State route 73 (SR 73) is a state highway in the U.S. State the California, running from the junction v Interstate 405 in Irvine v the san Joaquin Hills to its junction through Interstate 5 in mountain Juan Capistrano, its northern and also southern terminii, respectively. The totality of the course is located in Orange County. Indigenous its northern terminus, the very first three mile (5 km) of the highway are referred to as the Corona del Mar Freeway; this ar of highway opened in 1978. The next 12 miles (19 km) the the 15-mile (24 km) highway, perfect in November 1996, room a toll road operated by the mountain Joaquin Hills transportation Corridor firm named the San Joaquin Hills transport Corridor. The alignment follows an approximately parallel path between the Pacific Coast and also the san Diego freeways. There are no HOV lanes currently, however the medians have actually been design with adequate clearance for their building and construction should the need arise in the future.

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State route 73 is component of the California Freeway and Expressway System. SR 73 begins in mountain Juan Capistrano at an interchange with I-5. The freeway heads northwest into the city of Laguna Niguel prior to the tolled part begins at the greenfield Drive exit. SR 73 proceeds into the city of Aliso Viejo before entering Laguna Beach, wherein SR 73 intersects SR 133 with a separated-grade exit. Following this, the roadway passes with Crystal Cove State Park, whereby the main toll plazas room located. After leaving the state park, SR 73 straddles the border in between Irvine and also Newport Beach and provides easy accessibility to university of California, Irvine v the Bison path exit. Complying with the MacArthur Boulevard exit, the tolled component of the road ends. SR 73 proceeds into Newport Beach, running follow me the southern boundary that Orange County john Wayne airport (IATA Airport password SNA). Start Costa Mesa, SR 73 interchanges with SR 55 prior to merging v I-405 and terminating the route.

Most of State path 73 is a limited-access toll fee highway designed to alleviate congestion within Orange county on the Pacific shore Highway (State course 1) and also the san Diego Freeway (Interstates 5, and 405) by providing a straight route v the san Joaquin Hills.

State path 73 is no a toll roadway over its entire length. From its northbound terminus heading southbound, the very first three miles (5 km) the State course 73 have actually no tolls and make up the entire Corona Del Mar Freeway. State path 73"s vault alignment had actually the freeway part end at MacArthur Boulevard, and the SR 73 designation ran along MacArthur south to meet Route 1 in Corona del Mar. Under the present alignment, heading southbound, State path 73 becomes a designated toll fee road immediately after the Jamboree/MacArthur ramp and also remains so till its southerly terminus in ~ I-5. Despite the following ramp heading southbound (Bison Avenue) is component of the toy fee road, that is toll-free, as is the an initial ramp heading northbound from the southerly terminus (Greenfield Drive).

Design and construction that the highway price a complete of $800 million. The design and also construction to be overseen by the mountain Joaquin Hills transportation Corridor Agencies, or SJHTCA, an agency formed in 1986 for the express objective of making the tollway. In the end, State route 73 contained 10 interchanges, 68 bridges, 725 000 square feet (67,000 m²) that retaining walls, and 32 million cubic yards (24,000,000 m³) of excavation at completion. Building and construction was split into four different sections, each v its own monitoring system and quality control. A joint venture led through Kiewit Pacific Co., a subsidiary of Kiewit Corporation, perfect this project.

State course 73"s toll road was the first to it is in financed through tax-exempt bond on a stand-alone basis consisting of construction and environmental risk.

The tolls on SR 73 begin only after ~ the Bison Ave. Leave in the southbound direction. In the northbound direction, over there is a toll in result after green field Drive, the very first ramp north of the highway"s terminus. Travelers that drive the whole length the the 73 will just encounter one toll fee booth, the Catalina view Toll Plaza. Patrons who usage an departure along the toll road are charged a prorated toll.

Since that is inception, the mountain Joaquin Hills toll road has actually used the FasTrak digital toll arsenal system, enabling drivers to travel the whole distance without stopping or also slowing down as your tolls are built up electronically by overhead radios reading the transponder placed on the vehicle. Travelers making use of FasTrak pay a discounted toll. FasTrak patrons may additionally drive with cash-designated lanes at any toll plaza there is no stopping. The radio receivers overhead detect the automobile before it also approaches the cash deposit area and automatically turns the website traffic light green.

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The following table perform the tolls at every of the tolled exits, both with and also without FasTrak:

Except where prefixed with a letter, postmiles were measured on the roadway as it was in 1964, and do no necessarily reflect existing mileage. The entire route is in Orange County.