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This master of the cosmos t-shirt attributes a chibi variation of Skeletor. The shirt reads ns Am not Nice.Even in chibi form, Skeletor is soon recognizable ~ above this t-shirt through his purple and also blue outfit, his yellow skull and also his destruction Staff. The quote on this t-shirt is taken indigenous the 1985 He-Man and also She-Ra: A Christmas Special, wherein Skeletor said, "I am not nice, ns am no kind, and also I am no wonderful".Everyone will immediately know the you are a pan of the leader the the angry Warriors once you stay this Skeletor i Am no Nice masters of the world t-shirt!

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SizeWidth (A)Length (B)
Small 18.0"(46cm) 27.7"(70cm)
Medium 19.0"(48cm) 29.0"(74cm)
Large 22.0"(56cm) 30.0"(76cm)
LT 22.0"(56cm) 31.0"(79cm)
XL 23.0"(58cm) 31.0"(79cm)
XLT 23.0"(58cm) 32.5"(83cm)
2XL 25.0"(64cm) 32.5"(83cm)
2XLT 26.0"(66cm) 33.0"(84cm)
3XL 27.0"(69cm) 33.0"(84cm)
3XLT 28.0"(71cm) 34.0"(86cm)
4XL 29.5"(75cm) 34.0"(86cm)
4XLT 28.5"(72cm) 35.0"(89cm)
5XL 31.0"(79cm) 35.5"(90cm)
6XL 32.0"(81cm) 36.0"(91cm)

*Bust or chest is excellent by copy the broad measurement. *For full circumference the the waistline, dual the waist measurement. *Due come the functional nature of our fabrics, enable one inch of variation from this measurements.

Distressed describes the worn appearance in the picture or lettering ~ above a garment. A distressed publish may incorporate faded areas, missing color, or other irregularities. This is an intentional event in the product and adds come the vintage look of the design.

T-shirts of typical SOFTNESS room composed of timeless material and also are taken into consideration to be your typical weight standard T-shirts.


I simply wanted come say thank you... I understand there was a organize up with the pre stimulate TMNT shirts. It take it much much longer than expected, love the shirt and also love the various other shirt the was sent as a courtesy indigenous the agency to acknowledge the frustration from the shirts no being sent out out. To send a courtesy shirt just speaks and also says wonders around this company! i don"t acquisition shirts all the time, but you have a customer because that life! thank you again!

I simply wanted come say give thanks to you... I recognize there to be a organize up with the pre bespeak TMNT shirts. It took much much longer than expected, love the shirt and also love the other shirt the was sent as a courtesy indigenous the company to identify the frustration from the shirts no being sent out. Come send a courtesy shirt simply speaks and also says wonders around this company! ns don"t purchase shirts every the time, but you have actually a customer for life! give thanks to you again!

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