What perform you think this quote means? “Most of the angry in this civilization is done by people with an excellent intentions.”

I'm struggling to recognize this quote. Who space these human being who's 'good intentions' have actually actually finished up creating evil, and how?

Don't really know where else ns could short article this. Sorry if it's not proper for this sub.

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Something favor 'ignorance through overconfidence seldom turns out right.'

E.g. - In trying to offer my youngsters a good life, i (mistakenly) buy into the idea that I have to monitor and control your every action, stop them from ever getting sad, hurt, or sick, and harshly punish bad behavior. As adults, lock cannot do their own choices, handle trauma, and also are fear of the world. Ns intended well, but ignorance and also poor skill have actually caused misery.

I think the sentiment is that virtually everyone, almost every one of the time, trust their very own actions to it is in right/good/justified (or at the very least morally neutral) - if they didn't, may be they'd it is in doing something different instead. It's really rare for human being to calmly and rationally decide to perform something that they themselves think to be evil.

The bad after-effects of a decision might be unintended and also unforeseen - the an excellent intentions to be still genuine, they simply weren't backed up by sufficient competence come get an excellent outcomes.

Or the evil might be judged as such according to different priorities from those organized by the one who committed the action in inquiry (consider the politician who slashes public spending since they genuinely believe it will benefit the economy, and deem that a sufficient great to outweigh the suffering they create for the disadvantaged world who depend on the solutions that were cut). The intentions to be still "good" in their own mind, we just could disagree as to what the greatest an excellent is.

From the opposite view the case may even entirely flip - they have their reasons and justifications and arguments through which they are encouraged that a specific policy is as whole good, therefore those the contrary it must be wrong to perform so; probably well-intentioned yet supporting an 'evil' result nonetheless.

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All that said, if we're walking by simple numbers, I doubt a many the world's low-level "evil" is probably committed by people in a short-lived state that irrationality, via desperation, addiction, fury or similar. Or committed with non-decisions out of a absence of care and also attention rather than gift a wholly deliberate choice. However getting into actually counting and measuring every iota of the world's evil isn't yes, really in the spirit of the quote.