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A princess should have the ability to receive guests. Together Sofia is a girl native the Village, she knows exactly how to execute it right. She to know what food come prepare and also how to behave herself. But she has actually never received any type of royal guests! to welcome them properly, in Cupcake Party game Sofia have to prepare cupcakes to offer them v tea for breakfast. Deserve to you assist Sofia prepare some delicious muffins because that each of her friends?

Learn just how to do beautiful cupcakes!

There room two available game mode you have the right to play. If you want to decorate a cupcake especially for Sofia's party guests, then choose the pink muffin in the initial menu and also follow the instructions. You will certainly go through different levels, and also you'll get to make a customized cupcake for each the the guests.

The 2nd option is to select the undecorated cupcake native the early menu and start decorating from scratch an entirely brand-new cake, precisely the means you want. You get to decision everything, such as the shade of the wrappers, the decorations, or the toppings. If there's anything girlfriend would choose to change, you can do the anytime

Sofia has actually a recipe publication where she composed down what type of cupcakes she friends like. Your goal is to aid Sofia design cupcakes by complying with the recipe book. Prepare a one-of-a-kind cake for Amber, for James and also even for King Roland the Second. And by the way, if you desire to have actually fun with more Cupcake Games, climate you should also playPinkie Pie's Cupcake machine game!

Be an imaginative and follow the accuse to do the most delicious cakes from all of the Enchancia. And also who claims a princess can't cook?!

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