Spider Man: 10 things You Missed about Mary woman From right into The Spider-Verse mary Jane Watson wasn"t greatly featured in into the Spider-Verse, but there to be easter eggs referencing her throughout. Below are 10 the them.

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virtually as old together Spider-Man himself, mar Jane is arguably the biggest of Peter Parker"s love interests. Regardless, she has proven to it is in so much more than the throughout her comic history, regularly taking up numerous different roles. Regardless of her prominence, she does not show up all that much in Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse.

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While she seldom appears in the film itself physically, her presence have the right to be felt throughout the many easter eggs and also references to various comic book and also film storylines. Through that in mind, here are 10 things you may have missed around Mary woman in Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse.

with Mary Jane"s little screen time, she has also less really lines transparent the duration. One of the key times she speaks is once they organize a funeral because that the Spider-Man native Miles"s universe. This is complying with his fight through the Kingpin which miles Morales witnessed, but could carry out nothing to stop.

It is no wonder that countless probably perform not realize who is voicing her as Zoë Kravitz"s voice is an extremely rarely heard in the film. The is not, however, Kravitz"s an initial superhero film, having appeared in X-Men very first Class together Angel Salvadore. She has also been cast to play Catwoman in the 2021 Batman movie alongside Robert Pattinson.

after ~ the shocking death of Spider-Man on Miles"s universe, us are presented to one more Spider-Man, both of whom pay homage to Tobey Maguire"s version of the character. This becomes especially clear once we watch iconic scenes from the Sam Raimi movie franchise played the end for us once an ext at the beginning of the film.

These encompass the upside-down kiss with Mary Jane, the top train scene, and even the infamous black-suited dance scene.

while the Peter Parker indigenous Miles"s universe seems to have it all, Peter B. Parker did not have as smooth the a story. The latter"s story did take place much the very same as Peter Parker"s did, yet then it took a revolve for the worse. Mar Jane want a child and also Peter B. Parker walk not, causing their divorce.

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This is a nod to Sam Raimi"s script draft because that Spider-Man 4 i beg your pardon would have actually seen Peter and also Mary jane go v a divorce. Uneven Spider-Man: right into the Spider-Verse, this manuscript would have actually seen the divorce brought about by an work Peter had actually with Felicia Hardy, one more one the his love interests.

7 Peter and also Mary Jane have actually A Kid: Spiderling

Spiderman: into the Spiderverse shows us a married Peter B. Parker and also Mary woman Watson. In a spinoff collection titled Renew your Vows, this is taken one action further.

Taking ar in Earth-18119, Peter and Mary Jane have a boy together, v abilities of she own. Anna-May Parker, Spiderling, is presented in this story arc which look at Spider-Man, mary Jane, and also herself teaming approximately fight crime together.

In regards come the Spider-Verse and various universes, mary Jane has truly handled a wide variety of roles, Spider-Man"s included. Throughout the Exiles comic series, the heroes came across an alternative universe whereby Mary Jane was the one bitten through the radioactive spider, for this reason donning the location of Spider-Woman.

In this storyline, she also differed in the she to be a lesbian who fell in love through Sunfire, well-known as Mariko Yashida in the version. While this variation of mar Jane did no last as well long, she might potentially be introduced in the film"s sequel together the possibilities are unlimited with the multiverse.

5 Spider-Man"s Funeral

with Peter"s untimely death at the hands of Kingpin, the whole world is shaken and in mourning. This is memory of Spider-Man"s fatality in the can be fried Universe. In Ultimate Fallout, Tony stark organizes a windy funeral in St. Patrick"s Cathedral in new York City versus Aunt May"s wishes. In this story, miles is likewise present at the moment of Spider-Man"s death and also feeling guilty for no doing more.

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Spiderman: into the Spider-Verse sees mar Jane carrying a eulogy around Peter Parker and his life together Spider-Man. When this is no the situation in the comic story, both funerals take place at St. Patrick"s Cathedral.

speaking of the Ultimate Universe, another key difference between that and its precursors comes in the kind of mar Jane. If they finish up with each other in both the classic and also Ultimate universes, the last sees it occur much an ext quickly. In this universe, mary Jane is in the snapshot since job 1 and she is Peter"s an initial lover.

3 Peter Parker"s Religion

A vast topic of dispute throughout comic history is what faith Spider-Man follows. Most evidence points come Spider-Man being Christian as he celebrates Christian holidays, his wedding to be a Christian ceremony, and he prays to God ~ above occasion.

In the film, however, we check out two religious beliefs coming into play in Spider-Man"s life. The very first is when we view Peter Parker being buried at a Catholic church. Vice versa, Peter B. Parker is presented partaking in a Jewish marriage ceremony stepping ~ above chuppah glass v Mary Jane. When this is no inconclusive proof pointing to one of two people side, that is interesting to watch these distinctions in the two Spider-Mans" stays as seen in different universes. The differences might also suggest to mar Jane"s spiritual affiliation in different universes as well.

Gwen Stacy is another one that Peter Parker"s severe love interests in the comics. Spider-Gwen, or Gwen Stacy from another universe, is introduced in the film. When her backstory is revealed, she mentions involvement a tape after obtaining her powers.

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In her universe, she is in a band called The mary Janes in which she is the drummer. Additionally, Glory Grant, Betty Brant, and also Mary mrs Watson are in this band.

1 mary Jane in ~ A advantage For Spider-Man hosted By Kingpin

in the direction of the end of the film, a advantage is placed on to honor Spider-Man through none various other than the Kingpin himself. This is wherein Peter B. Parker runs right into Mary Jane and is distracted by she presence, reminded the what occurred in their relationship. While mary Jane does no take any far-ranging action here, it is amazing that she is over there at all.

Through the funeral, that is confirmed that mar Jane knows the identity of Peter Parker. This revelation renders it even much more surprising the she is attending an occasion hosted by the man responsible for his death. The begs the question of just how much, if anything, she knew about Peter"s investigations right into the Kingpin or his superhero work-related in general.

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