Samantha and Yandy satisfy up to comment on their issues together with why Lil Mendeecees has not to be around.

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Papoose speak Remy that he wants to take it on an ext clients together a manager and he proceeds to urge Remy that he is ready for an ext children.

After months of not speaking to each other, Yandy and also Kimbella have actually an emotional and tearful heart-to-heart talk.

When Cardi B reveals that her hectic schedule doesn"t allow her time come reconnect through her family, Hennessy volunteer to walk on tour with her sister.

Juelz Santana stop by the studio to speak to Yandy around why he took a step back from recording and how the is prepared to make music with each other again.
Bianca and also Hennessy recap Cardi B and also Swift flirting it increase on phase while Snoop, affluent Dollaz and also DJ Self comment on the Creep squad reunion.
When Snoop renders a guest illustration on Sofi Green"s podcast, the sex-related flirtation is in ~ an all-time high.
When Kimbella stop by the studio and sees Juelz surrounding by females, that asks Kim what more he needs to do to regain her trust.
After month of pain, loss and brand-new beginnings, it"s time to see if the Chi crew can ultimately come together on a new season of black color Ink Crew Chicago, premiering October 4.
The 305 better get ready to role out the red carpet for Joseline Hernandez ~ above Season 3 the Love & hip Hop Miami, premiering January 6.
The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off v Blueface versus Dreamdoll and also Clarence White versus Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.
Watch KP and also his artists" cumulative turn their city roughly through ink, music and opportunities when Black ink Crew Compton premieres top top Wednesday, respectable 14, in ~ 10/9c.

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Ceaser and his crew uncover out friend can"t shade the past on a brand-new season of black Ink Crew starting Wednesday, august 14 at 9/8c.