If cardiac muscle is deprived of its regular blood supply, damages would primarily an outcome from ________.

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Select the correct statement about the love valves.The mitral valve separates the appropriate atrium native the right ventricle.The tricuspid valve divides the left atrium native the left ventricle.Aortic and pulmonary valves control the flow of blood right into the heart. The AV valves space supported through chordae tendineae so that regurgitation the blood right into the atria throughout ventricular contraction does no occur.
The AV valves are supported by chordae tendineae so the regurgitation that blood right into the atria during ventricular convulsion does no occur.
refers come the short period during ventricular systole as soon as the ventricles are fully closed chambers
The reality that the left ventricle of the heart is thicker than the right ventricle reveals the it ________.

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The papillary muscles contract after the other ventricular muscles so the they can take increase the slack ~ above the chordae tendineae prior to the full force of ventricular contractions sends blood versus the AV valve flaps.
Normal heart sounds space caused by which of the following events?excitation of the SA nodeclosure the the heart valvesfriction that blood against the chamber wallsopening and closing that the heart valves
Which of the complying with is not part of the conduction device of the heart?AV nodebundle that His correct AV valveSA node
The tricuspid valve is closed ________.while the ventricle is in diastolewhen the ventricle is in systolewhile the atrium is contractingby the motion of blood native atrium come ventricle




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