We uncover that the realm has rather sadistically doubled job-related quotas and cut rations top top the earth Ibaar, forcing Phoenix Squadron to mountain a food fall operation. Together they come in the system, their communication with the workers is cut off by an royal blockade.

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The rebels room hailed by the certified dealer Kallus (David Oyelowo), who requirements that castle cease their effort. That course, Ghost pilot Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall) leader the charge versus the Empire"s forces.

despite the TIE blasting initiatives of Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.), Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray) and Zeb (Steve Blum), the transport carrying the food is quickly destroyed and also the mission aborted. Phoenix Squadron"s leader is killed in the escape.

ago at the rebel fleet, Hera needs that they try again. Command Sato (Keone Young) admits that they must acquire the food through, however notes that they space no complement for the Empire"s line of defense. Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) claims he"s been in contact v an engineer that"s constructed a prototype starfighter specifically designed for breaking v blockades.

The difficulty is the the eccentric designer wants to meet any prospective pilot ~ above the dangerous planet Shantipole.

"Hera will certainly go," says Kanan without a moment"s hesitation, discovering she"s the most qualified pilot they in the fleet.

once they with the planet, Hera chastizes Kanan for volunteering her. She cuts through his Jedi riddles and highlights the the clock is ticking for the human being of Ibaar.

together Hera, Zeb and also Sabine Wren (Tiya Sircar) take it the Phantom dropship towards Shantipole, Ezra and Chopper fight over who"ll it is in Kanan"s co-pilot. They take it the Ghost back to the rebel fleet, whereby they"ll choose up the last food fall "with or without Hera."

The Phantom hits the Shantipole"s upper atmosphere, which pipeline ships there is no power. A bolt that lightning strikes the dropship, sending out it into free fall high over the surface.

Hera fights with the controls and also guides it with a series of tall rock formations. A pertained to Zeb notices one more ship lodged into one together they barrel along, but Hera assures him that it was simply his creativity as they come ~ above the high altitude landing field.


The Phantom slaps under onto the platform and scraps right across to the opposite side, whereby it teeters appropriate on the leaf in a moment straight the end of "The Italian Job." Zeb practically causes them to pointer over, but Hera pushes him earlier and stabilizes the ship.

The trio fall gracelessly out of the Phantom as it slams right into a for sure position, whereby they room met through Quarrie (Corey Burton), the Mon Calamari mechanic they"ve been sent to find. That is called after legendary principle artist Ralph McQuarrie, whose work characterized much that the "Star Wars" universe. Numerous of his unused ideas have inspired the character and also vehicle designs in "Rebels" as well.

"If it deserve to fly here, it deserve to fly anywhere. And also it"s additionally the last place the realm would look," the says.

He bring them to a hangar to expose the ship they seek: a B-Wing, which pan will acknowledge from "Return the the Jedi." countless Rebel Alliance pilots will certainly fly them in the battle of Endor, the last battle against the Empire"s second Death Star.

Quarrie proudly calls it the "Blade Wing," pointing out its thin strike profile and also heavy weaponry. Sabine and Zeb are less than impressed with the craft"s aesthetic, but Hera marvels in ~ it.

However, the engineer is wake up to merely hand the ship over. He does, however, sell parts needed to fully repair the Phantom.

as Quarrie and also Hera job-related on the Phantom, he probes the pilot around her motivation for seeking the end the ship. She talks around her childhood in the Clone Wars, once the fighting pertained to her homeworld that Ryloth. Her mom hid her underground, however she snuck the end to look at the Republic ships in action. She doesn"t point out her father, but his story has actually been called elsewhere.

Quarrie asks her if she left her family members to fight, yet she says that she only wanted to paris and assist "others in need." Hera"s heartfelt recollection convinces the engineer, that decides the she is a worthy pilot for his ship.

in ~ the rebel fleet, Kanan speak Ezra the they"ve waited long enough and prepares to make the run v the gives in the Ghost. This time, the Padawan notes, they"ll be the Empire"s primary target.

through Hera ready for a test flight, Sabine asks Quarrie how countless times he"s flown the B-Wing. The shocks them by admitting that he"s never actually done so, however "theoretically, it should fly!" Hera take away off and immediately drops right into the canyon below, then blasts increase again after ~ tense few seconds.


She mirrors off the ship"s ability in a beautiful shot sequence that concludes with her shooting a really impressive laser to ruin the crashed ship Zeb spotted earlier.

automatically after she lands, Kanan contact the crew to announce that the rebels are making their operation on the blockade. They have actually to acquire back, yet Sabine finds that weapons systems have fried the ship"s hyperdrive. No hyperdrive, no lightspeed.

together Zeb manhandles Quarrie, the technician points out that he mounted a hyperdrive top top the Phantom, instantly fixing their problem.

The rebels with the royal blockade and prepare come attack. Once Kallus realizes that the supplies are on the Ghost, that relishes providing the order to attack. Rex man the Ghost"s guns and also tries come take down the TIEs, however the fire comes from the cruisers proves to be the enlarge threat.

as Kanan gets desperate, Hera arrives and orders him to preserve his course. The B-Wing detaches native the Phantom and also the sleek delivery enters the fray.

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Hera flies straight at the cruiser impede the Ghost"s path and Sabine prepares come fire the laser. Because smug is his conventional setting, Kallus is unimpressed through the unknown fighter till it take away out one of his cruisers.

The Ghost will the drop-zone top top Ibaar and finally it s okay the food to the workers, permitting the rebels to escape with hyperspace. Interestingly, the seems prefer the B-Wing access time lightspeed top top its own this time. This seems favor a plothole, but perhaps the show"s editors simply decided that us didn"t have to watch that reattaching to the Phantom?

in ~ the fleet, Sato speak Quarrie the they want to proceed to produce B-Wings for your battle against the Empire. The technician accepts this, yet demands the the project proceed under his supervision. The points the end that Hera"s flying abilities do his delivery "soar."