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1. Exactly how to to speak hitman in Spanish2. Just how to say snitch in Spanish3. How to speak gangster in Spanish4. Just how to speak gangbanger in Spanish5. Exactly how to say drug-trafficker in Spanish

After i made a current blog post, whereby I pointed out that in Colombia there is a word because that a rental “asesino” (assassin, killer or hitman) who commonly — however not always — death from a “moto” (motorcycle) a customer sent an e-mail and wrote:

“Patrick, ns am a pan of action movies, particularly gangster movies. Deserve to you send an e-mail to your subscribers v some vocabulary words from gangster movies.”

How to Say Hitman In Spanish

In instance you to let go the email that he was referring to, the word used in Colombia for a hired “asesino” (assassin, killer or hitman) who commonly — yet not always — death from a “moto” (motorcycle) is “sicario.”


By the way, words “sicario” is also commonly used in Mexico. However in Mexico, it refers to a rental “asesino” in general. Not just one who kills native a “moto.”

And even if you are not interested in Spanish vocabulary for gangster movies, indigenous such together “sicario” are beneficial to understand when watching “las noticias” (the news) in countries such as Colombia and also Mexico.

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Now because that a couple of Spanish words because that my gangster movie buffs.

How come Say Snitch In Spanish

1. Sapo – snitch, stool pigeon, rat, informant

“Sapo” is ONLY used in Colombia. That literally method “frog.” In many other countries in Latin America, the word for snitch, stool pigeon or informant is ” soplón.”

When i was still practicing law as an attorney in brand-new York, I supplied to hear Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in the Court system use words “rata” for snitch or informant.

In fact, no too lengthy ago, complying with the death of one of my all-time favorite boxers, Hector Camacho — that was killed in an obvious drug-related shoot — who posted the word “RATA” beside a photo of Camacho on Facebook. Hector Camacho was born in Puerto Rico yet grew increase in new York’s SpanishHarlem — additionally known together “El Barrio” (literally, “the hood”).

A pair of nights ago, i was watching among my favorite gangster movies v an “amiga.” The movie is The Departed through Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg. Ns watched The Departed “doblado en español” (dubbed over in Spanish).

There’s a scene in the dubbed over version of the movie whereby Jack Nicholson, saying that over there is an informant in his organization, states to Leonardo Dicaprio “huele a rata” (it smells choose rat) while smelling his drink.

By the way, in Colombia, as well as the rodent, “rata” way “ladrón” (thief). But in the movies from Colombia (filmed in Colombia and with Colombian actors) “rata” walk NOT median snitch, stool pigeon or informant. Instead, “sapo” means snitch or stool pigeon.

2. Soplón – informant, snitch, or anyone that betrays keys or speak on others.

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This indigenous is more than likely the most typically used word transparent Latin America because that snitch or even tattletale. For example, in Latin America a child might say:

“No seas soplón, no le digas a la maestra que mi mamá me ayudó con la tarea.”(Don’t it is in a tattletale, don’t call the teacher my mom assisted me v the homework.)

3. Informante – informant, snitch

How to Say Gangster In Spanish

4. Mafioso – gangster

“Mafioso” method gangster in Latin America.


“Mafioso” does not suggest that someone is in the Mafia, the criminal organization in Sicily and also the U.S. So not only would john Gotti and Al Capone be taken into consideration “Mafiosos” in Latin America however Pablo Escobar was also considered a “Mafioso.” Pablo Escobar, seen in the picture below, was well-known as “El Patrón” which means “The Chief.”


You might hear words “pandillero” in Latin America. However “pandillero” means gang member or gang-banger and also not gangster. A “pandillero” is a member that a “banda callejera” (street gang) or “pandilla callejera” (street gang). By the way the Spanish word for godfather is “padrino.” so in order come say “The Godfather” – as in the movie – you just say “El Padrino.”5. Narcotraficante (or “traficante” because that short) – medicine trafficker

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