microSD to storage Stick Duo Adapter

For a while now, I"ve been collecting flash map adapters that would transform flash storage cards native one kind to another. For example, I"ve make the efforts the Minolta CompactFlash Adapter because that SD memory Cards SD-CF1, the Sony MSAC-MCF1N memory Stick Duo Adaptor because that CompactFlash Slot, and the microSD-to-miniSD Adapter. (You can find reviews for these converters elsewhere on this site). Therefore I"ve been pretty happy collecting microSD"s and Memory stick Duo"s to use with my digital cameras, PDA"s, MP3 players, and also computers.

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Just two weeks ago, i came throughout a new product relax flyer. This flyer announces the microSD -> MS pro Duo Reader. The looks astonishingly interesting and also is the final piece of the puzzle. V this adapter I deserve to stop obtaining Memory rod Duo"s and simply usage microSD cards for all my electronic devices devices. I promptly created to man Chen of victory Team modern technology Co., LTD., that graciously agreed to send me two samples come review.

A main later, I received a yellow envelope native Taiwan. Within is a plastic flash memory card container, lot like ones for SD Cards and CompactFlash"s. Other than this container is specially made for Memory rod Duo"s. Within the container room two microSD MS pro Duo Reader.


I was exceptionally excited to have actually this adapter in my hand. I discovered an old SanDisk TransFlash 32 MB microSD map to try first. This is an old card. It"s so old that not much might fit on it nowadays. So if i break it some how, i won"t be also heart broken. I stuck the 32 MB microSD card right into the adapter. Then ns stuck the adapter into my Sony DCR-HC90 Handycam. The digital camcorder says, "Reinsert the memory Stick."

Tip SanDisk developed the original microSD Card. It referred to as it TransFlash. As soon as TransFlash was embraced as part of the SD map standard, it was renamed come microSD Card.

I gained really nervous. Ns pulled the adapter out, grounding it into a Sony MSAC-M2 storage Stick Duo Adapter (the typical adapter the Sony bundle through Memory pole Duo). Then ns stuck the mix into my Sony DSC-P92 Cyber-shot digital camera. Turned that on and found that report "C:13:01 layout error".


I do the efforts both sample microSD to memory Stick Duo Adapters and also got the very same error article in both devices. There to be no instruction manual in the package to guide me along. Mr. Man Chen has actually been really nice to send me two samples in ~ his own expense. Ns didn"t want to rest the negative news to him the the samples don"t work. For this reason I chose to be a little an ext adventurous. I made decision to layout the microSD Card, within the microSD to storage Stick Duo Adapter, v my Sony gadgets. This is something ns instructed you no to do when you usage the CompactFlash adapters that i reviewed before. Yet I made decision to attempt style with these microSD MS pro Duo Readers.

Warning carry out not usage this adapter through microSDHC cards. The greater capacity SDHC format will damage this adapter. There is now a newer version of this adapter because that microSDHC cards. Take a look at the "microSDHC to memory Stick agree Duo Converter" review short article that is elsewhere on this site.

I crossed my fingers and also selected "Yes" once my camera ask if i really want to style the card. I didn"t desire my camera no one the microSD card to burn out. But lo and also behold, the camera successfully formated the cards and report no error. Ns switched earlier to camera mode and also found the digital camera happily thinking it"s got a storage Stick within its body. I continue to shoot a couple of photos and were able to watch them. Pleasantly surprised, ns was relieved that I only have good news to report. It turns out that you have to layout the microSD card inside your Sony maker before it"d work.

So apparently Sony had used a proprietary style with its memory Stick pro Duo. The concern is, will the Sony formatted microSD Card work-related in a traditional TransFlash adapter? mine guess was the it to be incompatible. But I to be pleasantly surprised again when I grounding the TransFlash adapter (with the Sony formatted microSD card) right into my notebook computer. The computer was maybe to review it simply fine. I don"t understand what the actual deal is, perhaps Sony tools uses the same format however was resolved at one sector size (feel cost-free to re-superstructure if you recognize the answer). I am really happy that everything cleared up to mine convenience in the end. Ns don"t have actually a problem re-formatting every my microSD Cards inside my Sony gadgets just for this reason I have the right to use it with all my gears.

Cross-Reference desire to view what"s inside this adapter? take it a look in ~ the "Inside the microSD to memory Stick Duo Adapter" thread.

It doesn"t issue if the microSD map is enlarge or smaller than 128 MB (maximum dimension for non-PRO storage Stick). It appears that once you"ve grounding a microSD Card into this microSD MS agree Duo Reader, you"ve convert it to a memory Stick agree Duo. Ns don"t have any non-PRO compatible devices, so i haven"t tested whether this adapter job-related with older, obsolete, non-PRO Sony gadgets.

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I"ve even tried this microSD MS pro Duo Reader with the Sony storage Stick Duo Adapter for CompactFlash Slot MSAC-MCF1N. It works wonderfully with my iPAQ 3955 PDA and also other CompactFlash electronic devices. I"ve since then tested the microSD to storage Stick Duo Adapter out v 1 GB microSD Card and also it works just fine. I am extremely happy that this wonderful adapter exist top top the market. Currently I deserve to concentrate on acquiring one type of flash memory map (microSD) for all my needs.

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