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Lyrics By Osautomobile Hammerstein II Music By Richard Rodgers

Margy, unsatisfied via her life, is eager for a readjust. Though she can’t seem to number out why, she’s “as restmuch less as a willow in a wind storm.”

This Academy Award-Winning Best Original Track was performed by Jeanne Crain in the film State Fair, however her voice was called by Louanne Hogan. In his biography of Ricdifficult Rodgers, William G. Hyland describes exactly how the song was conceived: “The song originated while Hammerstein was mmaking use of around the uneasiness of the female lead. He told Rodgers that also though state fairs were never before held in the spring, Margy’s mood was such that it can as well be spring. Rodgers automatically known a song title.” An American typical that has actually been covered and recorded by countless legendary artists of differing genres, “It Might As Well Be Spring” initially reached Billboard magazine’s Best Seller chart on November 8, 1945. It lasted 12 weeks tbelow, peaking at number 5.

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“It Might as Well Be Spring” LYRICS

The things I used to prefer I don’t like anyeven more. I want a lot of various other points I’ve never had actually before.

It’s simply choose mommy says— I sit around and mope, Pretending I am wonderful— And knowing I’m a dope!

I’m as restless as a willow in a windstorm, I’m as jumpy as a puppet on a string! I’d say that I had spring fever, But I understand it isn’t spring.

I am starry-eyed and vaguely discontented, Like a nightingale without a song to sing. Oh, why must I have spring fever before When it isn’t also spring?

I save wishing I were in other places, Walking down a stselection brand-new street, Hearing words that I have never before heard From a man I’ve yet to meet.

I’m as busy as a spider spinning daydreams, I’m as giddy as a baby on a swing. I haven’t checked out a crocus or a rosebud Or a robin on the wing,

But I feel so gay—in a melancholy way— That it might as well be spring… It could as well be spring. (Partial Reprise)

Margy: I save wishing I were elsewhere, Walking dvery own a stselection brand-new street, Hearing words that I have actually never before heard From a male I’ve yet to satisfy.

He would be a kind of handsome combination Of Ronald Colmale, Charles Boyer, and Bing!

Voice of Ronald Colman: Margy…my dear bit Margy. I’d make the civilization a ruby for your little finger, and also say, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Voice of Charles Boyer: Ah, Margy. You are beautiful. You are so very beautiful.

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Voice of Bing Crosby: And we feel so gay In a melancholy means That it could as well be spring, Boo-boo boo-boo boo-boo Ya-da da-dee. <whistles>(Mocking Reprise)

Margy: In our air-conditioned, patent-leather farmresidence On our ultra-modern-day, clinical farm, We’ll live in a systematized heaven And we’ll waste no time on cdamage.

No geraniums to clutter our veranda, Nor a single little sentimental point. No Virginia Creepers—nopoint useless—