson, Washington (if that plays, at GB)

Stronger starts

Chase Edmonds and also James Conner, Cardinals (vs. HOU). The Cards have to cruise come victory through a large lead and also involve their 2 backs plenty together they both rebound into at least flex values.

Josh Jacobs, Raiders (vs. PHI). The Eagles space most vulnerable in power operation defense, and the Raiders acquired him on track last week through effective vital touches.

Mike Davis, Falcons (at MIA). they have discovered the best mix in between him and Cordarrelle Patterson running the ball, and also it will continue to network solid resuts against a wilting Dolphins" former seven.

D"Ernest Johnson, Browns (vs. DEN). the is bound come get large volume in a great rushing offense through Nick Chubb (calf) and Kareem hunt (calf) out.

Myles Gaskin, dolphins (vs. ATL). friend never recognize with this backfield, yet this is a hard matchup come involve his layout of running and also pass-catching.

Michael Carter, jet (vs. NE). He"s obtaining the sphere in crucial spots and also might be brand-new York"s just reliable source of some offense.

A.J. Dillon, Packers (vs. WAS). The WFT run defense is bad, and also Dillon have to get enough work in ~ flex to match Aaron Jones.

Devonta Freeman, Ravens (vs. CIN). He"s the best bet to acquire the vital touches if Latavius Murray (ankle) can"t go. We saw evidence of that last week.

Sony Michel, Rams (at DET). He didn"t fairly get sufficient cleanup work versus the Giants, but this should be a much more comfortable blowout in Detroit, a team that struggled in multiple-back spots.

DFS bargains

Miles Sanders, Eagles (at LV, $5,100 top top DraftKings, $5,900 ~ above FanDuel). Sanders verified to the Eagles critical week they require to offer him the sphere a lot more. Look because that a pivot to much more running video game usage and involving both Sanders and also rookie Kenneth Gainwell in the pass game. There"s likewise potential because that sneaky positive game script.

J.D. McKissic, Washington (at GB, $5,000 on DraftKings, $5,700 on FanDuel). Antonio Gibson (shin) keeps on hurting, for this reason WFT might need to lean on McKissic even much more all-around here. He should rack increase the second-half checkdowns together Taylor Heinicke plays futile catchup vs. Aaron Rodgers.

WEEK 7 DFS LINEUPS: DraftKings | FanDuel | Yahoo

Fantasy Football week 7 Sit "Em: to run backs

Weaker starts

Elijah Mitchell, 49ers (vs. IND). execute you really trust the rookie to gain the appropriate volume and come with in a difficult matchup? Kyle Shanahan might be all set to rope-a-dope us again ~ a bye.

Alex Collins, Seahawks (vs. NO). His i know well is hurting, Rashaad penny (calf) must return, and the matchup isn"t good.

Devontae Booker, Giants (vs. CAR). He"s not Dalvin chef or Ezekiel Elliott against their operation defense.

Melvin Gordon III and also Javonte Williams, Broncos (at CLE). The Browns are still stopping the run, and the continued committee borders both of them badly.

Damien Williams and also Khalil Herbert, bear (at TB). A separation backfield against this run defense doesn"t sound appealing at all.

Jamaal Williams, Lions (vs. LAR). His usage has all however faded behind D"Andre Swift.

Mark Ingram, Texans (at ARI). The video game script is bound to it is in awful, keeping him from crucial damage against the Cardinals" run defense.

Kenyan Drake, Raiders (vs. PHI). Don"t walk chasing the weird stat heat from the Broncos game.

Nyheim Hines, Colts (at SF). They"re living on Jonathan Taylor time now.

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Fantasy Football week 7 Start "Em: large receivers

WR must-starts

Davante Adams, Packers (vs. WAS)Tyreek Hill, Chiefs (at TEN)Cooper Kupp, Rams (vs. DET)DeAndre Hopkins, Cardinals (vs. HOU)Ja"Marr Chase, Bengals (at BAL)D.J. Moore, Panthers (vs. MIN)Terry McLaurin, Washington (at GB)Calvin Ridley, Falcons (at MIA)Deebo Samuel, 49ers (vs. IND)Mike Evans, Buccaneers (vs. CHI)Chris Godwin, Buccaneers (vs. CHI)Antonio Brown, Buccaneers (vs. CHI)A.J. Brown, Titans (vs, KC)Marquise Brown, Ravens (vs. CIN)Robert Woods, Rams (vs. DET)Courtland Sutton, Broncos (at CLE)DK Metcalf, Seahawks (vs. NO)Tyler Lockett, Seahawks (vs NO)Brandin Cooks, Texans (at ARI)Cordarrelle Patterson, Falcons (at MIA)

Stronger starts

DeVonta Smith, Eagles (at LV). Look for him to rebound big-time after disappointed in last week"s great matchup since here"s another good one downfield.

Jaylen Waddle, dolphin (vs. ATL). walk "Bama rookie right here again, together Waddle is beginning to gain locked in v Tua with other Miami wideouts falling.

Michael Pittman Jr., Colts (at SF). He to be quieted last week v the brand-new shiny toys (T.Y. Hilton) returning for Carson Wentz, however he won"t be forgotten as a large body who can do well in this spot.

Tee Higgins, Bengals (at BAL). He"s to be ignored a little bit away from Ja"Marr Chase, yet here"s bank on him return to the end zone in a shootout.

Jakobi Meyers, Patriots (vs. NYJ). He"s got the best matchup vs. A rookie and will deliver great PPR stats v an exterior shot at that elusive very first TD.

Allen Robinson, bears (at TB). It"s another good matchup, and Justin fields throwing more and better gives him a opportunity for his best game.

Sterling Shepard, Giants (vs. CAR). the can gain it done v volume alone, a la Adam Thielen in the slot.

Marquez Callaway, Saints (at SEA). He"s feeling it with Jameis Winston and is the ideal bet for many of his production.

A.J. Green, Christian Kirk, or Rondale Moore, Cardinals (vs. HOU). You can do a lot of worse 보다 hoping for among these males to walk off with "Nuk in a cake matchup.

DFS bargains

Darnell Mooney, bear (at TB, $4,600 on DraftKings, $5,900 ~ above FanDuel). Mooney and also Justin Fields form a cheap stack because that tournament styles as the link to stay hot with the Bucs not having the personnel to slow it down away indigenous Allen Robinson.

Robby Anderson, Panthers (at NYG, $4,800 on DraftKings, $5,500 on FanDuel). Anderson may have rekindled something with Sam Darnold late in main 6, and also he return to new York come stretch the field away from the James Bradberry-D.J. Moore matchup.

Hunter Renfrow, Raiders (vs. PHI, $4,800 ~ above DraftKings, $5,600 top top FanDuel). The Eagles" ar defense will certainly limit the big-play damages downfield but likewise open lot of of comfortable courses for Renfrow with the ideal matchup in the slot. He"s more of a cash-game consideration.

Fantasy Football mainly 7 Sit "Em: broad receivers

Weaker starts

Julio Jones, Titans (vs. KC). Hamstrung or not, friend can"t really to trust him here beyond one huge play.

Tim Patrick, Broncos (at CLE). The Broncos won"t have much more than one wideout deliver versus Cleveland"s cornerbacks.

Kadarius Toney, Giants (vs. CAR). Even if he"s healthy, he would certainly be hard to trust against this pass defense together a rookie.

Odell Beckham Jr., Browns (vs. DEN). difficult matchup. Challenging to trust. N-OBJ.

Henry Ruggs III, Raiders (vs. PHI). zone coverage and Darius Slay will certainly kill his hot streak.

Corey Davis, jet (vs. NE). It"s brutal versus J.C. Jackson, and also the proof is there.

Tyler Boyd, Bengals (at BAL). He"s not getting sufficient volume come deploy.

Brandon Aiyuk, 49ers (vs. IND). He could be out of the doghouse ~ the bye, however start in ~ your own high risk.

All Lions (vs. LAR). Yikes vs. Jalen Ramsey and also Co.

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Fantasy Football main 7 begin "Em: chop ends

TE must-starts

Travis Kelce, Chiefs (at TEN)Mark Andrews, Ravens (vs. CIN)Darren Waller, Raiders (vs. PHI)Kyle Pitts, Falcons (at MIA)Noah Fant, Broncos (at CLE)T.J. Hockenson, Lions (vs. LAR)Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers (if the returns, vs. CHI)

Stronger starts

Mike Gesicki, dolphin (vs. ATL). Tua or Jacoby, the hasn"t mattered much to his steady high production all of a sudden.

Dallas Goedert, Eagles (at LV). He"s ago healthy and also alone in ~ the position, simply in time to follow Noah Fant doing damages on Vegas.

Ricky Seals-Jones, Washington (at GB). He"s essentially picking up because that the lost production that Logan thomas (hamstring) now.

Hunter Henry, Patriots (vs. NYJ). He"ll keep scoring because that Mac Jones.

Mo Alie-Cox, Colts (at SF). bye weeks median thinking about this vital red-zone target because that Carson Wentz.

DFS bargain

Zach Ertz, Cardinals (vs. HOU, $3,900 on DraftKings, $5,300 on FanDuel). Ertz goes indigenous super-subbing because that the Eagles in his last game in Philadelphia come dropping a score versus the league"s worst tight end defense in his very first game in ~ Arizona.

Fantasy Football week 7 Sit "Em: chop ends

Weaker starts

Robert Tonyan, Packers (vs. WAS). He deserve to still make part clutch catches, yet his volume continues to be a concern.

Tyler Higbee, Rams (vs. DET). He"s solid, but he deserve to just worry about blocking because Matthew Stafford will certainly light up his former Lions v his wideouts alone.

C.J. Uzomah, Bengals (at BAL). The numbers and recent production say yes, yet the sporadic intake says no.

Evan Engram, Giants (vs. CAR). You have the right to think around it, however that"s about it.

Cole Kmet, bear (at TB). You have the right to think around it, but that"s about it.

All Browns (vs. CLE). You just don"t know where Baker Mayfield could go anymore.

Fantasy Football week 6 Start "Em: Defenses

Defense must-starts

Rams (vs. DET)Patriots (vs. NYJ)Cardinals (vs. HOU)Saints (at SEA)Buccaneers (vs. CHI)Panthers (at NYG)Packers (vs. WAS)

Stronger starts

Browns (vs. DEN) or Broncos (at CLE). There"s some solid thinking to begin either next here, but lean Cleveland as the residence team pumped by a midweek prime-time crowd.

Colts (at SF). They"re starting to play far better and can force a few mistakes.

49ers (vs. IND). They need to return come playing better and pressure a few mistakes.

Giants (vs. CAR). exact same Darnold"s turnover rate is beginning to competitor Daniel Jones".

DFS bargain

Eagles (at LV, $2,300 ~ above DraftKings, $3,500 ~ above FanDuel). The Eagles" defense matches increase well through the Raiders" violation up front and on the back end, and there need to be some sacks and interceptions come be had on the road.

Fantasy Football main 7 Sit "Em: Defenses

Weaker starts

Ravens (vs. CIN). This video game feels choose pretty high-scoring with minimal mistakes from either side.

Raiders (vs. PHI). It"s a trap against Jalen Hurts.

Chiefs (at TEN). It"s a trap against Ryan Tannehill.

Falcons (at MIA) and Dolphins (vs. ATL). Let"s not force this one on either side.

Bears (at TB). Not against Tom Brady top top the road, as this isn"t last year.

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