All around Stephanie native the Girl team The Grace

Stephanie a.k.a Kim Bo-kyung is a South oriental singer and also entertainer. She debuted as a member that the girl team The elegant which was developed by SM Entertainment. The team disbanded afterwards, and also she ended up being a solo artist. She is still energetic as both a singer and also an entertainer in the K-pop industry. Let’s gain to understand Stephanie a.k.a Kim Bo-kyung.

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Full profile of Kim Bo-kyung and also Facts



Real surname = Kim Bo-kyung

Other name = Stephanie Kim

Birthday = mountain Diego, California, united States

Zodiac = Libra

Occupation = Singer, music Theatre Actress and Ballet Dancer

Song genres = Kpop, R&B, Dance, Acapella

Active years = 2005 – Present

Agency = SM to chat (2005 – 2016), Media heat Entertainment (2012 – 2014), Mafia documents (2014 – Present)


She to be a member that the girl team The Grace, who made their debut in 2005 yet disbanded in 2010.She to be a member the the Los Angeles Ballet.Kim Ki-bum (ex at sight Junior) was her just friend in SM Entertainment throughout her trainee daysShe showed up on Mnet “Hit the Stage” in 2016 as Hyun-seung’s partner, and additionally had a solo stage performance to display off her dancing skills.

List of Kim Bo-kyung’s Songs and also Albums

2012 – The new Beginning

The brand-new Beginning is Kim Bo-kyung a.k.a Stephanie’s an initial single album together a soloist. The single album to be released ~ above October 8, 2012 in southern Korea. The album is composed of 3 songs consisting of the location track, Game.

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The new Beginning monitor list
NoTrack List
1Game </td></tr><tr><td>2</td><td>Dance (nanana) feat Amber the f(x)</td></tr><tr><td>3</td><td>Game (dj koo clubmix)</td></tr></table><p></p><h3>2015 – top Secret</h3><p></p><p>Top mystery is Stephanie a.k.a Kim Bo-kyung’s very first mini album. The album was released ~ above October 13, 2015 in south Korea. The album is composed of 7 songs, consisting of the title monitor 위로위로 feat L.Joe from TEENTOP. The album additionally contained 2 song that will certainly be released as singles because that promotion, such together Prisoner and also Blackout.</p><table>Top secret track list<tr><td><b>No</b></td><td><b>Track List</b></td></tr><tr><td>1</td><td>위로위로 (Feat. L.Joe of TEENTOP)</td></tr><tr><td>2</td><td>Luv Me (Feat Nada that WA$$UP)</td></tr><tr><td>3</td><td>Blackout</td></tr><tr><td>4</td><td>PRISONER</td></tr><tr><td>5</td><td>뻔한노래 (Feat. 파로)</td></tr><tr><td>6</td><td>Blackout (Full tape Ver.)</td></tr><tr><td>7</td><td>PRISONER (Pure irradiate Ver.)</td></tr></table><p></p> <!-- <div class="tags"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/tags/stephanie+(south+korean+singer)">stephanie (south korean singer)</a> </div> --> </div> <!--/post-content--> </div> </div> </div> </div> <!----> <div class="col-md-9 offset-md-1"> <aside class="sidebar"> <div class="card mb-3"> <h6 class="card-header"><span>Related Posts</span></h6> <div class="card-body"> <ul class="list-unstyled"> <li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/kuch-rang-pyar-ke-aise-bhi-22nd-march-2017/">Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi 22nd march 2017</a></li><li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/lily-and-marshall-sell-their-stuff-com/">Lily and marshall sell their stuff com</a></li><li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/a-purpose-of-government-regulation-in-a-mixed-market-economy-is-to-protect/">A purpose of government regulation in a mixed-market economy is to protect</a></li><li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/please-mr-please-don-t-play-b17/">Please mr please don t play b17</a></li><li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/to-which-function-of-management-is-cvp-analysis-most-applicable/">To which function of management is cvp analysis most applicable?</a></li><li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/angel-x-men-apocalypse/">Angel x men apocalypse</a></li><li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/anime-girl-base-with-hair-and-clothes/">Anime girl base with hair and clothes</a></li><li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/watch-harry-potter-and-the-order-of-the-phoenix-free-online/">Watch harry potter and the order of the phoenix free online</a></li><li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/my-order-from-mar-7-2016/">My order from mar 7, 2016</a></li><li class="mb-3"><a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com/3-amino-1-propanol/">3-amino-1-propanol</a></li> </ul> </div> </div> </aside> </div> <!----> </div> </section> <style> .tags a { color: #fff; background: #909295; padding: 3px 10px; border-radius: 10px; font-size: 13px; line-height: 30px; white-space: nowrap; } .tags a:hover { background: #818182; } </style> <script type="text/javascript"> //hàm add data $(document).on('click', '.crawl', function(e){ e.preventDefault(); $this = $(this); var id = $this.attr('id-bv'); $this.html('<span class="spinner-border spinner-border-sm mr-2"></span>'); //send $.ajax({ url: "https://thedesigningfairy.com/admin/post_all.php?grab", type: "POST", data: {id: id}, success: function(data){ data = $.parseJSON(data); if(data.type==='success') { location.href='https://thedesigningfairy.com/stephanie-south-korean-singer/'; } else { $this.html('<b>Lỗi</b>'); } } }); }); </script> <!----------footer--------------> <div id="footer"> <a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com">Home</a> <a href="/contact/">Contact - Advertising</a> <span>Copyright © 2022 <a href="https://thedesigningfairy.com">thedesigningfairy.com</a></span> </div> <style> #footer {font-size: 14px;background: #ffffff;padding: 10px;text-align: center;} #footer a {color: #2c2b2b;margin-right: 10px;} </style> <!----------/footer--------------> </main> <script type="text/javascript" src="//thedesigningfairy.com/js/lazy-img.js"></script> </body></html>