Sadly, nowadays once a movie hits the IMAX screen, it"s usually likewise in 3D by default. Really rarely room there IMAX screens showing a movie in 2D. However, in the situation of Rogue One: A Star battles Story, there will certainly be a very small amount of theaters not just showing the movie in IMAX 2D, but with a 70mm forecast as well.

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Find out where to catch the Rogue One 70mm IMAX screenings after the jump.

Before we gain to the theatre list, we"ll define just why it"ll be worth seeking the end a Rogue One 70mm IMAX screening. Even though director Gareth Edwards didn"t shooting Rogue One on IMAX cameras, and he didn"t shoot the movie top top 70mm or 65 mm film favor Christopher Nolan might have, that did shoot the movie on the Arri Alexa 65 camera, i beg your pardon is essentially a digital variation of a 65mm camera. That method we"ll be obtaining quite the widescreen spectacle on IMAX screens, one that has a larger surface area that imagery that was captured by the camera and will it is in projected ~ above a massive screen for maximum visual potential.

If you"d prefer a much more detailed explanation as to why seeing Rogue One in this style will it is in a treat, check out our previous post on the matter over here. Otherwise, right here are all the locations you can capture a Rogue One 70mm screening (via The Playlist):


IMAX, US space & Rocket Center

IMAX Dome, McWane Center


AMC global CityWalk stadium 19 & IMAX – global City

Esquire IMAX – Sacramento

Hackworth IMAX Dome, The technology Museum


IMAX Dome, Museum of scientific research & Industry


Blank IMAX Dome, Science facility Iowa


IMAX, Indiana stare Museum


IMAX Theatre, Minnesota Zoo


OMNIMAX, St. Louis science Center


Tuttleman IMAX, The Franklin Institute


Omni Theatre fort Worth Museum of scientific research & History


Kramer IMAX, Saskatchewan scientific research Centre

Finally, to keep the IMAX hype train moving along, here"s some brand-new IMAX posters for Rogue One:




Each that these will certainly be offered out in ~ AMC Theatres places for those who buy an IMAX ticket come the movie. They"ll release a brand-new one for the first three Sundays that the movie is in theaters. But because most movie theaters don"t always follow those rules when giving these posters out to audiences, you might have the ability to get your hands top top one also if friend don"t see the movie in IMAX ~ above Sunday.

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Rogue One: A Star battles Story access time theaters top top December 16 and tickets go on revenue November 28 in ~ 12:01am east Time.