I'm increase by two points this week and my adversary has nobody left playing. I'm thinking around benching Cooks tonight, in situation he loser me points. The just reason i wouldn't is to give me breath room in case of a stat correction. But are stat corrections for yesterday finalized? has anyone ever before been screwed over by a Tuesday stat correction from a Sunday game? many thanks for the assist boys!


I dubbed ESPN and they claimed Tuesday is once they come through.

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I'm specifically concerned about Denard Robinson who received negative 13 yards top top a fumble play.

(9:41 - 4th) (Shotgun) D.Robinson increase the center to JAX 29 for no get (J.Babineaux). FUMBLES (J.Babineaux), recovered by JAX-A.Hurns at JAX 16. A.Hurns come JAX 16 because that no acquire (P.Adams)

Any opinions ~ above that?

Did you obtain this from the CBS game tracker play-by-play? ns just included up Shoelace's rushes there and got 41 yards together well.

If that details is accurate, i imagine there will certainly be a stat convey of +13 rush yards. Ns don't think friend "gain" or "lose" yards ~ a fumble.

Apparently over there is some inconsistency in the application of the stats in main 15 concerning back-wards fumbles. Denard Robinson was credited with -13 yards for a fumble backwards (recovered through the Jags). But, camer Newton to be not attributed with -6 yards for his fumble backwards (recovered by the Giants). I have actually emailed the Elias sporting activities Bureau around this to do the applications of the ascendancy consistent. I.e. Either credit transaction Dernard Robinson the 13 yards or credit electronic came Newton through -6 yards. If either one of these transforms will affect you and also lead you come a win, please email http://www.esb.com/contact/ and let castle know around the discrepancy in the application of the stats in main 15 v regards

Just beat him. The opportunities of girlfriend losing much more than 2 point out is absurdly low. The possibilities that ESPN score his or your defense not correct is much higher.

Edit: I'm in the same situation as you, i am increase by 2 and also my enemy is done. I have Cooks and Hightower left. I am playing both.

Chiefs should have a stat mediate soon. Ns think ESPN had actually them at 20, however they should have actually 22 if i was counting right

What points room they missing? i didn't proactively watch the chiefs game and was just waiting on the 2nd td, which to be added.

KC should have actually 21 according to mine math, so ESPN should include one point:

14-17 points permitted (1): 1 point

Each interception (2 in ~ 2 per): 4 points

Each fumble recovered (1 at 2 per): 2 points

Each sack (2 at 1 per): 2 points

TD (2 at 6 per): 12 points

I'm a little bit worried they'll change Cam's fumble to the RB fumbling it.

That can screw me.

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Oh, ns didn't even think of that. I have actually Cam and also lost through 0.24 points. I'm simply hoping for some yardage alters with the Saints game, which periodically happen.