Warning: The following story contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s illustration of Sons that Anarchy. Us repeat, do NOT review on if you’ve yet to watch the FX drama’s recent installment.

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If ever the ax “game changer” to be applicable to a TV twist, this would be it.

FX’s hit drama Sons of Anarchy pulled off a trifecta that devastation this Tuesday night as soon as with one lethal, final blow the orphaned two children, widowed a porn star and shattered the already-cracked love of a biker club king by death off fan favorite Opie Winston.

Constantly tormented by his authorized in a club he no longer believed in, the conflicted child — portrayed impeccably till the brutal finish by actor Ryan Hurst — finally uncovered peace when, in order to save his “brother” Jax (and perhaps also SAMCRO at large), the sacrificed his life.

Here’s exactly how the tragic twisted unfolded:

Damon Pope paid a visit to a behind-bars Jax and informed the Charming king the in bespeak to acquire his crew turn off of SAMCRO’s back, half of what the Sons acquire via muling coke — which is around $100K a month — would now go come the big Bad. His demands much exceeded gaue won gain, though, together he proceeded to need of Jax “a dead Son” amongst one the the four — Opie, Tig, Chibs and also Jax self — right now serving time. Tig, however, was off limits and needed to stay in jail because that the remainder of his life so Pope can keep tabs on (and assault, in perpetuity) the guy who eliminated his daughter. Together Harold Perrineau’s transform ego put it, this is all just “the expense of doing battle.”

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While in solitary together, Jax fill Opie in ~ above Pope’s impossible demands — and he ultimately saw fit come tell his best friend every little thing he’d to be concealing. Out came numerous secrets about John Teller’s letters, Romeo’s ties come the FBI and RICO, Clay’s involvement in their corresponding fathers’ deaths and also why things panned the end the method they walk in the Season 4 ender.

“I had to make a choice, brother: death Clay or conserve the club,” Jax confessed, to which a dismayed Opie — that angrily assaulted his girlfriend in the minute — solemnly responded: “You made the not correct choice.”


Shortly thereafter, a corruption Sergeant in Pope’s bag rounded increase the 4 Sons and also asked Jax — who had additionally filled in Chibs and Tig ~ above the ultimatum — which of the men would be leaving the prison in a human body bag. Ever the valiant leader, Jax stepped forward, about to punch the cop, and said “My call.” however his efforts were thwarted once Opie intervened, headbutting the lawman and also ultimately being carried away to endure his fatality sentence.

With one inconsolable Jax, Chibs and Tig looking on indigenous an adjoining room, Opie battled as difficult as he could, taking out a handful of the inmates sent to death him prior to smiling in ~ his “brother” and also taking a deadly (and exceptionally graphic) whack come the skull.

Pope went back to jail to challenge Jax, who educated the crime ceo that while he would gain his money, Tig continuing to be behind bars was a no-go. Together Jax put it, Tig would now recognize that Jax saved his life, which provides him “the interior advantage” the needs. “And when I’m done,” he added, “you can send the end the same method you go his kid. ‘Cause i really don’t provide a s–t” — a deal that Pope respects, but not without an ominous note: “Be smart, Mr. Teller,” he advised. “It’s who you are.”

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Emotionless, Jax said Tig the he had acquired him out of a life sentence. The catch: “You ago my every play and you never vote against me again” — state to which the distraught Tig agrees.

Elsewhere in the episode…

• The Gemma/Tara animosity continued, together the dethroned Queen uncovered herself can not to visit her grandkids in daycare. Scorned, Gemma visited Abel’s birth mommy Wendy (Drea de Matteo) and fed she a story around Tara “self-medicating” and also how currently is the time to make a move on obtaining custody. Jax’s ex wasted little time pouncing at the possibility to challenge Tara, however unfortunately she was once versus bested by an on-her-game doc. “I’m a surgeon and also you’re part ex-junkie biker whore,” snarled Tara. “You want to come ~ me and my family? bring it on, darlin’. I’m no afraid of your bulls–t custody threat.” The new Mrs. Teller proceeded to face Gemma around the setup — a minute that gave fans the finest exchange of the night:

Tara: “Don’t ever try to ache me or my household again.” Gemma: “Or what, doctor? you gonna death me?”Tara: “No… but my husband might.

Boom, roasted! Point: Dr. Knowles.

• The Clay and also Juice bromance officially began when the dethroned king basically begged Juice to lug him to whereby Gemma has been hiding out. The skeptical Juice obliged, and also soon Jimmy Smits’ Nero and also Clay to be face-to-face. The exchange, if awkward, was calm enough, with the Old Man eventually taking up with speak to girl Emma, play by previous Disney darling Ashley Tisdale. (Juice got a small sumpin’, too, courtesy that the resides madam.) Gemma hightailed it to Nero’s once she learned her ex to be there, and, upon she arrival, beat the crap out of the blonde chippy. And, after all of that, the police mysteriously verified up to raid Nero’s place of business, cuffing both the owner and Gemma in the process.

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How do you feel about the gut-wrenching death of Opie? will certainly Sons ever before be the same? hit the comments.