Being active on society media offers you a an excellent opportunity to interact with various other people.

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However, some human being don’t prefer being visible to others and also want more privacy concerning which of their activities others deserve to see.

One of these options is likes or favourite on Twitter which tell human being a lot around your preferences.

Plus, Twitter will use these likes to gain a general idea of her tastes and also suggest an ext posts comparable to the ones girlfriend liked.

If she interested in learning exactly how to hide likes ~ above Twitter, continue reading this post.

How come Hide Likes ~ above Twitter


Unfortunately, yes sir no clear-cut way to hide your tweets from various other people, either followers or non-followers.

The just options accessible are workarounds the pose some other restrictions to her account, and you must perform them only if you’re no hope to remove or hide your likes.

1. Go private To Hide Twitter Likes native Non-followers


If you don’t want other world to understand what tweets girlfriend like, you deserve to hide those favorites native them.

By going through these settings, you will do it make your account private, and if someone desires to see your activity, they need to follow you.

However, by making her account private, you’ll miss out on numerous chances of communicating with others and taking benefit of the avenues of utilizing this open up platform.

To go private:

After logging in to her Twitter account, walk to your profile by tapping on the “profile” icon on the top right corner.

Open the dropdown menu and locate “Settings.”Select “Security and also Privacy.”Click ~ above “Privacy” and check the box beside “Protect my Tweets.”Select “Protect” come make her likes, tweets, and also replies to various other people’s tweets clearly shows to her followers only.

When girlfriend make your account private, some various other things happen that friend should understand about.

If someone wants to follow you ~ above Twitter, very first they need to send a request, and then you have the right to either expropriate or disapprove their monitor request.

Although your tweets, retweets, and likes room visible to your followers, they deserve to retweet or talk about your tweets.

That’s the trade-off you have to make between an ext privacy and less interaction.

When girlfriend make her tweets protected, they come to be invisible to all search engines, consisting of Google.

If someone searches her tweets, profile, or the keywords in her tweets, search engines won’t display your contents to them.

Only your followers can search your tweets and also profile.

2. Get Your Likes Back


If you want to hide your likes on Twitter there is no making your account private, there’s another technique you have the right to try.

Go to her Twitter “Profile” and click top top “Favorites” in the dropdown menu.

Now you deserve to see all the tweets you’ve ever before liked.

Find and also tap ~ above the details tweet the you’ve favorited and also want come hide and tap “Unfavorite.

You can pick as numerous tweets as you desire to hide from various other people.

However, this option may not it is in the most favorable one because that you since you’ll remove the like, and also nobody, including the account who tweet you liked, deserve to see your like.

You may want to hide this likes from specific people, not the owner the the account.

Plus, you need to choose the tweets one by one and remove their likes.

How to Unfavorite every the Tweets did you do it Liked


If you decision to clear your liking history totally from her Twitter, you need to unfavorite all the tweets you’ve chosen so far.

If you’ve been an energetic Twitter user, there may be thousands of them, which can not be easy to unfavorite quickly.

Here space some approaches you have the right to do to unlike all of your liked tweets.

1. Walk Old-school


This old-fashioned method is the first thing that pertains to your mind: removing her likes one by one.

You deserve to perform this method, which us have questioned above, ~ above the Twitter mobile app or desktop computer browser.

Manual deletion is easy and also uncomplicated.

It lets you keep few of your favorites, yet it can take ages and also get tedious.

In addition, manual deletion has one essential limitation.

You can’t access all that the tweets you’ve ever liked.

If there are an ext than 3,200 tweets, girlfriend can’t see the older ones together Twitter only shows friend 3,200 tweets that you’ve favorited.

In this case, you need to try other methods.

2. Usage The Google Chrome Console


The Google Chrome console is best for remove likes from a large number of tweets.

Although that much faster than the ahead method, it has actually the very same limitation because that the number of tweets you can unfavorite.

You deserve to only access 3,200 tweets that you’ve liked, and the rest are unavailable.

To carry out so:

Log into your Twitter account ~ above Google Chrome.Find the “Likes” section and click on the to open up its page.Once she on the page, push F12 to open Chrome’s console.Click ~ above the “Console” tab to open up it.Copy “$(‘.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo.ProfileTweet-action–unfavorite’).click();” and also paste it into the console ar after removed the quotation marks.Press “Enter” to run the script and then examine the outcomes to watch how many tweets have been unfavorited.

If any kind of tweets room remaining, repeat the process until every prefer is removed.

Here’s another JavaScript password that helps you delete all your Twitter likes in no time.

3. Use Third-Party Apps


Since Twitter doesn’t have actually a aboriginal option come mass delete her likes, you must turn to third-party tools.

The trouble with these tools is that not every one of them are secure, which is particularly an overwhelming since they call for full accessibility to your Twitter account.

You have to make certain the application is totally safe to avoid any type of safety and privacy threats.

Another difficulty is that not every one of these apps provide what they promise.

You may end up paying money because that the organization you won’t get.

That’s why it’s necessary to check out all the virtual reviews before deciding to acquisition them.

If you discover a reputable third-party tool, the the best way to mass-delete your favored tweets and also get the work-related done easily and also quickly.

One that these devices is Twitter save Eraser, i m sorry doesn’t have the 3,200-tweet limit.

Although that a payment app, you can use the free version come delete 1,000 tweets a week.

Remember the this application has only desktop versions, like many apps the this type, since mobile apps don’t let other apps interfere through their jobs.

However, the application has some limitations due to the fact that Twitter’s API doesn’t let the app accessibility all the tweets.

Plus, the pricing program has actually different accessibility levels with four different price ranges.

For example, as we said, the complimentary version only lets you delete a preferably of 1,000 favs, which space two year old tops.

Then, yes sir the basic package that lets you delete 3,000 tweets less than four years old.

You deserve to erase 10,000 favs not older than four years through the advanced option, and also the premium option allows you erase one unlimited number of liked tweets with no age limitations.

Here’s how the tool works:

After launching the app, form your Twitter credentials in the sign-in box.Click on “Authorize app,” i m sorry prompts you by offering a pin code.Enter the password in the app, and you’ll watch the choice screen.Locate “Delete Favorites” and also click ~ above it.You’ll see the number of likes you have and also the number you have the right to delete.By clicking “start,” you can accessibility all your likes ~ above Twitter.Click “Next” to check out all the tweets that the application gathered. It selects all your chosen tweets by default, however you can filter them.When she done choosing the tweets, select “Erase selected tweets” and click OK.When the application finishes the process, you’ll obtain a “Success” notification.


Circleboom is one more popular application that allows you mass delete your Twitter likes.

It has both complimentary and paid plans, with the complimentary plan enabling you come delete 20 likes in ~ a time if the paid plan lets you remove limitless likes.

To use the service:

Enter your Twitter credentials in the login home window of Circleboom and see all her Twitter account’s analytics, including all the activities you’ve excellent on the social platform.Locate “My Tweets” from the menu on the left side of the screen and choose “Unlike Tweets.”You have the right to see all the tweets that you’ve favorited therefore far.If you’re trying to find a certain tweet, you can search that on the find bar.You can pick tweets one through one or select all of them.If you want to delete every the likes, pick “Unlike all.

4. Delete her Account


Deleting her Twitter account is the last resort available to you.

If you in dire need of deleting your likes for security reasons, you have the right to delete your entirety Twitter account.

When you delete your account, all your activity, including tweets, likes, followers, and following, will certainly be permanently deleted, too.

However, if you delete her Twitter account, you still have 30 days come reactivate it as Twitter doesn’t totally delete deactivated accounts till 30 days have actually passed.

Hiding other People’s Likes indigenous Twitter Feed


Since Twitter is an open social platform, it enables people to check out each other’s activities on the network.

That’s why you’ll see some of the tweets that your pendant or complying with have favored on her timeline.

It will clutter your timeline and show you tweets and also retweets the you don’t consider quality content and don’t want to see.

Fortunately, girlfriend can regulate what end up in her timeline by making some tweaks to your settings.

The best method is to usage the “Mute” alternative to hide menus and also suggested tweets by muting hashtags, phrases, emojis, and also keywords.

Here’s exactly how you can hide various other people’s likes top top Twitter making use of the “Mute” option:

Open the Twitter app and go come “Settings and Privacy.”Tap on “Muted Words,” which will give you the prompt by Twitter that says, “you won’t see the muted words in her timeline or notifications.”Tap top top the + authorize and include anything you want to mute.You have the right to mute one indigenous or phrase at a time, so because that every indigenous you desire to mute, you must tap the + button once.

Here are few of the most usual phrases friend can include to the mute list:


Now, choose whatever you want to mute, including phrases, keywords, usernames, etc.

By tapping ~ above “Save,” you’ll avoid seeing these options on your timeline.

Note: Muting ~ above Twitter isn’t case-sensitive, which means if friend mute “Soccer,” soccer and SOCCER will additionally be muted.

By muting a word, you’ll mute its hashtags together well.

Therefore, if girlfriend mute soccer, Twitter will mute #soccer, too.

This mute choice will affect the notifications tab, SMS and also email notifications, tweet replies, and push notifications, together well.

1. Phone call Twitter’s Algorithms you Don’t desire Them

If you’re not interested in seeing certain species of tweets or tweets native a specific person, friend can show this come Twitter’s algorithms.

Each tweet that mirrors up in her timeline has actually an choice on that top-right edge that says, “I don’t like this tweet.

You can accessibility this alternative by tapping top top the arrowhead in the top right corner of the tweet.

If you do this sufficient to allow the Twitter algorithm choose it up, the will know that girlfriend don’t want to view these varieties of tweets, and you’ll avoid seeing them.

There’s an additional Twitter algorithm the brings tweets that it thinks you choose to her feed.

These tweets show up on optimal of her timeline because that a lengthy time.

You have the right to disable this alternative by going to the “Privacy and also Safety Tab.

Then, walk to “Content” and find “Timeline.

Find “Show the ideal tweets first” and also uncheck the box beside it.

2. Usage An Adblocker

If you access Twitter via the desktop computer version of the app, you deserve to use AdBlocker come block certain content indigenous Twitter.

Ad Blockers are internet browser extensions the let friend block ads that appear on your browsers.

However, you deserve to use several of them come block undesirable content ~ above Twitter, too.

One that these tools is the AdBlock Plus, i m sorry is a Firefox plugin.

It has actually a bonus functionality called the element Hiding Helper, which helps you eliminate “Who to Follow,” “Trends,” “Moments,” and “Analytics,” in enhancement to the funded tweets.

However, there are some caveats.

For example, if you’ve posted tweets include images, it periodically hides them from your profile.

If anyone leaves a discuss these posts, girlfriend won’t have the ability to see them.

To see the replies, you need to check the tweets individually native time come time.

Can people Who favor My Tweet Hide your Names?


Sometimes when a person likes your tweet, you can’t check out their name.

That’s due to the fact that that user has a personal profile.

The only means you can see their names is if you have actually them on your following list.

Even if you monitor them after ~ they chosen your tweet, you can’t view their name.

After adhering to them, you can only watch their future likes.

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The very same thing happens once you like a who tweet as soon as you nothing follow them and have a private profile.