In the new “30 Scenarios in 30 Days” series, we failure situations which can take location for the Steelers in 2021.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers space preparing for the 2021 continual season, but prior to the real gamings begin, the team needs to head come training camp come fine song their skills. As we here at BTSC prepare you because that the begin of camp, we offer you a series called “30 Scenarios in 30 Days” which provides you a Steelers scenario every work leading approximately the start of camp.

It is straightforward how that works. We carry out you the scenario, factors why it will certainly or i will not ~ happen, and also then ours prediction because that what us think will certainly take place.

Let’s obtain to the scenario...

Scenario: The Steelers will repeat together AFC phibìc Champions in 2021

Why it will happen: A lot has actually been made of the Steelers’ 2021 constant season schedule. Not simply the enhancement of a 17th game, yet just how challenging their schedule is based upon 2020 win-loss total. The difficulty with basing one upcoming toughness of schedule v last season’s win-loss totals is just how drastic teams readjust from one year to the next. Think around the turnover in playoff teams every year. Together we sit below right now, on paper the AFC North will again it is in the NFL’s toughest division, but just a pair injuries can change everything. Think ago to the 2019 Steelers. There is no Ben Roethlisberger it transformed the team’s entire season. Think around the 2020 Dallas Cowboys. Without Dak Prescott Dallas to be a rudderless ship. I think the Steelers will be much better than most people believe, and also I additionally see your schedule softening based on what the previous has presented us. It might be a big to watch them to win the division again, yet they always play the AFC phibìc tough. I predicted lock to finish 4-2 in the division, yet the other teams might destroy each other and assist the Steelers repeat as department champs.

Why it i will not ~ happen: The Steelers’ schedule is riddled with groups where there won’t be much change, barring injury. Us all know how good the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans and also Buffalo Bills will certainly be in 2021. There is no a an essential player getting hurt, that won’t change from one year to the next. Throw in the reality the Steelers have had by much the many roster turnover in the AFC North and it will be an uphill rise to repeat as champions. It no impossible, however it definitely isn’t thought about likely together the Steelers prepare for training camp this week.

Prediction: As much as I would certainly love to see the Steelers success the department in 2021, I simply don’t check out it happening. I carry out see them together a playoff team, yet the roadway they have to repeat is not simply long and also winding, but daunting. The Steelers would need a many of assist to soften up that schedule, and plenty of bounces to go their method if they desire to win the AFC phibìc this season. If ns were to provide my prediction because that the division, i would have three teams making the postseason, again, indigenous the division.

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Baltimore Ravens: 12-5 *Pittsburgh Steelers: 11-6 *Cleveland Browns: 11-6 *Cincinnati Bengals: 8-9*- Playoff Team

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Be certain to stay tuned to BTSC because that the latest news and notes neighboring the black and also gold as they prepare for the 2021 regular season.